Open for Business

Dear Editor,

It was recently announced that North Carolina has a $580.5 million budget surplus for the current fiscal year. This shows that our economy is strong and that our economic policies are working. While many other states struggle to balance their budget, we are showing that tax reform and pro-business policies are the keys to stabilizing budget revenue.

To further verify our strong economic standing, Site Selection ranked North Carolina number one in their 2017 “Prosperity Cup.” The reported cited our simplified tax code, a strong work force and an overall positive business environment as reasons for the ranking. This recognition is evidence that we are serious about job creation and that North Carolina is open for business.

North Carolina’s economy has produced over 500,000 new jobs since this time in 2011 and we are one of only a few states that has a AAA credit rating from all agencies. We have the 23rd largest economy in the world.

This is news that we should all celebrate, regardless of our political views. Let’s stay the course and further establish the Old North State as the best place to live, work and raise a family.

Rep. Jon Hardister

NC House Majority Whip


Education Racket

Dear Editor,

It’s very rare that I agree with Democratic Guilford County Commissioner Carolyn Coleman, but last year during the budget process she was quoted in the Rhino Times as saying, “We never seem to find enough money for education.”

How true. The education establishment gorges itself on taxpayer dollars, never able to push away from the table, never satisfied. This country spends more money per student on kindergarten through 12th grade education than any other country in the world except Switzerland, and the result is an education for our children that is inferior to what they would receive in India or China. The US consistently ranks about 30th globally in international tests. It amounts to gross incompetence.

Former Obama cabinet member Janet Napolitano now heads the University of California system, and it has been revealed that she and her cohorts have been hiding money in a $175 million slush fund within their labyrinthine financial web. This came out while the same individual was demanding more money from the state, pleading poverty and increasing tuition at their colleges. In any other country this sort of thing is called corruption, because that’s what it is.

Let’s tell the truth about the education racket. It is a scam on the citizens and children of this country, which leaves them poorer and more ignorant in order to enrich parasitic “educators” with part-time pretend jobs, Cadillac health plans and obscenely generous retirement schemes. Look down your own street at the retired educators – the Lexuses and Mercedes-Benzes are new and shiny. And that’s just the people at the bottom of the pyramid.

They have cynically manipulated our love for our kids, as they repeatedly shill that it’s all “for the children.” They are utterly shameless in their emotional blackmail.

It is not for the children.  It is so they can enjoy overpaid cushy jobs for life and retire in the lap of luxury. The children are just the pawns, the pretext on which the whole scheme rests.  They don’t care a whit about the children or their parents, so long as the gravy train keeps flowing. It’s time to break up the government schools monopoly.

Austin Morris

US Must Cut Spending

Dear Editor,

For eight years, the Republicans carried on about how they were working to repeal Obamacare. Moreover, as they gained control of the House and Senate they made more about it, up to and including drafting legislation to do so and then began the mantra of “give us the White House and we will do it.”

Now they find themselves in the position of being the dog that always chased cars but never caught one and suddenly he did. Now what? You got what you asked for so do what you said you were going to do.

They suddenly went from “we’ll repeal it” to “we’ll repeal and replace it.” That’s not what you promised. Oh wait, I forgot I’m talking about a politician, a creature that suffers from selective memory syndrome as soon as they assume office. To make it go away is simple. Just make it apply to them as well and watch how fast it disappears.

The House has always held the final say in the continuation of Obamacare. All they have to do is not fund it. That is their constitutional power. However, what do you expect from a body that has failed to do their constitutional responsibility and produce a true formal budget in years. By all rights and interpretations, they have failed to uphold their oath of office to obey the Constitution by not producing an annual budget and instead have relied on continuing resolutions. It’s little wonder federal spending is so out of control that we are lumbering towards financial ruin. In addition, if they ever did make a real budget people would find how financially messed up this country really is.

As I have said numerous times, our resources, all of them, are finite. And I believe we have exceeded the realistic limits of how much money we have that can be given away. Increasing taxes is not the answer. Almost half of country doesn’t pay them now. Cutting spending is. Not reduce spending, cut it. But if they do that how will politicians (Republicans and Democrats) be able to buy the votes they need to stay in office? The wagon is getting fuller, the number of people pulling it is getting smaller and the politicians are in the driver’s seat, cracking the whip to keep the wagon moving towards socialism.

Repeat after me: Baaaaa.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall


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