Diversity Talk Is Just That

Dear Editor,

Observing the recent election and its aftermath, it dawns on me that neither Donald Trump nor his supporters are prone to violence. Ironically, it is those opposed to Trump that have been proven as the ones who defame, protest, riot, loot, burn and advocate anarchy.

For all their talk about diversity and tolerance, they are anarchists in sheep’s clothing.

Frank Swanson

Shocked, Shocked

Dear Editor,

Everywhere there are headlines decrying the Russians for involving themselves in our elections. Yet as of right now nobody has produced solid evidence.

As retired military, I understand that some information cannot be released without compromising the source, which can do harm to future operations or, worse, get someone jailed or killed. And I do have a big problem with someone from outside interfering or trying to interfere with our sovereignty. But I also have a problem with how this whole thing is being used, primarily by the left.

News flash – we’ve done the same thing in other places. The United States government has conducted this type of operation in other countries before. In fact, dear leader’s own administration attempted it in Israel just last year.

In the movie Casablanca, the local Nazi representative orders the prefect of police to find an excuse to close down Rick’s bar because the locals are showing intolerance towards them. When Rick challenges him as to why, he replies, “I’m shocked, shocked, to find that gambling is going on in here!” Just as he says that an employee walks up and hands him a wad of currency and says, “Your winnings, sir,” to which he replies, “Oh, thank you,” and returns to closing down Rick’s. You can apply that little scene to this situation.

As I said, I have a real strong problem with anyone trying to stick their nose in our business and trying to maneuver any outcome to suit them. And once we can prove who it was, take actions against them. But before you start pointing fingers at someone, accusing them of stealing your wallet, you best make sure your spouse didn’t take it.

John Podesta’s emails and computer were compromised because he fell for a phishing scam – an obvious one, I understand. Once they had access to his computer, who knows what information was gleaned from it. I wouldn’t be surprised to find a list of passwords for the DNC system. We won’t know because they wouldn’t let the FBI exam the servers. I wonder why?

It’s no secret that I’m very skeptical of the federal government and I don’t trust anything or anybody even remotely associated with dear leader’s outgoing regime. They and he lie like a cheap rug.  So excuse me for not being 100 percent on board with “the Russians did it,” at least not yet.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall




Common Sense Trumps

Dear Editor,

Our past election could mean the dis-empowerment our “fourth estate” – professional journalism.

Let’s go back to the ’50s when about every Ph.D. in college was preaching the “wonders” of communism.  How many are saying that today?

This so-called wise talk continued into the ’70s, and many youth were taking the bait.  Todays skeptical “populists” are talking to their computer friends and rejecting these “smart” journalist as well as communism.

Most pipe dreams sooner or later are discovered for what they are.  There are no free lunches and someone indeed pays, but often there are those in the system getting rich on their illusionary deceptions.

Our present system of “compassionate capitalism” within a market economy is about as good as it gets.  If President-elect Donald Trump is successful in eliminating our debt, he should be a candidate for miracle worker of the century, or stated another way – common sense “trumps” pseudo wisdom.

Ray Hylton



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