Word Play

Dear Editor,

Isn’t it funny that NPR refers to people on the far left as “the most progressive” whereas it refers to people on the far right as “the most extreme”?  The agenda-driven liberal mass media use language cynically so as to manipulate the way you think. In this way, illegal immigrants become merely “undocumented workers” or better yet, “asylum seekers.” Jobless meddling busybodies become “social entrepreneurs.” Taxpayer supported radio magically become “listener supported radio.” Anything disapproved of by liberals is always labelled “controversial,” such as the enforcement of immigration laws, but anything they approve of, like homosexual marriage, will never be described in that way. Sorry, I should have said same-sex marriage, since the correct English term, homosexual, still carries negative connotations – which is why they won’t use it.

When they attack Christians you will notice that they refer to them as “evangelicals” because they’d ruffle the feathers of too many donors and listeners otherwise.

Government schools are “public schools,” in one of their more entrenched duplicities.

NPR advertisers become NPR “underwriters.” Well, the elites at NPR would never sully themselves by associating with everyday commerce, would they? It is so beneath them.

Rabble rousers with too much time on their hands become esteemed “community organizers,” like our dear former president, who only briefly held down a real job in the private sector, which he described as being behind enemy lines.

Institutionalized racism based on the color of your skin becomes “affirmative action.” Well that sounds so much better, doesn’t it?

Non-white people are always a “minority” even when they’re in the majority, and “gender identity” means the opposite of a person’s actual gender identity.

The left’s newspeak is a propaganda tool, plain and simple, and it is one that Joseph Goebbels would be proud of.

Christopher Rees

Own Worst Enemy

Dear Editor,

Since the election the Dems have shot themselves in the foot so many times that they are starting to hobble around on their knees, and they don’t seem to be running out of ammunition. In fact, they appear to have switched to a machine gun because a pistol wasn’t working fast enough. A marksmanship badge should go to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, and the new head of the DNC. If it weren’t so pathetic and dangerous it would make for great comedy.

At a dinner, a Democrat made a crude sexual innuendo about Kellyanne Conway and has been given a pass by the mainstream media and the leadership of his party. Had it been a Republican making the same comment they would have been run out of office on a burning rail and would have to change their name to protect themselves and their family.

There was also a story about a March 4 Trump rally that was attacked by individuals wearing black outfits, covering their faces and physically assaulting marchers. And surprise, surprise, there was little action by the police. Some arrests were made but to see the pictures and videos there should have been many more with more serious charges. One thing of interest was there was footage of a couple of individuals on the pro-Trump side that were carrying shields, wearing helmets and had poles defending the pro-Trump people. It has gotten to the point I had stated earlier. Since the police won’t defend them, they will start doing it themselves, as they should, until law enforcement grows a pair and starts doing what they are supposed to do. And I want to point out that that comment is directed at the upper echelons of these organizations, not the officers on the street. They are operating on the rules of engagement they are given. They, like our military, are hobbled by management making decisions based on politics, not the law.

Until the rule of law is reestablished in these situations, this is going to only get worse. And, when it does, it’s going to take more than just law enforcement to get it back under control. Look closely and you will see these thugs are well trained, organized and financed. As I have said before, this is the ’60s on steroids and crack.

Your personal defense is now your job.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall

Pants on Fire

Dear Editor,

Why doesn’t the “mainstream” media call President Trump a liar when he gets caught telling lies. I have heard the media use words and phrases like untruth, falsehood, pursing, mirage, mischaracterize, incomplete information, factually incorrect, unproven, misinformed, walking back, clarification, misrepresent, inaccurate and alternative facts.

Maybe one day “big media” will call Mr. Trump an untruther or falsehooder, but for some reason they won’t call him a liar. The media needs to point out when politicians lie. The truth matters.

Chuck Mann


Furious Party

Dear Editor,

President Trumps address to Congress was well received by most Americans but the Dems only seemed to sit and groan.  Perhaps we should coin a new phrase: “Hell hath no fury like a political party scorned,” and that’s exactly what it was.  Take away California and Massachusetts and Trump won the popular vote by a landslide. And regardless of how the mainstream media likes to say it, 57 counties voted for Hillary Clinton and 3,141 counties voted for Donald Trump.  It can’t get much worse than that.

Mainstream America is simply not for the policies of big government and political powers that reward our hard-earned tax dollars to their own politically favorable interests.  We need big government for many things but when party seems bigger than our people we have a problem, and both parties have leaned too long in that direction.

What would it be like if all political parties were outlawed? Who would keep the dominant party honest?  Perhaps some good comes out of the different parties but when does the power grab end for themselves?   It is time to unite with people

Ray Hylton

Editor’s Note: Hillary Clinton won 489 counties and 20 states and Trump won 2,623 counties and 30 states.

He’s on Your Side

Dear Editor,

Spend some time with God in prayer. Ask him to bring to your memory times and ways he has already spoken to you through the Bible. If you have a spiritual journal, you may want to review some of the ways God has spoken in the past.

As he brings experiences to your mind, you may want to list and describe what God has said. Are there any patterns in what God has been saying? Has God revealed any truth to you through his word that you have not adjusted your life to? Have you adjusted but not yet obeyed? How does God want you to respond to him right now? If he tells you, adjust and obey him.

Rev. E.M. Scoggin

The Reason Matters

Dear Editor,

Surely there is more to life than money. Such as love. Such as compassion. Such as justice. Such as doing the right thing just because it’s right.

But every time I read about the repeal of HB2, the reasons for repealing it seem to revolve around its negative financial impact on our state. HB2 should be repealed, but not because of money. It should be repealed because it is wrong. It should be repealed because it is discriminatory. It should be repealed because it is unjust. It should be repealed because it is the right thing to do.

Maureen Parker

Choice Confirmed

Dear Editor,

It appears that the Democratic Party has fostered fear for the past eight years and has its base fearful and reacting in unreasonable fashion. When asked for specifics they can only respond that they don’t want anything taken away, or that the opposite side is homophobic, racist, etc. They proclaim that our country was created by hateful people that want to subjugate those that are not like them. They do not allow debate of their opinions – and that is what they are – proclaiming that any disagreement is a bigoted lie.

The people that elected this new president are neighbors and fellow citizens that wish no harm but only hope for change that will allow this country to continue onward and prosper for all. No sector except the very wealthy of this country has done well in the past eight years. Obama’s economy has not worked for millions – even though they have worked harder and longer than ever before.

Those rioting proclaim they are scared but then turn violent. Those who proclaim they are open minded call those who disagree bigoted. Those who proclaim they are the party of inclusion exclude those with differing opinions.

The country has been deficit spending to the tune of a trillion dollars a year. We as a country will be bankrupt unless we reverse action, and no one will have anything worth having unless we come together to resolve the major issues.

I was ambiguous about my vote in November, and I still am. But those who have rioted, destroyed property, cursed their fellow citizens and been so blindly bigoted have hardened my resolve to support the current president. The more they belch hate the more I am certain I made the right choice. The rioters of the Democrats are trying to sway people with mob rule. They are the modern version of the lynch parties of old – if you ain’t with them they’ll hang you.

If they had promoted a decent, honest candidate – instead of rigging their own system to promote a liar and a thief – perhaps they would have won.

What is ironic is the left would allow terrorists into this country and these sane terrorists would turn around and kill them first.

The left believes the current system is not broken – but it is. They offer no solutions. All they offer is a loud screed that offers nothing but ruin.


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