Behind Every Tree

Dear Editor,

The Democrats/alt-left/liberals/progressives/socialists/anarchists are on a roll. The moment they lost the election, they began saying and doing anything they could to bring down the then president-elect, now president. They couldn’t even allow one day of quiet for a peaceful transfer of power.

Rather than accept the fact that the American people refused to allow themselves to live under their warped sense of how things should be, they opted for anarchy and violence in an attempt to do by force what they couldn’t do by an open election.

“Oh, but we won the popular vote.”

And your point is? That and $5 will get you an overpriced cup of coffee at Starbucks. Our form of government doesn’t work like that. Thank, God.

The Constitution makes for a system where states big and small have as equal a say as possible in how things are done on a federal level.

By your line of reasoning, and I’m sure it’s because you know what’s best for all, people in places like California and New York should be the ones telling people in places like Iowa and Idaho how they should live and act. I look at those places and have to ask you one question – how’s that whole socialist thing working out for you?

The left has turned into rabid dogs in their quest to bring down the current administration. As far as they are concerned, there is a Russian behind every tree. If someone in the Trump administration scratches their left buttock it’s either at the direction of or a signal to a Russian agent.

If you want to talk about getting in bed with Putin, let’s talk about where 20 percent of our processed (not raw, processed) uranium, a strategic resource, is going and who signed the papers to allow it – Hillary. Let’s talk about who said to the Russian official tell Putin that once he was re-elected he would have more flexibility – Obama. Yeah, I went there.

And all you Republicans that have been on the sidelines wringing your hands, I have more respect for the Republicans yelling with the Democrats. I don’t agree with them but at least they had the guts to take a side. Try growing a spine and joining the conservatives that are prepared to stand and fight fire with fire. If you don’t then the loser is the American people.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall



Can’t Legislate Profit

Dear Editor,

With all the controversy over healthcare legislation, it seems that Congress is overlooking some basic economic principles, among them supply and demand.

By using price controls and offering free or subsidized care, they are increasing demand without increasing supply. The result is an increase in prices and costs.

The escalating insurance premiums and the exodus of insurance companies and healthcare providers is a consequence. If providers cannot make a profit, they cannot remain in business. No amount of legislative gymnastics by Congress can change these economic principles.

Congress must understand that their legislative choices have consequences in the marketplace and craft their laws accordingly.

James Marshall



Job Title Errors

Dear Editor,

It appears the county provided you with some errors on titles of some employees in the recent edition May 18.

Look at page 11 and you’ll notice C. Williamson ($102,272 as an EMT-Paramedic) and Jon Jacobs ($98,217 as an EMT-Basic). Also, George Moore (EMT-Basic at $81,091).

I didn’t scan all of them, but I can tell you those three above has to be incorrect since I’ve had prior local government experience in compensation and job evaluation. My guess is they probably got the titles of some employees mixed up (unsure how since it should come from a computer database). On the other hand, if that is their correct title and salary, then you may have a “scoop” and need to investigate it.

Bob Carter




Local Golf Champs

Dear Editor,

I’d like to congratulate Guilford College for their second place finish in Division III NCAA Men’s Golf Championship and Sean O’Connor for his exceptional play that allowed Greensboro College to finish in fourth place (tie) with Huntingdon College, (the favorite to win).

Keep an eye on Guilford and Greensboro colleges as this same tournament will be played at Grandover Golf Resort in Greensboro next year.

Ray Hylton




Platform of Evil

Dear Editor,

Democrats, liberals, leftwing media and academia are fond of calling Republicans and Trump racist and Hitler-like. I do not think I need to remind you that Hitler killed 6 million Jews. When he won election he did not have a party platform of killing Jews.

The Democrats, media and college professors throw certain words and phrases around carelessly. If you have been around long enough, you know that when someone calls you a racist, it leaves a stain for the rest of your life. It does not matter if you are guilty or not, you cannot get your good name back

Let’s understand what is happening in the Democratic Pparty. During the election, 46 million voted for the Democrats, knowing what was written in their party platform; 60 million babies have been killed and you, as Democrats, knew about this when you voted.  Nowhere in the history of civilized society has this ever happened. All 46 million voted and you cannot play dumb; you are the very definition of evil.

If you kill one person you are evil, but if you kill 60 million what does that say about you and our country? It has never happened before but I am afraid it will continue to happen if Democrats get back in and appoint another Supreme Court judge.

Just think, 50 percent of a country (USA) did this. When you appear in public, how do you feel?  Does it bother your conscience?

Some of you call yourself Christians. If you are, you do know that God knows and sees all that you think and do. So when you call someone names, you are really much worse. How do you hold your head up and face those around you?

Everyone knows and everyone complains about Social Security going broke because we do not have enough workers to keep it alive for future generations. So when you get to be 65 it will not be there for you. If those 60 million had lived, we would have 60 million more workers paying into it.

I just want to say that I have been very blunt here, but I also want you to know that I love each of you and am praying for you.

Bennie Taylor



Americans Abroad

Dear Editor,

Have you seen the video of Turkish security guards beating American protesters outside of the Turkish embassy? If not you should go online now to watch it. The security guards are the ones wearing suits and carrying guns. Security guards for the authoritarian leader of Turkey beat up peaceful protesters and got away with it.  Donald Trump should have called a press conference to condemn these actions.

I thought that President Trump was going to put America first. Shouldn’t he put the constitutional rights of American citizens first, instead of siding with security agents for a foreign, authoritarian leader? How can Mr. Trump “make America great again” by allowing foreign government agents to attack Americans who are exercising their constitutional rights?

Chuck Mann



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