City Council Candidate Speaks Out

Dear Editor,

Well john likes to take shots at me, let me give some back. I do like to run because I don’t give up, yes I changed parties but so did the conservative God you call Ronald Reagan. As per losing races yes I do but I guess I am as good as running as you are owning and running a paper, you were on the tax deadbeat list if I recall and you lost your business and many jumped ship if I recall, happens when you don’t want to be with a loser.  The fact is you forgot your conservatives also run multiple times, did Blust not file in House 62 and Congress race, oh wait it was not me so no need to laugh at me. Your boy Tony and Blust did they not clown each other not long ago, you forget. The fact is you don’t know nothing about owning a business because Sweet Daddy Roy saved you, and he happens to give lots of money to certain people on council who happen to vote on his projects, lots of people change parties John. I like you to remember facts, I have two pensions, healthcare for life, money coming in for life, properties, what you have John, oh wait they auctioned it off and Roy saved you because you be on food stamps if he did not. So who the real loser John, your paper is worthless and your readership is not what you claim I hear, so don’t take this personal when I say I would not urinate on you if you were on fire( well never happen but you get the joke), you a nasty person and don’t ever talk to me or say hi because you fake, two faced and a loser. Oh by the way how many on council have jobs, I be open to letting the public see our tax returns.

Make sure you spell my name right because I want it known what I think of you, if you go broke again for the record I buy you something to eat.

Salvatore Leone

Editor’s Note: This letter is being run unedited.

A Republic, If You Can Keep It

Dear Editor,

The home of the brave and land of the free can endure only as long as our rights do not exceed our responsibilities.  It is the price we must pay for our freedoms.  

Ray Hylton

Hoping They Got It

Dear Editor,

Finally, finally they got it. After all this “repeal and replace” talk, the GOP might, and I emphasize the word might, finally get it and will repeal Obamacare.

Both Houses of Congress have passed the legislation to do so many times and of course, it wouldn’t get anywhere because dear leader would veto it. Now they have a president who has announced that if they send him the repeal bill, he will sign it.

But wait, what’s this I’m hearing? GOP voices that before were voting to repeal, that ran for reelection on a promise to repeal, suddenly humming and hawing, staring off into space. GOP voices that were demanding repeal are suddenly saying, “Not so fast now, we need to think about this.”

Everyone needs to go back into the Congressional Record, pull up the vote roster for all the times the repeal bill was voted on, and watch who is saying what now. The dog that has been chasing the car for years has finally caught it. We are about to see how many “Republicans,” how many “Conservatives,” there really are in Congress. They won’t be able to soft shoe or double talk their way out of this one. We have written records.

This is a tipping point for the GOP as a party. They have everything they asked for and now it’s time to put up. If they fail to put a repeal bill on the president’s desk then the GOP as a party is done – shows over, last person out turn out the lights and lock the door. And it will be the fault of anyone who claims to be a Republican but hasn’t done diddly-squat to put pressure on the people who ran to keep them in line. It will be the fault of everyone who voted for someone just because they had an “R” after their name instead of researching the person. It will be the fault of those that kept sending the same ones back repeatedly even though they rarely did what they said they were going to do. Those people made the bed we all have to sleep in.

Republican Congress, please don’t screw this simple thing up. Please don’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  If you do, trade in your elephant emblem for one that would suit you better – a weasel.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall



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