Why Wouldn’t Russia Want Hillary?

Dear Editor,

Could some one explain why Russia would want Clinton out?

During her and Obama’s guidance, the following has happened. ISIS has grown into a de facto State. Russia seized the Crimea and invaded part of Ukraine. Refusing to send weapons to help the Ukraine, they sent military ration (MREs). Obama drew a line in the sand to stop bombing and the use of gas, then did nothing. Russian jets are now bombing Allepo.

So far Russia has had a free hand under Clinton and Obama.

So why would they want to risk a Trump administration? It makes no strategic sense.

Trump is an unknown; he is unpredictable. So why gamble on Clinton becoming a raging tiger against Russian interests?

Just something to think about.

Ed Philpott



Money Confiscated From Taxpayers

Dear Editor,

By the time Trump assumes office the national debt will be at or near $20 trillion (thank you, dear leader).

Cutting federal funding from “sanctuary cities” helps a small amount but nowhere near enough. Cutting the giveaways to foreign countries will also help some. Balanced trade agreements are another small help. The reduction or elimination of the giveaway programs for illegal aliens is another.

I hear the howls of outrage from social justice warrior (SJW) liberals now. But there is an irrefutable fact that must be faced. We have a finite amount of resources. Nothing the government supplies is endless, although they act like it is. The old adage, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch,” is true no matter how badly the bleeding heart liberals try to deny it.

Elected officials on all levels have a responsibility to the legal citizens, and this includes those from outside this country here legally, to ensure that they are properly taken care of and provided for.

Money is taken, no, confiscated, from people by force of law to acquire the resources given away. In other words, the government comes to your place of business, takes your money at the threat of jailing you for not giving it up, then uses it to buy goods and services from you that you now don’t have access to because you can afford only to hand it over (for free) to someone here illegally. You and I would be arrested for trying that.

You move to another state to attend college and have to pay a huge out-of-state tuition fee but an illegal alien not only gets to take a slot away from a legal alien or US citizen, they get that slot at in-state tuition rates, and in some cases with money from the government. Money confiscated from you.

Welfare programs that are supposed to help the needy get diluted because of giveaways to people that are here illegally. Entering this country by means other than those established by law means you broke our laws, which makes you a criminal, which means you are here illegally, hence you are an illegal alien.

The barrel has a bottom. It does not refill itself automatically. Someone has to fill it and that someone is the legal citizens of this country. We have our limits and they are close to the breaking point.

Go Galt.

Alan Marshall



Merry G0d-Man-Mas

Dear Editor,

If you are born into a Christian family you probably still say these now “socially unacceptable” words – merry Christmas.

Why should they be unacceptable when the God-man or Christ is the only spiritual lawmaker that never fails us.  Lawmakers are never law breakers.  Don’t all God-men come with similar fingerprints that never fade in the likes of Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammad (prophet)?

Our God-man, Christ, brought us many gifts.  The highest, for Christians, would be divine love.  It comes with inner-peace, tranquility and bliss.  And it comes with another spirit that allows us to unbind ourselves from the things that bind us; things like egoisms, pride, greed, hate, anger, jealousy and more lust for pleasures of the flesh than for this spirit that sets us free from the things that do bind us.

Hopefully, our gift-giving at Christmas will allow us to discover it is more blessed to give than receive.  Imposters may appear, but none will ever separate us from the spirit of divine love that comes with the fingerprints of Jesus and all genuine God-men.

Ray Hylton


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