Cleansing Memo

Dear Editor,

I’m listening closely for a sound that would be music to the ears of not just me, but of all freedom loving Americans. That would be the sound of the hoof beats of the horses carrying the various swamp creatures that have had the cleansing effect of the light of truth and openness shined upon them by the four-page memo that I believe will be released for all to see.

It appears the first creature of darkness to succumb to this is Andrew McCabe, the No. 2 in the FBI. He was hoping to make it to retirement and I hope he will, in a 10-by-10 room with a view of the yard. And as I had said before, I hope they are watching all ports of departure in the coming days because there is about to be an exodus criminals that attempted to undermine the American way of life that has been paid for time and again in blood, sweat and tears.

You have to wonder what else will crawl out as more rocks are overturned.

One has to wonder if dear leader and his minions are worrying about what is coming out and if any of his underlings will roll over on him to save their own skins.

And then there is the queen of darkness herself, the Hildabeast. Will this be the time that the full extent of the corrupt Clinton empire comes out for all to see and finally get the punishment so long delayed? I just wonder how many poor souls that are associated with them are unknowingly going to be committing suicide or be involved in unfortunate accidents.

This, along with the other things President Donald Trump has done, has started to turn things around for this country. He promised to put American interests first.  He has outmaneuvered the liberal, leftist, socialist Democrats on more than one occasion. The recent attempt to shut down the government is a classic example.

The Democrats were claiming they were on their way to regaining control of the Senate and possibly the House. Then Trump put through his tax relief bill that is supposed to allow us to keep more of our money. The wicked witch of the west, comrade Pelosi, calls it crumbs. I call it a bigger return on something she’s never done – real work.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall



For Britain’s Sake

Dear Editor,

I was wrong. Last Thanksgiving I predicted that British Prime Minister Theresa May would be forced from office before Christmas. She dodged the bullet that would have been fatal to her premiership by fudging the Northern Ireland border issue in a midnight offer made to her by Jean Claude Junker, and scurried off on a 3 a.m. flight to Brussels to sign on the dotted line before the EU mandarin changed his mind. How pathetic.  How unseemly for a British prime minister.

But she lived to fight another day, since the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland – which is keeping her government in power – could hardly object to an agreement that agreed nothing.

One wonders why she bothered. Her leadership is listless, rudderless and clueless, as demonstrated by her disastrous election last year in which she lost an overall majority in the House of Commons despite an exceptionally weak opposition leader.

Her coordination of Brexit has been timid and passive, allowing the EU to dictate the terms of negotiation and British latitude.

As a losing campaigner to “Remain” in the EU, she seems viscerally unable to comprehend the message sent by the British people in June of 2016. It appears that she suffers from some kind of Stockholm Syndrome, as she accepts every diktat laid down by the increasingly spiteful and vengeful EU. “The British must be shown the error of their ways!”

At every chance to redeem herself, she fails. Her Conservative Party Conference speech was Pythonesque, with letters falling off the wall behind her, and a comedian physically handing her a “pink slip” of dismissal.

At the Davos meeting last week, the hall for her speech was half empty, and she managed to confirm suspicions by delivering a dry, policy wonk speech on A.I., artificial intelligence. Yes, really. The world’s fifth largest economy is wresting itself out of the biggest trading block and political entity in the world, and she talks about computer issues at a global forum in which she should make the British lion roar.

She has no vision, she has no spirit, she has no leadership, and the whole country knows it. So does the EU.

Her Conservative Party is paralyzed by the fear that deposing her may lead to a general election, which could bring an increasingly Marxist Labour Party to power. Better the devil you know, they bleat pitifully.

But her days are numbered. Great Britain cannot tolerate a seat warmer at this excruciatingly critical moment in its history.

As one observer remarked after her deadly dull speech in Davos, she never once mentioned the 800 pound gorilla in the room – Brexit.

A new, strong leader is needed to face down the increasingly confident and vindictive EU.

Theresa the Appeaser is moribund. Let’s hope she will at least be gone by next Christmas, for Britain’s sake.

Christopher Rees



Talking Turkey

Dear Editor,

The Turkish government, under the complete control of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is attacking Kurds in Syria even though they are backed by the US government. Why doesn’t “our” government do something about this?  The Kurds have done a tremendous job fighting the Islamic State on our government’s behalf. Is this how they will be repaid?

I remember when Erdogan’s armed security guards attacked peaceful demonstrators in Washington, DC. President Trump and the federal government did nothing then either. What kind of hold does Turkey have over the Trump administration?  We need a government that stands against authoritarianism.

Chuck Mann



Who’s Vulgar?

Dear Editor,

We just watched the weekly Trump bash-a-thon on the CBS Sunday Morning show. Similar bashing appears everywhere from the broadcast media and their pundits.

Well, the president reportedly said that Haiti is a sh**hole country. Yet broadcast and internet media is crammed with hours of TV shows and commentary full of vulgar language and content. President Barack Obama referred to Libya as a sh** storm. DNC Chairman John Podesta referred to Afghanistan as a sh**hole. Where is all the reporting on that? Do I detect hypocrisy here? Hmm? Is all of this what you call “a whole lot of nothing”?

I know that young people everywhere experience all the vulgar language and behavior there is. I certainly did. I just don’t want my children to get it at home. Do you?

Thomas Crapper was a master plumber and designed indoor toilets for the public. He supplied indoor toilets and plumbing to Prince Edward VII and King George V. His were so popular that they were referred to both in the UK and here as “the crapper.” So you go there to crap. Both are perfectly fine and descriptive words. They are in the dictionary.

By the way, Haiti is sh**hole; and I think anyone who lives there will agree. Why do you think Haitians want to get out? Would you like to visit or spend a week or two vacationing there?

Don’t like my opinion? Are you offended? Well, get over it. We are all free to think as we please and give our opinion if we want. In this case, I think I am right.

I am not defending the president’s speech; he needs to think before he speaks. He is our leader and the leader of the free world. But then again, he says what he thinks. He is not a politician. Come on, Pres’, get your sh** together.

E.R. Harris


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