Servants Earning More Than Masters

Dear Editor,

Employees of the Greensboro city government have a minimum wage of $15 an hour. I don’t think that the minimum wage for public “servants” should be higher than the minimum wage of private citizens who pay for the salaries, pensions, bonuses and benefits of government employees. Shouldn’t the people of Greensboro decide the salaries of their employees?  Do they work for us or do we work for them?

Chuck Mann



It May Be Time To Get Dirty

Dear Editor,

The Democrat, socialist, communist left has finally done it. California is trying to restrict law enforcement officers on how they can defend themselves and the public. Austin Texas wants to declare itself a “freedom city” and curtail arrests for misdemeanors. Antifa is posting personal information about ICE agents on the web and encouraging action against them and their families. Peter Fonda has called for people to surround the homes and schools of ICE and Custom and Border Patrol agents and their children and terrorize them. He also called for taking Barron Trump away from his mother and locking him in a room full of pedophiles. The mainstream media are comparing President Trump to Hitler and the administration to the Nazis and the Holocaust repeatedly while conveniently forgetting dear leader was doing the same thing. The list goes on.

Even the TMZ/Hollywood Access watching sheeple should be able to see what’s happening, assuming they can look past their phones and tablets for a couple of minutes.

This is, in my opinion, the beginning of them coming out of their parents’ basements and starting to blatantly rip out the heart and soul of America. They have taken off the gloves and are going bare knuckle. It’s time we did the same.

I know the argument: “We shouldn’t bring ourselves down to their level.” I tried fighting fair once in my life. He didn’t and I was handed my behind. The next time I was as dirty as I needed to be. They have set the rules. We fight by those rules until they change or one side wins. Otherwise, we are like the sheep I always refer to, we might number in the thousands, but over time, a few wolves can destroy us and our way of life.

I don’t agree with the policy or the law that has resulted in the removal of children from their parents. In the number of cases where those are not the parents, we are in fact rescuing those children. The Democrat left doesn’t care about the children despite the waling and moaning that they do. Those children are pawns to them in their quest for position and power. Again, where was this level of outrage when dear leader was doing this?

Sheeple, get out of that narcissistic world of Facebook and Twitter and look at what’s happening around you before it’s too late.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall



Nothing Fair About Illegal Immigration

Dear Editor,

From whose point of view should we consider fairness?

Is it fair to the African American population who is more vulnerable to job loss from undocumented worker competition than any other?  Years ago Democratic Congressman John Lewis of Georgia released the message strong border security is not racist via a campaign style commercial.  He reported the reality that the African-American population has faced the greatest impact from illegal immigration.  These jobs “nobody want” are traditionally occupied by African Americans.

Is it fair to individuals who invested time, money and energy applying for citizenship from diverse countries around the world to wait patiently while others are rewarded for ignoring rules?  Immigrants from Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Islands have similar reasons for seeking citizenship.  Due to geographic differences, they are unable to easily ignore these rules.

From a systems point of view, this is both unfair and discriminatory.  We are ignoring immigration law enforcement for individuals from South/Central America.  However, we are enforcing them for individuals from Africa, Asia and the Pacific.  Differential enforcement of existing laws is discrimination.

Hispanic is an ethnicity, not a race.  There are Hispanic Caucasians, Hispanic African Americans and Hispanic Asian Americans.  This is the same process that occurred when Irish, Italian and Spanish immigration occurred in huge numbers.  The individuals born here were concerned about resource availability, environmental impacts, public health concerns and the ability to enforce laws that do occur with huge population shifts, as well as other less logical issues.  The immigrant groups faced culture clashes and other obstacles.  Eventually, they enculturated.  After several generations, they stopped identifying as Irish Americans.  The Latin American population was shaped by the same forces as the US.  In generations the majority of those here illegally will identify as only Caucasian.

Uneven enforcement is discriminatory.  Ignoring rules for one large group while enforcing for a smaller group with different racial background is racist.  Blond hair blue eyed immigrants, with Spanish sir names, are being rewarded for choosing to ignore rules.  They chose to pay someone to sneak them in.  They knew it was illegal.  They knew they could be caught. What did they expect would happen when caught?

Africans with African surnames and Asians with Asian surnames are patiently following rules.  The population suffering the greatest from low wages/increased employment competition is African American.  Calling Hispanics brown does not prevent racist impact.

Nothing Fair About Illegal Immigration



Like Him or Lump Him

Dear Editor,

Old-style Republicans seem to be leaving Trump at about the same rate as Trump styled-Republicans join in.  In fact, he seems to have more gain than loss.  Why?  It will probably be correct to say that the old school was almost dead before Trump arrived.  The Grand Old Party lacked support from the majority of the people and it seems like they are not even getting the message now but a new loyalty is forming in spite of its having an egocentric leader that seems to lack empathy for his old party emerges.  I think the reason is the fact that the opposing party is so fed up with their own hypocrisies they are leaving and either not opposing Trump or are joining him.

Personality-wise, Trump’s egocentric attitudes do not influence many to join him, but compared to a party that seems hell-bent on destroying him, at any cost, he suffices.  Also, compared to what our past leaders were accomplishing, we finally have a do-something president.  Like him or lump, him he is not likely to go away.

Ray Hylton



Guns Also Defend

Dear Editor,

Here’s some information that most Americans probably don’t know regarding lawful gun use in the United States. Data showed that Americans lawfully use guns between 2.5 million and 3 million times per year to protect themselves, thus preventing as many crimes from occurring.

Let that sink in for a moment. According to America’, a study on this topic was conducted in 1994 at Florida State University by criminology professor Gary Kleck. His findings were released in 1995, which echoed the Centers for Disease Control’s never-published data showing that the number was 3 million.

One could only imagine why the federal government not only refused to publish this data but later denied ever having done the study in the first place.



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