Concerned for Yost

Dear Editor,

I am visiting my son this weekend and read your April 27, 2017 edition and am very puzzled by Scott Yost’s article. He goes on and on about a lengthy IRS call he received wherein he answered a lot of questions, some about his return and other more personal questions.

Now we have been seeing public service announcements where I live in western North Carolina, especially for seniors like myself, about not giving any information over the phone to anyone claiming to be from the IRS, as it’s a scam to get hold of all your personal information in order to steal your identity and your money. They said the IRS will only contact you by mail, never by phone. What gives?! Has Scott been ripped off and doesn’t even know it? Please have him investigate this. I for one will not give or acknowledge anything by phone if I can help it.

Martha (Marti) Bowman

Editor’s note: The Rhino Times believes Ms. Bowman’s advice about not giving out highly personal information over the phone to unknown callers is excellent.  We also believe that, in general, it is a very good idea never to emulate the actions of Scott Yost in any way, shape or form.  Also, we understand that Scott is now working to get his bank accounts back in order with the help of a Nigerian prince.

Not All Walls Are Created Equal

Dear Editor,

Regarding last weeks letter by Maureen Parker, I find it hard to believe that anyone could have such a poor knowledge of world history. The USSR did not build the Berlin wall in order to separate East and West Germany. Berlin had already been previously separated into two sections by 1946. The wall was built by the communists to keep their people in East Berlin from escaping to freedom in West Berlin. To equate the Berlin wall with a border wall between the United States and Mexico is simply absurd.

Robert Ashland



Orwellian Future

Dear Editor,

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” This may well be the epitaph for the constitutional rights of all Americans and maybe even for America as we know it.

Too many people (read sheeple) are sitting on their hands, shaking their heads and telling one another someone should do something. When the news begins showing the blatant attacks on free speech and the breakdown of order on college campuses, the sheeple change the channel to TMZ or HGTV and pretend it’s not happening. “It’s not affecting me. Why should I care?”

In the military, I was taught to look for intelligence indicators. Specific actions the other side was taking to prepare for a major action. Individually they appeared to be insignificant, but when you combined them, they gave you a good idea of the enemy’s intentions.

Look at what the left/liberals/progressives/RINOs are doing: The relentless, often unfounded attacks on Trump and conservatives. The twisting of facts and in some cases outright lying. The shutting down of speech that doesn’t agree with their views by the threat of or actual violence. Ignoring the voices of the people they were elected to represent. The blatant disregard for the law or in some cases using their position to hamstring those law enforcement officers that want to do their job.

To get an idea of what is happening to the First Amendment I encourage people to read George Orwell’s 1984 and pay attention to the part about “newspeak” and “thought crimes.” While Orwell appears to be about 35 years off, the concepts he puts forth are taking root today. And don’t get me started about Big Brother.

Look around you. History is being revised and in some cases erased because it might offend someone. Children are not being taught history but instead are being indoctrinated in what left/liberals/progressives say is the truth.

Unless something changes, the next generation will be 99 percent sheeple with no will of their own, no soul and no concept of individual freedom – in other words, mindless drones doing what the empirical government tells them to do because they know what’s best for them.

Is this the future you want for your children and grandchildren? No beliefs outside of what Big Brother tells them to believe? A godless society with no individualism? Not me … not for mine.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall



Holding Up Speeders

Dear Editor,

So here’s the scenario: I’m traveling the speed limit in the left hand lane. All the cars behind me are then, by default, also traveling the speed limit as they cannot go any faster while I’m in front of them. So we’re all traveling the same speed, therefore I’m not the slower traffic.  I’m traveling at the same speed as everybody else.

How would a state trooper know that I’m holding somebody back, unless he stops one of the cars behind me and asks them if they would like to go faster if only I wasn’t in that lane? If they say yes, they have just incriminated themselves as intending to travel faster than the posted speed limit.

Or does he just ticket whoever is in the front of a line of cars, assuming that they’re holding everybody else back?  Does he pull me over and then have his fellow troopers start writing tickets to every car that was behind me as they increase their speed? And if they don’t increase their speed, then obviously I wasn’t holding anybody back and shouldn’t get a ticket.

I never thought I would see the day when a lane of traffic would be designated as being for use by lawbreakers only. Surely it’s sponsored by the same imbeciles that support sanctuary cities and open borders.

This idiotic piece of legislation could only work if, say, 65 mph is designated at being the limit for cars on the right lane and the minimum for cars in the left lane, at which point there really is no longer a speed limit. Somebody needs to back up and give this idiotic nonsense some additional thinking.

Ted Hutchens



Where You Should Be

Dear Editor,

God is far more interested in a love relationship with you than he is in what you can do for him. His desire is for you to love him.

As he fills you with his presence, he will guide you to do things. But even if you do those things, he will be the one at work through you to accomplish his purposes. He is all you need.

The Christ in your way; he is your “map.” When you follow his leadership one day at a time, you will always be right in the middle of God’s will for your life.

Rev. E.M. Scoggin



Slow Cars Stay Right

Dear Editor,

Unfortunately a bill that would have fined highway drivers for “impeding the steady flow of traffic” in the left lane has been rejected in the General Assembly.

There have been several occasions when I have been on a two-lane highway and there are two cars driving side by side preventing me from passing them. I understand why someone might get “road rage” in such a situation.

Even if the bill had become law it wouldn’t have gone far enough. We need a law that states that the left-hand lanes on all highways are for passing only. If you are driving in the right lane and you get behind a slow driver you could pass the car, then merge back into the right lane and go about the business. Blocking the “fast lane” should be against the law.

Chuck Mann



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