California Voting

Dear Editor,

As of today, Trump leads Clinton by over 1,400,000 popular votes if California is excluded.  What can this tell us?

Ray Hylton



Snowflakes Have Gone Too Far

Dear Editor,

At first I was amused by the reaction of the liberal/progressive/socialist/buttercup/snowflake left to the unexpected election of Trump. It was fun watching the criers, screamers and deniers as they slowly began to realize the sleeping giant that is the silent majority awoke and flexed their collective muscle. Hard working, mostly blue collar, middle class Americans that they have despised and overlooked for far too long.

It progressed to protests, which is their right. But then it began to morph into something ugly – violent protests, riots, assaults. Now it has reached a point where every true American should be concerned and repulsed. Now they are threatening the electors selected to vote in the Electoral College.

You haven’t seen anything about this in the mainstream media (surprise) but there have been threats of physical harm, even death directed at individual electors if they fail to cast their vote for Hilary Clinton. They have had their very lives threatened if they refuse to kowtow to these subversive scum.

What have we come to? How have we allowed it to go this far? These animals are now threatening the very fabric that makes up the bindings of our republic. They have shown their true colors – red and yellow. Red for the socialism/communism they advocate and yellow for the whiny little cowards they truly are.

Tucker Carlson on Fox News has become my new hero. When these crybabies come on his show and he calls them out for what they are and they fall back on their usual defense of calling him names he jumps down their throats with both feet. When these people do the same to you remember one thing – they don’t sign your paycheck. The only power they have over you is what you give them. When they call you something ending in “ist” or “phobe,” challenge them. Use phrases like “site your source” or “you don’t know me” or “can you back that up?”

These people are reeling. Show no mercy. Force them back into the shadows where they belong. Educate your children with the unvarnished truth. Show strength, not weakness. They didn’t take prisoners and neither should we. I know it’s an ugly thing but this is a fight for survival. Fight by their rules (or lack thereof). If they fight fair, then we will. Otherwise, bring a gun to the knife fight.

The survival of the republic depends on us.

Go Galt.

Alan Marshall



Meeting Special Needs

Dear Editor,

Thousands of families caring for children with special needs in North Carolina finally received help this year. I am one of them. Since the expansion of the children with disabilities scholarship grant, my son, Korey, now has a chance at a bright future.

We are grateful for the dedicated teachers who helped him at his previous public school, but they could not provide the one-on-one attention and supportive environment that he needed. I knew we needed to make a change.

Now, at Noble Academy, Korey comes home happy and excited. His outlook and attitude about school has changed dramatically. At Noble Academy, my son receives the attention and services he needs to succeed academically and socially.

We are so grateful for this program that has transformed our lives.   We hope it continues to receive funding. I learned about this through Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina, and other families just like ours need the freedom to choose the best school for the individual needs of their children. We must work to ensure they get it.

Yvonne Shelton



Trains Instead

Dear Editor,

In line with your interest in the North Carolina Railroad (NCRR) (July 14, 2016) and the appointment to its board of your publisher, Roy Carroll, there  is a way, by using a portion of the NCRR, to avoid the construction of a new billion dollar, 213-mile interstate highway.

The Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk) Jun 9, 2016 reports: New $1 billion, 213-mile interstate planned to connect Norfolk and RaleighThe stated purpose of this highway is for trucks from Raleigh and the Heart of the Triangle (another “HOT” or HOT2) and the seaport at Norfolk, Virginia.  There are many reasons not to build this costly highway and operate its stated function.  Aside from its exorbitant high cost, it would cause great disruption to the communities and land through which it would pass.  Operating diesel trucks over it would require many drivers and pollute the environment.

A better way to access a seaport would be via the NCRR.  It runs directly from Raleigh to the coast – a much shorter distance than the circuitous 213 highway miles.  One “driver” with a minimal crew can handle a whole train.  The NCRR terminates at the port city of Morehead City, as was its namesake, former Governor and “father” of the NCRR John Motley Morehead’s intent. (The port at Wilmington can also be reached via the NCRR and connecting railroads.)  The NCRR can be electrified as presumably the adjoining SouthEast High Speed Rail (SEHSR) line will be with electricity furnished by the burgeoning state solar system, making for a much more environmentally friendly operation than the truck one.

The North Carolina port(s) would have to be improved to handle larger ships such, hopefully, as “Panamax” vessels, enabled by the widening and upgrading of the Panama Canal.  But this should be accomplished for much less than a billion dollars.

The informative book by former North Carolina Transportation Museum historian Walter Turner, with an introduction by former Gov. Jim Hunt, Waterways to the World, covers the history of the State Port Authority, its travails, and how North Carolina got behind other Southeastern states (Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia) in port development.  This suggested NCRR plan would redress this situation.

Furthermore this plan would keep all facets of this operation, with their associated jobs in North Carolina.

Harry Clapp


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