Go North, Old Man

Dear Editor,

Perhaps you should move to New Jersey, or farther north, where every corner is developed. What makes Greensboro a nice place to live is open space and parks.

It is wonderful to have Lake Brandt and its roads undeveloped. We do not need to rezone small strips of land everywhere to meet private speculators wishes.

I live in Greensboro because of its undeveloped nature and, after just coming back from Los Angeles last week, appreciate coming home.

People who don’t like beautiful Greensboro should leave if they want to live in a city with a Walgreens on every corner. Leave Lake Brandt alone.

Richard Rowland


Ban the Klan

Dear Editor,

A local KKK group is supposed to have a pro Trump rally in our state. I would like to encourage the people of Greensboro to have an anti-Klan rally in our city.  It is time for North Carolina to “ban the Klan.”

Chuck Mann



Hiding Behind the Poor

Dear Editor,

Faced with taking responsibility for their actions of violating federal law by being kicked off the government teat, self-named “sanctuary cities” are falling back on the same old tactic they always use – hiding behind the poor, disabled and the children.

Not having the backbone to face up to the results of their actions, they are whining that if federal money is cut off, those people (whom, I might point out, are American citizens) will be the ones hurt, and all because of the mean, heartless Republicans.

It’s time to call hokum on this scam once and for all. Here is the unvarnished truth. If those people, legal American citizens, lose their lifeline, it’s not because of the federal government, it’s the local officials that decide how the federal funds are spent. If they choose to spend taxpayer money (your money) on illegal aliens (Yes, I said illegal aliens. Call them what they are.) instead of helping the people that they are supposed to help, then it’s their problem, not anyone else’s.

They will try to tell you that they need the federal money to take care of needy, those down on their luck, the old and disabled because they don’t have the money for the resources.

If they weren’t spending local tax dollars on illegal non-citizens, diverting resources away from legal American citizens, they would not need federal tax money, money taken by force from all working Americans.

“Well, our budget is short $500 million because of what we are giving to ‘undocumented immigrants and refugees. We’ll just get the difference from the feds. They’ve got plenty.” Which is true – plenty of your money.

This and other things are why the public (again, your money) funded schools won’t teach things like basic civics and government. It wouldn’t do for the peasants to become educated. How would we keep them under control?

This is just one of the sleight of hand tricks those in power use to manipulate people, especially around election/voting time. Next time you see them whining about needing a bond to do something, keep this lesson in mind. And speaking of voting for bonds, that is another lesson for another day. Suffice it to say that they have their mindless minions for that when they need them.

We’ve got them in disarray. Now is the time to act to save the republic.

Go Galt.

Alan Marshall



Unique Take on Trump

Dear Editor,

Good things from the Trump presidency.

No war with Russia, especially World War III. Hopefully no more Middle East wars or elsewhere. Trump’s right about NATO. It should be attrited. Japan and Germany should be able to defend themselves; they are rich and powerful countries. Are we really going to put troops into Latvia or the Ukraine? Get real.

Trump’ll put women back in their place, oink oink. Hey, ladies, wouldn’t you rather be our superiors than our equals? Let men be men and women be women.

Taxes will be lowered and everyone will get rich – obviously I’m being sarcastic.

Illegal immigration will decrease and hopefully undesirables will self deport.

His hair, if now already dyed, will turn gray.

Second Amendment rights will be preserved.

Like Mussolini, Trump will get the airlines to fly on schedule.

And, finally, bridge players should be happy. After all, Trump is generally preferable to no Trump.

John Taylor-Hall



Age Brings Wisdom

Dear Editor,

Winston Churchill may have said it best:  If you are not a liberal when you’re 25 you don’t have a heart. If you are not a conservative by the age of 35 you have no a brain.  Herein, a 50-50 balance would seem ideal.  Our last election has ended and the pendulum has swung from far left towards far right.  The question now is, how close will it settle to its 50-50 ideal?

Obviously, we are no longer benefitting from globalism as we did in the ’70s and we are moving more towards isolationism with the intent of limiting our influence in the world.  This will most likely result in newer and fewer trading partners.  We should also expect rising inflation as more and more American wage earners are producing the goods we use.  There will be negative effects on the older generation and others without the potential to increase their incomes.  It could somewhat be offset by more workers in our workforce.

We have always been a compassionate nation, but we can never control the hearts and minds of others and, believe it or not, some things that do not seem compassionate will seem both wise and compassionate, as we age.

Ray Hylton



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