Dishonest in Small Things …

Dear Editor,

On Jan. 2, 2017, newspapers around the country published a report from the Associated Press that stated that the inauguration attendance for President Donald Trump was far less than it had been for either of President Barack Obama’s inaugurations.

To bolster their story, the AP supplied two photographs, one taken at each president’s inauguration.

The photo supplied for President Trump’s inauguration clearly showed large, open spaces on the National Mall between the Capitol Reflecting Pool and the Washington Monument.

The photo supplied for President Obama’s 2009 inauguration showed the same area completely filled with people and no open spaces. The AP claimed that both photos were taken within one hour of each other on the respective inauguration days. But were they really?

Live television feeds and photos from other news agencies after the noon hour showed no open areas on the Mall during President Trump’s inauguration. Granted, the AP photos were shot from the Washington Monument looking towards the Capitol, while television and other media were taken from the Capitol looking towards the Washington Monument. So what happened to all those large open areas shown in the AP photo?

Proponents of the AP story say it was the difference in photo angles that caused a discrepancy in the number of people that appeared in the respective photos. However, a Getty Images photo taken at 8:30 a.m. from the Capitol steps clearly shows those same open areas on the Mall while another Getty Image taken from the same angle minutes after the noon hour, as President Trump was at the lectern, shows the mall packed with people, thus dispelling the idea that the different photo angles created the discrepancy. The fact is that the Associated Press photo was taken prior to the noon hour and before most attendees had arrived on the Mall.

Which brings us to the larger issue: If the AP would use a photo taken earlier in the day in order to support their narrative, it stands to reason that they intended to mislead the public.

And if they would mislead the public about something as inconsequential as comparative inauguration attendee numbers, how much more likely is it that they would mislead the public on matters of true concern?

Tom Kirkman III



Super Bowl Confusion

Dear Editor,

We are told that North Carolina is losing sporting events because of House Bill 2 (HB2). Yet the Super Bowl is to be played in Houston where the law is the same as North Carolina. The 2016 NCAA “Final Four” was held in Houston immediately after voters rejected the Charlotte type of ordinance.

We are told that the ACC will remove championships from us because of HB2. But four of the championships removed from Greensboro landed in cities in South Carolina and Virginia that have virtually the same laws that are less protective of LGBT claims than those in Greensboro.

I attended the Triangle Commercial Real Estate Conference on Jan. 19. I heard Gov. Roy Cooper spend most of his time claiming that HB2 had to be repealed for economic reasons (e.g. hotel cancellations). Yet we learned that in Wake County, seven new hotels will open in 2017 and that occupancy rates improved in 2016.

Are businesses fleeing the state? CoStar did not choose Charlotte but went to Richmond, Virginia. Yet the laws in Richmond are less protective of LGBT claims than those in Charlotte. And we are still tied with Texas as the number one site location for new business.

We are told that we are losing tourists. But tourists came to the Smoky Mountains National Park in record numbers. I am confused.

Paul Stam



Not Following

Dear Editor,

I have had a hearing problem since I was about 13 called tinnitus. Tinnitus is a constant “ringing” in the ears (a high pitched sound like thousands of crickets). Hearing aids and other hearing devices have not helped as they only increase the volume of the ringing. People think something can be done, but after suffering for over 60 years nothing has worked.

Watching television is most frustrating as the producers continue to impede the hearing impaired. Actors no long face the camera so the viewer can see their lips. Actors with an accent or speaking in a low tone are difficult to follow. Closed captioning has been a godsend, if not moving too fast, but brings other problems. Advertising and promotions often cover the closed caption words. Music has been inserted in the background further complicating hearing. As the drama intensifies, so does the volume of the music, obliterating the spoken words. One of the latest things is a musical song in the background with its words replacing dialogue on the closed captioning. For over 60 years, I have been unable to follow conversations, instruction, movie plots and television programs. It is time for the hearing impaired to speak up.

Jed Norris



Shadow of Happiness

Dear Editor,


All of us seek happiness

within our separate desires and claims.

And it’s as true for ants and elephants

as for it is us with similar dreams.


The shadow of happiness

is the opposite of its light.

But even opposites need each other

before we ever get it right.

So, ask not about tomorrow

or if it will be the same.

The happiness of a tomorrow

will always require some rain.


Ray Hylton



Turnabout …

Dear Editor,

In this corner, Donald Trump … theeeeeeeee POTUS!

And in this corner, liberal mayors, government officials and professional demonstrators… theeeeee Democriers!

They are losing their collective minds, going into absolute meltdown. And nobody can say they were surprised. He told us what he was going to do.

The immigration ban could have been handled a little bit better, but overall I don’t have a problem with what he’s done up to this point. Now will the Congress grow a pair and back him up?

One thing of note. Initially they were reporting a few protesters at the New York airport. But in a very, very short period of time there were hundreds. Given the traffic in NYC and especially around the airport, would anyone want to bet there were buses involved? And how did you get that many people together (with signs) in such a short period? This was quickly followed by reports from major airports all over the country of the same thing happening, again in a very short period of time. I’ve seen at least one report of these “tolerant” protesters assaulting Trump supporters, beating one into unconsciousness. These people are to getting too comfortable with the casual use of physical violence and that’s concerning. This cannot be allowed to continue. While I do support the right to peacefully protest, disrupting the normal flow of activity needs to be addressed quickly and forcefully by law enforcement. If I’m threatened I will defend myself. I will meet force with force.

Trump is about to announce his choice for the Supreme Court and you already know the Dems will do everything in their power to block whoever it is. And right now they can. It requires 60 votes in the Senate to confirm a Supreme Court justice. The Republicans don’t have enough votes unless they go nuclear. Will the Senate majority leader take that option and change the rules to allow a simple majority to confirm? The danger is that when the Dems get back in power they can use that to their advantage just as the Republicans are now. “Dingy Harry” Reid’s move to change the rules to the advantage of the Dems has come back to bite them and will most likely weigh heavy on the Republicans decision.

Dear Leader said, “I have a phone and a pen.”

Guess what. So does Trump.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall


Editor’s Note: It only takes 51 votes to confirm a Supreme Court justice, but it takes 60 votes to avoid a filibuster. The Republicans may allow the Democrats in the Senate to filibuster and see how long they are willing to shut down Congress.


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