State Politics Too Political

Dear Editor,

On August 11, 2016, the US District Court of the Middle District of NC ruled that there were 28 districts that were racially gerrymandered and that these districts violated the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution. The ruling stated that new maps must be drawn that complied with the Voting Rights Act and the Constitution.  Due to time limitations, the court ruled that the maps would be drawn after the upcoming Nov. 8 election. Many voters were disenfranchised because of these racially gerrymandered districts. The vote they would cast in November would not have its full power as the gerrymandered system guaranteed unequal representation.

On Nov. 8, I cast my ballot for Roy Cooper for governor, in good faith that if elected Mr. Cooper would be fully vested with the same powers that McCrory has as governor; 22,281,155 voters cast their vote for Mr. Cooper, all with the understanding that Mr. Cooper would be fully empowered as governor by the existing North Carolina Constitution.

In December, Gov. McCrory called a special session to discuss disaster relief. At the ending of this session, Republicans immediately issued a proclamation convening another session. The petition authorizing this session was signed on Monday without the knowledge of Democrats who were not notified until noon on Wednesday. This allowed no opportunities for constituents to be truly represented by their legislators. The resolutions introduced would strip Cooper of many powers held by the governor. This was partisan politics through and through with no regard for the voters.

The passing of these bills substantially decreased the power granted to voters by the constitutions of the United States and North Carolina. I liken these actions to those of a thief entering your home in the middle of the night, an acquaintance to whom you had entrusted a key, not knowing that their intention was to steal a precious possession.

I believe that our actions show who we are; we can say one thing and do another and that which is done is the true representation of the person. There will be litigation concerning this: Republicans saying that these actions were legal and Democrats getting ready to sue. Of greater importance is that even if the actions are legal, they are morally repugnant. It is distressing that elected legislators have shown that disenfranchising the voters in their districts is business as usual.

Donna W. Peterson


Yippee Ki-Ay, Snowflakes

Dear Editor,

The collective left, which includes the alt-left, the snowflakes, the socialist/communists, the nonproductive, the social justice whiners (I refuse to taint the title “warrior” by using it in that context) and a huge number of liberals, has attempted every trick in the book short of armed insurrection (and the only reason they didn’t use that is they’re afraid of guns and would probably hurt themselves) to stop the process of making Donald Trump president.

The final step is for the Congress to ratify the results of the Electoral College. Want to guess what’s next?

You got it – the phones, emails and mailboxes of members of Congress, especially Republicans, are going to melt down from all the incoming from the manipulated mindless hordes listed above trying one last time to stop the inevitable.

The big question is when, not if, but when members of Congress start receiving death threats, like the electors did, will the feds go after and prosecute the perpetrators. The answer, of course, is yes, because we can’t have the ruling class being threatened without something being done.

But back to the main topic: For the next four, and maybe eight years, we are going to see and hear a level of hate and vitriol from the left that will come close to being frightening. And when challenged they’ll say, “you did it to our guy.” The difference is they will have the mainstream media amplifying and in some cases leading it.

Add to this the professional community activist, dear leader Obama, has promoted himself to the national level by deciding to stay in Washington, DC, so he can be close to the loudest microphones and convenient to the mainstream media when he riles against any and everything Trump says or does. In fact, I’m giving him a new honorary title – Dr. Barack Hussein Obama, national proctologist. If Trump sneezes, Dr. Obama will accuse him of trying to spread diseases.

Buckle up folks. Jan. 21 will be the start of a rough ride. The tearing down of America by the left was quick and easy. The rebuilding will be slow, hard and painful, but necessary. The sleeping giant that is middle America is starting to shake off the curse of apathy, but the left will not go quietly.

The new conservative battle cry should be a quote from the movie Die Hard, “Yippee ki-yay …”

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall



Not Afraid to Poke a Bear

Dear Editor,

Merry Christmas from the North Carolina State Highway Patrol.


I’m a super-duper trooper, in my speedy new sedan.

It makes me look so big and tough, I feel like a big man.


You had better put your strap on, or I’ll pull you over quick.

Do exactly as I say, or I’ll throw you in the nick.


Power is my drug of choice; I savor it with glee!

And I’m paid to take your dollars on any pretext I can see.


I’m spending your own money, to scare you on the air.

It’s just so very funny that you think it isn’t fair!


Innocent or guilty matters not a whit to me.

I’m a taxman with a pistol, so pay your fine and fee.


I’ll make a case against you for a feather in my cap.

I’m not interested in justice; I am your highway trap.


Austin Morris



Teachers Educate Thyselves

Dear Editor,

An additional consideration in evaluating if colleges and universities are graduating students with the communication, accuracy and skills to enter the job market would be to listen to the lack of language skills exhibited by some educators themselves.  They are exhibiting a lack of many basics that should have been required in elementary, and certainly by high-school graduation.

Listening to many university and college sports players (and coaches) in interviews will give an indication that more time is used to develop sports abilities than the necessary academic accomplishments.  Some of these young players may be able to succeed financially in their field.  However, those who do not continue in that vocation because of ability or injury may not be prepared to function in other fields.  Often teachers, students (sports and other areas of pursuit), respond with, “Yeah, and ah, ya know, it is like, well, and I mean, ya know.” This same order may appear more than once during a short interview, giving no meaningful response to a question.

Many students may be being deprived of the education needed to survive to the best of their potential.  Of course, parents should be more accountable for their children’s learning – less television and computer games, more reading, caring and personal involvement in their children’s lives.

J. R. Wells



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