Losing Satellite Wars

Dear Editor,

The Chinese dictatorship is militarizing Earth’s orbit and, for some reason, our government isn’t going to do anything about it.

China just recently launched its “Roaming Dragon” satellite.   It is supposed to clean up space junk, which would be a good idea. The Roaming Dragon has a robotic arm that can catch old Chinese satellites. Of course, it can catch new American satellites as well. Our government doesn’t have one of these.

Later this year, China is going to launch a hyper-spectral imaging satellite that can detect stealth aircraft and underground bunkers. This satellite will collect data on 328 electromagnetic bandwidths. Our government does have a similar satellite, but it can only collect data on a couple of hundred bandwidths.

And don’t forget that China shot down a weather satellite in 2007.

Chuck Mann



But Not All Things Reported

Dear Editor,

I am sick of NPR. All Things Considered reported on verbal abuse and other “microagressions” against immigrants in the UK today, July 5.

These micoagressions apparently even include being glared at. So a white British person (admittedly probably uncouth) staring at a non-white person is international news, following our outrageous decision to re-assert our independence.

This follows literally dozens of stories aired by NPR describing how Brexit is disastrous for the UK, the EU and the world in general.

Except that the right to self-determination is a human right explicitly enunciated in the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights. Somehow that aspect escaped NPR, as did Britain’s right to assert that right.

The little old English lady that NPR rolled out tonight – supposedly an 80-year-old conservative –decried the “nastiness” of isolated incidents of bigotry towards foreigners, as do I.

But isn’t it odd that other incidents of “nastiness” never constituted international news according to NPR?

The organized group of Muslim men in Rochdale who “groomed” young British girls as sex slaves? Not news.

The regular London demonstrations of militant Muslims who carry signs saying, “Sharia law will prevail,” and “The west will be conquered” and other more vitriolic messages – not news; in fact not even “nastiness” according to NPR.

The British people dared to reclaim their right to control their own country. That’s why the internationalist leftists are shocked and ticked off. But how can you protest a free and democratic vote?

Democrats are only Democrats when democracy goes their way.Otherwise they are petulant, irrational, selfish, childish fools who have never grown up. And hypocrites.

Just listen to NPR.

Christopher Rees



For a Fighting Chance

Dear Editor,

Since some people dislike the NRA and what they stand for, and since we recently had another massacre in Orland, let’s look at another point of view.

What if one of the bartenders had a right to carry permit and his gun was close by where he was working? What if the usher in the theater also had one? What if all churches had two faithful members with one? What if all public schools had one armed policeman stationed at the front door to observe all who entered?

This solution is not perfect, but at least it gives people a fighting chance. If we keep doing the same thing, the same way, we’ll get the same results. The NRA and our military are the backbone of our country.

G.L. Herbin



Not Enough Proof?

Dear Editor,

In past letters I have referred to politicians at the national level as “lords and ladies” and we citizens as “serfs” in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

Not anymore.

Director James Comey admitted they found 110 emails with classified material on them in Hildabeast’s personal server yet this was not enough to prove intent. He also said if anyone had done this they would have been brought to the carpet.

Really? (Paging Gen. Petraeus.)

Corruption has just been legalized. There are now officially two sets of rules, one for the unwashed masses and one for the elected/appointed elite and their party toadies.

In my humble opinion we now need to post the following on Craigslist: “For Sale: One bloated, corrupt, ineffectual national government. Any offer accepted.”

Trump was never my first choice, (or second or third for that matter), but at this point he is the only option to Hillary. If the Republican Party at the national level cannot and will not bite the bullet and at least try to work with Trump then they may as well disband the party and hope they can find jobs a municipal trash collectors because that’s all they’ll be good for. They’ve already ignored the majority of the base, sold out to dear leader and started eating their own.

This nation, this (up until recently) successful experiment in self-rule, this way of life as we know it, this once beacon of liberty is about to go into the trash heap of history along with the Greek and Roman cultures. And for the same reason that they did, that being a growth of apathy among the people. A conscious decision that bread and circuses were more important than monitoring those they elected to represent them.

Unless something happens, we the people are going to reap what we have sown.

Now more than ever is the time to be getting out to the polls and voting, even if you have to hold your nose while you do it. Using that incredibly stupid line of reasoning of not voting, or voting for a third candidate because you don’t like Trump, is voting to put Clinton and her ilk in control. Or as some have put it, a third dear leader term.

And while you’re at it, take a real hard look at the national party “leadership” and where they have cast their lots.

Go Galt and go vote

Alan Marshall



City Should Reimburse Wray

On August 1, members of the Greensboro City Council will have an opportunity to inspect the personnel file of former Chief of Police David Wray. At stake for Wray is his claim for reimbursement of his legal bills that were paid as a consequence of accusations of racism brought against him and his administration.

The city originally based its refusal to pay on a belief that Wray had acted outside his scope of employment. In its most recent reasoning, the city attorney cited several former managers who said Wray acted maliciously. If he acted maliciously, as they claim, he must have been within the scope of his employment; otherwise why did they make the point.

Nothing of a malicious nature was ever discussed with me while I served as mayor, and, further, the city has been unable to produce any factual information in support of the malicious allegations. I think the malicious charge is baseless.

Remember, investigations by the FBI resulted in a finding that no racial discrimination existed in the Police Department while David Wray was chief.

Additional investigations by the SBI and local authorities found nothing that provided a reason to bring charges against David Wray or the department.

In a parallel matter, the city retained its paid outside attorney Alan Duncan to prepare a brief for federal court, to be presented in its defense against a racially charged lawsuit brought by several black officers. (David Wray was not part of this suit, but his administration was repeatedly mentioned in the brief).

The 42-page brief offers several important facts that should not be overlooked when considering the merit of Wray’s request for reimbursement:

“The record does not support a finding that any alleged harassment was based on race.” (page 6)

“Two officers who had disagreements with Wray stated unequivocally their belief that none of Wray’s decisions while chief were racially motivated.” (page 10)

“There was no evidence that a lineup book as alleged ever existed.” (page 16)

These are the city’s own words in a legal brief prepared by its paid outside attorney.

Except for a claim of racism – a time when responsible city leaders donned helmets and dove for bomb shelters rather than stand by their chief – this matter might never have seen the light of public day.

David Wray, his family, friends, community and fellow officers have suffered enough as a consequence of the groundless charges leveled in the press and other outlets.

A report by RMA attempted to find him guilty of numerous charges grounded in racism, a report that was poorly written, seemingly having found an answer in search of a question. I think RMA was a case of CYA by the city.

It is time to man up and reimburse Wray’s legal fees – enough money already has been wasted.   A career police officer who served his city with distinction for many years has been tarnished.   The City Council needs to do the right thing and set things straight once and for all.

Bill Knight