War on Trump

Dear Editor,

Never in my life have people sympathetic to the Democrat Party been so anti-American. This includes a majority of the mainstream media.

It has been well documented by the conservative media that our smug, arrogant former President Barack Hussein Obama is currently leading a shadow government known as Organizing for Action, or OFA, with the intent of obstructing anything the Trump administration attempts to accomplish. The OFA aims to resist, oppose and challenge everything the current administration endeavors to achieve.

In eight disastrous years, Obama castrated this nation, causing the economy and moral compass of the United States of America to decay. There has been an overt war on religion, primarily Christianity, even within our military. Fortunately, there were enough voters in this country to prevent “corrupt Hillary” from winning the presidency in 2016.

Won’t Hillary Clinton ever go away? From everything I’ve heard or read from credible sources, she has probably never told the truth in her whole life. The same has been said about Obama. She was a disciple of Saul Alinsky, the author of Rules for Radicals. From “Notes on Alinsky,” “the primary assault would be on biblical absolutes and Christian values, which must be crushed as a social force before the new face of Communism could rise and flourish.” While at Wellesley College, Hillary wrote her admiring senior thesis about the radical.

Today’s Democratic Party is following the path of liberal, progressive, Marxist socialists. One doesn’t have to look far for even minor examples. Debbie Wasserman Schultz lost her chairpersonship of the DNC for blocking any attempt by Bernie Sanders to obtain the DNC nomination in 2016. Donna Brazile, through her networks at CNN and the DNC, fed Hillary Clinton answers to questions to be asked during the presidential debates.

Dear God, please save the United States from today’s Democratic Party. This is not your grandfather’s Democratic Party; today, JFK would be a Republican. Kathy Griffin is the poster child for today’s Democratic Party.

R.G. Fullerton



GOP Needs to Act

Dear Editor,

I attended the GOP state convention and came away with the nagging feeling something was missing. While there were plenty of speeches about all the little things the party is doing right and how the other side is working hard to reverse what we’ve accomplished, there was one thing that wasn’t addressed. The one thing that every conservative Republican, everywhere in the country, should be looking for and demanding. That is holding accountable our elected representatives on the federal level.

How many times were votes held in the House and Senate to repeal (not repeal and replace, but repeal) Obamacare when dear leader and his ilk were in charge? One count I heard was over 60. Now Republicans have the whole thing and all of a sudden they duck and hide, stutter, make excuses and run and hide when it’s time to put up. Maybe we need to make a slight alteration to the party symbol at the national level and paint the spine yellow or even remove it all together since that seems to be their way.

They are going to say things like, “It’s not that simple”, or “that’s not how we do things”.

The libs and Democrats didn’t seem to have too much of a problem doing it that way. But then they bring a stick to a fistfight, so what can I say. Thankfully there are some conservatives starting to fight back using the left’s tactics against them. I fought fair once in my life and was handed my rear end. The next time I went dirty as soon as they did.

House and Senate Republicans in Washington need to quit wringing their hands and whining about how it will make them look bad if they stand up and do the hard things. Shut down the government if necessary. Cut programs, cut spending, eliminate departments like energy and education. Get rid of alphabet dictators like the EPA. Go after the $500 hammers and toilet seats.

When Ronald Regan announced he was changing parties he said: I didn’t leave the party, the party left me. That’s what I see happening. Maybe that’s what it would take to wake them up, a mass migration to becoming independents or even a third party. But then the other two are starting to look so much alike it might be a second party.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall




Dear Editor,

I’m thankful for my GTA green card.

My father died in 2011 and my mother died in 2006. At least when my father died I was informed of it. I would be poorer if I wasn’t given this information. GTA provided me transportation while my father was dying.

When the driver asks you to show your ID, don’t get mad at them. They are doing their job. To be on Medicare helps with this, but why take the chance of not getting a replacement? The drivers are only doing their job. A bus ticket is less expensive than a taxicab. Getting to a doctor’s appointment is a blessing in itself when you don’t have safe transportation.

Also, hopefully you attend church. I wasn’t always provided a way to church.




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