Cryin’ Time Again

Dear Editor,

Darn those filthy Russians for their role in making Americans aware of the shady way our most popular political party manipulated the media and their own party members in favor of their chosen one.  We should never have learned that our secretary of state used secret illegal backchannel private communication to hide her ineptitude and corruption.  How dare they tell us the truth?  We should quickly nuke them so we would no longer have need of facts or honesty in our political system.  Oh crud, flashback, didn’t we accuse their government of deceiving their own citizenry too.

Frankly, I am stunned by the childishness of the Dems and their need to blame their stunning loss to Trump on someone else.  As said in the movie Animal House, “Face it, Otter, you fudged up.”  The sooner they recognize their error and re-direct their efforts, the sooner they begin to regain strength. Honestly, as a businessman who has seen sales drop by 50 percent as a result of Obamanomics, I hope they continue to whine, pout and protest.  That just increases the time our sensible citizens have to reverse the degenerative slide Dems have inflicted on us the last eight years.  Oh snap, I forgot, they are now gonna revert to their old playbook, page 1, and blame it all on George again, whiney britches.

Make America enviable again.

Keith Church



Actions are Speaking

Dear Editor,

When the inauguration is over and Donald Trump is officially president, the sound of champagne corks popping will be drowned out by the sound of Democrat and liberal heads exploding. And if I’m guessing right, that will be preceded by the sounds of protestors and rioters running rampant in the streets, not just in DC but in other parts of the country as well.

I challenge anyone to show me hard proof of this kind of thing happening when a Democrat/left leaning person was sworn in to the highest office of the land. You won’t find it. Not on the scale we see here. The hate and the vitriol spewing from these parasitic anarchist losers is unlike anything I’ve seen since the war protests of the ’60s. The scary part is some of them honestly believe people will be rounded up and thrown into camps for reeducation for not thinking the right way. Sort of sounds like what they wanted done to people that disagree with them, doesn’t it?

An example of what we can expect for at least the next year, if not longer, is what’s been going on in the confirmation hearings taking place right now. I watch partly for the content but more for the side show antics of these looney tune protestors that are showing up. They have taken idiocy to a whole new level.

The Constitution guarantees the right to express yourself, but like all other rights there is a point at which you begin to trample on my rights, and when you cross that point I have the right to push back. When you cross that point you lose the “It’s my right” defense. I don’t advocate violence as a countermeasure, but I also don’t advocate allowing yourself to be a punching bag. Touch me and I’ll go all Newton’s third law on you. However, set an American flag on fire in front of me, I will use an extinguisher as an act of public safety. Sorry if you get caught in the line of fire.

The radicals, anarchists, snowflakes and social justice whiners are showing themselves. These are the people that are ruining an entire generation in our schools on all levels. We need to counter their dangerous rhetoric before it’s too late. Get involved.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall



Treat Friend, Foe Alike

Dear Editor,

I think that the incoming Trump administration to create a standardized foreign policy. I believe that “our” federal government should treat all foreign governments by the same standards. Why should there be one set of standards for England and one set for Russia? Shouldn’t the government treat the Palestinians and Israelis by the same standards? I assume that most Americans believe that women and men should have the same rights. Shouldn’t the US government support equality for women in all foreign countries?  Our government’s current multi-standard foreign policy is hypocritical. A standardized foreign policy would let our allies, and enemies, know exactly what the United States stands for.

Chuck Mann



Switching Gears

Dear Editor,

President Obama’s farewell address was well accepted even though his legacy will not play out, with historians, for about 50 years.  Currently he is being viewed as an average or above average president and about half are viewing him as below average.  A lot could change in 50 years and future events could drastically change these opinions.   At any rate, the Obama seeds were sown in our nation and President Trump will begin with the seeds he left us and plant some new seeds of his own.

The first question he may want to ask is: Where have we been, where are we now and where do we hope to be going?  As a businessman, I just don’t see him operating far from his past reality.  In this regard, monies coming in must exceed monies going out, but this may not be a likely situation for some time but it will naturally be in the back of all he does.  In other words, we will switch from a spiritual dreamer to a more realistic and pragmatic approach from a successful but hard-core businessman who sees the divide and conquer equation in a far different way.

Ray Hylton