Sometimes You Lose

Dear Editor,

After Donald Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton, Susan Ladd wondered what she should tell her daughter. Here are some ideas:

The world does not revolve around either one of us. There are other people who have other opinions. That does not make them evil. Sometimes they are right and we are wrong.

In any election, someone wins and someone loses. Sometimes we lose.

Life isn’t fair. Get used to it.

Birth control paid for by someone else is not a right. Pregnancy is neither an accident nor a disease. Abortion is a permanent solution for a temporary problem.

The media sometimes tells only part of the truth, sometimes distorts the truth and sometimes lies. The newspaper I work for does all three.

Money doesn’t grow on trees. If you want something, get a job and work for it.

There is no free lunch. There are no free cell phones. There is no free health care.

We don’t get money from Washington; Washington gets money from us.

We criticize Republicans for gerrymandering. We didn’t criticize Democrats for gerrymandering. That makes us hypocrites.

The world will not quit turning on Jan. 20. It may actually improve for all of us.

Wayne Hinson



What Must Police Dogs Think

Dear Editor,

Dog owners should be very careful around the authorities. A federal court in Michigan has ruled that, while entering a home, police officers can shoot and kill a dog if it moves, or barks, in an officer’s presence. Your home isn’t your castle, and man’s best friend is there for target practice.

Public servants shouldn’t be allowed to kill dogs for simply moving, or barking.

Chuck Mann



On the Side of State Troopers

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the letter to the editor from Austin Morris.

I have been a licensed driver for 64 years. In all these 64 years of driving, I have never seen such a total disregard for any and all traffic laws. If the speed limit is 70, many drivers run 90 or more. And drivers tailgate at these high speeds. I see reckless driving and switching three and four lanes in one illegal move. There is absolutely no use of turn signals, along with running red lights, not stopping at stop signs and the list goes on.

If I get stopped by this super duper trooper you have written about, it is because I either broke the law or appeared to break the law.

This super duper trooper has my total support and I would love to see a lot more enforcement of the law than we are presently seeing.

There are traffic laws for a reason, and they aren’t suggestions.

Bill Ayen



I’ll Get You And Your Little Dog Too

Dear Editor,

Dear leader is going out with a loud, long, sustained whine of “I’ll show you.”

He is demonstrating his total, complete contempt for America by trying to make things as difficult as possible for the next president only because it is not the one he told his subjects to vote for. How dare the peasants ignore his royal decree to elect his handpicked successor so his legacy of “fundamentally transforming America” could continue.

Only a hardcore Obama zombie (and that title encompasses a wide variety of what makes up the progressive left) would be blind to what he is doing and why. He has finally shown his utter contempt for Israeli and its people, as well as we, his royal subjects … I mean the American people, by his actions. Everything he is doing falls under the category of the ultimate temper tantrum being thrown by egotistical, spoiled, juvenile brat that didn’t get his way and is intent on making as many people suffer as possible.

And don’t think he’s done. In what could be the ultimate double middle finger to the Constitution, he could try to something that would create a level of chaos in the American justice system that would take months to fix and put the Supreme Court in a holding pattern.

There is an article in The Washington Times dated Monday, Jan. 2, 2017 by Stephen Dinan, in which he talks about a scenario in which dear leader could try to force his Supreme Court selection, Judge Merrick Garland, onto the court by recess appointment in the few minutes between the time the 114th Congress is gaveled out of session and the 115th is gaveled in.  Google the article to get the full story and the possible ramifications of this action, should he choose to do it. And based on what his majesty has done so far, it wouldn’t surprise me.

This first year under President Donald Trump is going to be a tumultuous one, only because of the actions being taken this dangerous egotist currently in office. Some will not be able to be undone and we will have to live with those curses of Obama while those that can will be fought over by the left to the very end.

Somebody throw a bucket of water on him. Oh wait, we did. It was called a free election.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall



Revenge Runs Through It

Dear Editor,

Why should any of us be surprised by Obama’s recent actions towards Israel and Russia?

Remember in 2012, Valarie Jarrett stated, “After we win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time. Everyone not with us is against us, and they better be ready, because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded; the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve. There is going to be hell to pay. Congress won’t be a problem for us this time. No election to worry about after this is over, and we have judges ready.”

Robert Flowers



Give Trains a Chance

Dear Editor,

Regarding John Hammer’s Dec. 15 Weekly Hammer, I concur with his well-made points and comments.  Certainly it is vital to attract and generate new business and industrial activity in our area.

He notes the megasite’s intended attractiveness to potential new businesses – in that vein might we consider adding rail car manufacturers as a possible target. There is considerable railroad expansion in this area and the megasite would be a good candidate for involvement.

As an ex-railroad person, I am particularly aware of the many benefits and efficiencies of rail transportation versus trucks and automobiles. As noted in my Dec. 1 letter to the Rhino Times (Trains Instead), these include fuel and labor efficiencies, and ready-made access to several ocean ports including some North Carolina ones.

Given the apparent re-awakened federal interest in infrastructure development, railroad-related industries would provide the triad the opportunity to play a leading role in the coming new development work.

Railroads made Greensboro the Gate City and our unique location gives us a head start in seeking to get involved directly in railroad-related manufacturing and exploiting the ability to get goods to market in an efficient, timely, and cost-effective manner.

Greensboro is assuming an increasing important role in railroad-based activity, and commuter rail expansion is presently under study between Greensboro and Goldsboro and points beyond. One of the most attractive links would be between Greensboro and Burlington. Given the current consideration being given to expanding Route 70 into a four-lane divided highway along this corridor, enhanced commuter rail access would be an attractive alternative.

These activities, both in our area and beyond, will create the need for more rail passenger cars, thus presenting an attractive direction for industrial expansion.

Relatedly, note that the SouthEast High Speed Rail (SEHSR) network is in the development stages to include upgrades to our regional railroads, so some involvement in high-speed railroad cars or equipment manufacture is a promising possibility. And from an extremely visionary perspective, even the futuristic hyperloop transit initiative might be of interest in this discussion.

Harry Clapp



Eyes of the Perceiver

Dear Editor,

Problems are not circumstances. Problems are how you perceive circumstances.

People you know who don’t seem to have many problems still encounter adversity.

People with lots of problems struggle with circumstances, which may not be that much worse than a happy person’s.

It is true that people who perceive problems attract problems. But their problem is not in their circumstances, it is their outlook.

Likewise, the optimist and the joy filled believer and the faithful servant all see their adverse circumstances as an opportunity for overcoming, rather than an injury or insult.

Many so-called problems are the result of human actions, not an attack from Satan nor a test from God. That’s why the person who feels sorry for himself will always have more reason to feel sorry or himself.

The one who lives in fear will always have more fear. And the one who seeks to be free in Jesus will one day be free indeed.

E.M. Scoggin



Time to Move Forward

Dear Editor,

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” is a quote, but isn’t this just a picture of leadership by biases and their egotistical assumptions?  Or said another way, any time you walk across the floor and win a “dance” contest you are drunk – with something.

The transfer of power from the Obama administration to Trump’s comes to mind, and there is little doubt the legacy of Obama will suffer.

Basic measures could have prevented hacking way before now, and inept decisions with Russia laid down a picture of our suspected weaknesses.  These are all a “bucket of ashes” now.  We must move forward and latter-day excuses are not acceptable.

The world is more divided now than ever before and we must attempt to bring it together or prepare for the absolute worst.

The mainstream media did not challenge stated facts and are more to blame than anyone else.  They became the “power” that led to what we now have.

So please, President-elect Trump, eliminate your political and egotistical biases and govern with reliable facts that are reported by an awakened media.

Ray Hylton


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