Liberal Meltdown

Dear Editor,

Once again President Donald Trump is shaking the social justice whiners, liberals and the left to their core by doing what he said he was going to do. And of course they pushed back by judge shopping on the left coast to try to stop him. But he has already started an end run around them by rewriting his travel ban and is about to put it out again.

Then, while they were celebrating their temporary victory, he brought one out of left field and began rounding up and deporting illegal alien criminals, again as he said he would. Now they are in panic mode again, but the best part is those leftist who were still hiding in the closet have shown themselves.

This brings up another subject. Here is the definition of sedition lifted directly from the Oxford Dictionary. Sedition: conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch. Synonyms: rabble-rousing, incitement to rebel, subversion, troublemaking.

Does any of that sound familiar? With this definition in mind, look at the actions of not just individuals, but of government officials at state, county and municipal levels that have openly advocated for “people to rebel against the authority of a state” in violation of their oath of office to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States.” When are charges of sedition going to be brought against these people? When will they be held accountable for their actions? (Anyone? Anyone?)

And when will law enforcement officials in these areas start being held accountable for their lack of action against the rioters? (Anyone? Anyone?) They won’t do anything until someone uses force to defend themselves and by then it will be totally out of control.

We are witnessing the total meltdown of the radical liberal left that has dictated things in this country for too long. The majority conservative middle America has finally had enough of being told they are (insert favorite term here) ist/phobic, uncaring, hateful and Nazis for just wanting to hold to their Judeo-Christian values and beliefs and their national pride that has been paid for by the blood of their ancestors, when in fact this is the most generous, tolerant country in the world. I know. I’ve seen other places. Ask my brothers and sisters in arms.

We are seeing the ’60s on steroids and it’s scary.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall



Led by the Web

Dear Editor,

A lot of pastors these days are copying their sermons off the internet instead of studying the word of God and being led by the Holy Spirit. If you see a pastor mostly just standing, reading a sermon, with the exception of scripture, chances are he has copied it from the internet. Shame on the writers of sermons who write them only to sell them through a website, and the pastors who buy them, knowing a sermon should be original, not copied. Some elderly persons who don’t have a computer are being misled. It is deception if the pastor does not explain to the congregation what he is doing.

Some sermons are advertised for free, but it is a lie; after reading a portion of the sermon, it then blocks copying any more until a certain amount is paid. They lure pastors to buy them from a website.

Leroy Seawell



Scarier Still

Dear Editor,

Most frightening by far of President Trump’s misguided policies is his failure to understand and confront climate change.  Global warming is upon us.  It is not waiting around for the distant future. It is here, it is now, it’s getting worse and it’s not going to stop.

Although women’s rights, immigrant rights, gay rights and others are important, none of them will matter if the planet cannot sustain life.  Plants, animals, insects, bacteria, etc., all require specific, predictable temperature ranges in order to perform their parts in sustaining the interdependent web of life on earth. We’re losing honeybees, monarch butterflies, polar bears, tuna fish, elm trees, lobsters and many more.  Thousands of additional species have become extinct in recent years.  Like knots in a hammock, each of them has a specific function in supporting the whole.  With every broken knot, the hammock is weakened.

Republicans like to think of themselves as logical, realistic, practical, tough-minded problem-solvers who don’t shy away from confronting difficult issues.  Why then are President Trump and so many of his followers running from this life-and-death issue upon which our very lives and the lives of future generations depend?

Maureen Parker



A Safe Place

Dear Editor,

Here is my view on gun control.

So far, we have had mass shootings at nearly every public place – schools, churches, night clubs, military bases, movie theaters, etc. But there is only one place you will never see a mass shooting – at a gun show. Why? Because of the proliferation of firearms and the number of people knowledgeable and willing to use them in self-defense.

An “active shooter” would not stand a chance at a gun show. He would be lucky to make it out the door alive. This same concept applies to society. The more armed, responsible citizens it has, the less chance criminals would have in carrying out their crimes.

In the immortal words of National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, the only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

I just spent a wonderful afternoon at the gun show at the Greensboro Coliseum. Even though I was surrounded by high-powered weapons, I never felt safer. Incredibly, I feel safer at gun shows than I do at my own home in High Point. So much for the myth that guns cause crime. And, no, I did not see one person that even vaguely resembled a terrorist or serial killer. Just a lot of sportsmen and sportswomen discussing the merits of their favorite hunting rifles and buying high-quality ammo and targets.

I truly wish that anti-gunners like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would spend an afternoon at a gun show. It would change their perspective, not only on guns but on life in general.

I fully intend to be an active shooter the rest of my life – actively pursuing the sport that the Second Amendment guarantees me – without ever hurting a fly.

Jonathan Muffley



Who’s Watching Who?

Dear Editor,

Are you watching your television, or is your television watching you, recording your conversations and monitoring the TV programs that you watch?

If you have a Vizio smart TV, your viewing data has been sold to advertisers and marketers. Vizio installed software on its televisions that collected viewing data on at least 11 million people without their consent. If you have a Samsung smart TV with voice recognition, then every conversation you have had near your TV has been recorded and sent to a third party. I don’t know who the third party is.  Some smart TVs have cameras on them. Imagine what they have captured.

I am against Big Brotherism so I think that it should be illegal for any corporation to sell your personal information without your consent, and without paying you something. Big Brother is watching you, recording you and selling your personal information.

Chuck Mann




 Seek the Truth

Dear Editor,

Prayer is just not a religious activity you go through once a day or three times at meals. Prayer is a relationship to a person. It is a two-way communication with the God of the universe. When you pray, you are present in the throne room of heaven – the nerve center of the universe.

You do not have to enter prayer alone. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are intercessors with you. The Holy Spirit helps you to know what to pray and how to pray. He guides your praying according to the will of God. He always knows what God wants to give or do. His job is to guide you in praying that direction.

Often the Holy Spirit will use the scripture to reveal truth. But truth is not just a concept. Truth is a person. When the Holy Spirit reveals truth, you adjust your life to God and obey him. Prayer as a relationship is probably the best indication about the health of your love relationship with the Father. If your prayer life has been slack, your love relationship probably has grown cold.

E.M. Scoggin




Aside From That …

Dear Editor,

You are so enamored with Donald Trump that I believe if you were ever in his presence, you would run over and kiss him.

I don’t understand how you or anyone else could be so high on such an arrogant, egotistical liar – a person who mocks disabled people, criticizes a Navy pilot for being captured as a POW, grabs women’s crotches and laughs about it, runs a university named after him into the ground, approves torture, won’t release his tax returns obviously hiding something, and in his first week in office causes friction with one of the two of our good neighbor countries, etc.

I guess you would say, “Oh, other than that he is really a nice guy.”




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