DA Fraud is a Felony

Dear Editor,

Raleigh Chief District Attorney Lauren Freeman indicted two chief district attorneys, Craig Blitzer of Rockingham County and Wallace Brasher of Person and Caswell Counties of one misdemeanor each of failure to discharge the duties of their office.

These are the two who conspired, along with their wives, to defraud and cheat the State if North Carolina out of about $100,000 by hiring each other wives for “no show jobs.” And the best the Raleigh district attorney could come up with is a misdemeanor, which is a slap in the face to real justice and to all the people of North Carolina who are the victims in these cases.

North Carolina General Statutes 14-100 clearly covers false pretense in this situation. In short: If any person obtains or attempt to obtain money or anything if value with the intent to cheat and defraud is guilty of a felony – a Class C felony if over $100,000 or a Class H felony if under $100,000. Further, why are not the wives also charged?

The prosecution of these cases would be like shooting fish in a barrel, if only the North Carolina district attorney had good judgment, a backbone and a scintilla of common sense. I am disgusted with the misdemeanor charges in these cases.

Howard D. Cole

Doing Time for PC Crime

Dear Editor,

Five days after the Muslim murders that took place on London Bridge and in Borough Market, a 36-year-old British man by the name of Alex Chivers apparently became verbally engaged with a Muslim teenager and the altercation ended with Mr. Chivers throwing a packet of bacon at the Muslim. Mr. Chivers has a sense of humor, it seems.

That is more than can be said for the slavishly politically correct British police and justice system. Mr. Chavis has just been sentenced to six months in prison for this so-called hate crime. He should be given a bloody medal.

George Orwell anticipated political correctness, which he referred to as political orthodoxy, and he understood that it was a totalitarian form of mind control to which Britain has now succumbed.

Hate crime is thought crime. Welcome to 1984. Just sign me off as an independent thinker.

Christopher Rees


Dear Editor,

Big government is becoming Big Brother.  President Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity wants the names, addresses, birthdates, party affiliation, voting history and last four digits of every voter in the country.

Some states don’t allow the release of this information.  Unfortunately, there are actually some states that sell this information, except for the Social Security numbers. Why does President Trump want this information?  This information could be used for campaign fundraising, or it could be used to purge some voters.

I have an idea. Elected officials and government employees are supposedly public servants that work for the American people. If this is true, then I would like the Trump administration to release the names, birthdates, addresses, voting history and Social Security numbers of the president, Supreme Court justices, members of Congress and every federal government employee.

We pay their salaries, and pensions. If they actually work for us then they should release this information.

Chuck Mann

Mend Our Every Flaw

Dear Editor,

I have drawn the following from a recent Westminster Presbyterian Church worship service with a timely focus on our country and people as we celebrate Independence Day:

We gather, grateful for the blessings which have come to us through our nation, thankful for the ways our nation has sought to protect our fundamental rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Forgive us when we take these blessings for granted.

Forgive us when we are more concerned about protecting our own blessings than providing the same blessings for others.

We also recognize that we as a nation have not always lived up to our ideals.

God, mend our every flaw.

Heal our deep divisions.

Restore our vision of justice, mercy, dignity, opportunity and liberty for all.

Bless our nation that we be a blessing to all nations.

And looking at our current circumstances, the problem is not disagreement or anger, but rather contempt directed at others.  May everything we think, say and do hinge on love, which transforms all.

Bob Kollar

Denying Health Care?

Dear Editor,

Trumpcare tells us loud and clear that it’s OK to turn our backs on our fellow Americans if they get sick.  It proclaims that the uninsured poor are not worth saving, not worth helping, not worth spending money on.  Sick, disabled or elderly Americans who don’t have insurance are regarded as throwaway people.  Collateral damage.

Denying adequate health care to our less fortunate brothers and sisters is shameful.

Maureen Parker

Who Was That?

Dear Editor,

In a recent edition of your informative paper, you talked of a fired contractor doing “work” at Elm and Market streets. The contractor was fired by the City of Greensboro because of massive delays and failure to abide by the terms of the employment contract, but you did not name the contractor. Who was it?



Editor’s Note: The company is Ascent Construction Solutions LLC.





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