A Blow for Freedom

Dear Editor,

Wednesday, March 29 – Brexit Day – NPR aired a piece by Frank Langford in which he implied that the majority of the British people were racists and xenophobes inasmuch as they voted to leave the EU because of resentment towards foreigners. That is simply untrue. The left’s character assassination of Brexit voters (and Trump voters) is standard operating procedure in the mainstream media, but it is offensive and mendacious.

Millions of brave soldiers, sailors and airmen made the ultimate sacrifice in two world wars precisely so that Great Britain would preserve its historic and hard won sovereignty and liberty. Are we now to casually surrender it all with a shrug, as we submit to the rule of a cadre of unelected foreign bureaucrats in the European Commission? It’s as if we lost the war (that’s a sentiment you would hear often in Britain).

As British Prime Minister Theresa May said today, the United Kingdom has simply decided that it wants to make its own laws, reclaim its freedom and determine its own destiny. Is that not the right of every free people?  But that is what sticks in the craw of all the progressives and globalists who subtly seek to emasculate what the Islamists call “the great Satan and the little Satan” i.e., the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Brexit struck a blow for freedom, and that is anathema to the left.

Rule, Britannia!

Christopher Rees                                                                                        



Who are the Deplorables?

Dear Editor,

Have you been watching the news? I’m not talking about the partisan main street media in the guise of NBC, MSNBC, The New York Times, ABC, CBS or magazines like Time, etc. These outlets are unabashedly biased. They exclusively promote the liberal viewpoint disregarding any attempt to balance their narrative with opposing views. I’m talking about news outlets such as The Wall Street Journal or even Fox News. (Whatever its faults, Fox attempts to present both sides of an issue.)

The behavior of today’s Democrats is disgusting, even deplorable. They are not interested in policies designed to benefit the American people. They are only interested in resistance, retaliation, revenge and vengeance.

Case in point, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-New York) and most other Democrats, like Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut) are not interested in Judge Neil Gorsuch’s credentials. They oppose him merely because he is the nominee of President Donald Trump. No doubt they will oppose any other nominee of the president should Gorsuch not be confirmed.

Judge Neil Gorsuch is indisputably one of the best-qualified nominees in the history of the Supreme Court and he deserves to be confirmed.

Oddly enough, the primary complaint Sen. Schumer has against Gorsuch is his reluctance to answer questions about his views on topics that may possibly come up in future SCOTUS cases. However, that was exactly the same position taken by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg when she was being confirmed in 1993. She refused to comment on any issue that might come before the Supreme Court in the future.

The Dems are in lockstep to oppose anything that the Trump administration attempts to do. There is no attempt to advance the interests of the American people. From what I can see, the Democratic Party is the party of anger, hate and confrontation. They are pure political evil.

R.G. Fullerton



Keep Speech Free

Dear Editor,

The left is after the constitutional right of free speech. To them, anything said that does not fall into line with their thoughts or actions is hate speech and should be suppressed.

When a non-left thinking individual is invited to speak, mostly on school campuses, not only does the left protest their invitation, they will go to any length, including physical violence and willful destruction of property, to stop the speaker from even appearing. And if the speaker does make it into the venue they crash the event and attempt (in some cases succeed) to close it down. If you don’t like what you hear, don’t listen.

I don’t consider disruption and violence to be the answer to disagreements of opinions. I’d much rather have an open, lively, verbal throw down because they can be real fun, until someone loses an eye – at which point it’s no longer a lively discussion, but an open brawl where nobody will win and nothing will be resolved.

That being said, we on the right have been pushed and bullied enough, in my opinion. Our speakers are intimidated, threatened, harassed and shouted down. Our marches are met with physical assaults on the participants with little to no intervention from law enforcement, whereas any speaker from the left is exalted, fawned over and proclaimed the greatest orator since Socrates. Their marches are escorted by masked, black clad hoodlums that don’t hesitate to use force against anyone getting too close.

Enough is enough. It is getting to the point where we need to start using some of their own tactics against them. We need to start blocking entrances, filling the hall with our people and shout down the speakers like they do ours.

At this point I draw the line at the physical violence that the left so freely uses, but I wouldn’t rule it out. We’ve already started to see some who are standing up and defending people from left-wing goons during marches because the police are hobbled by politically weak superiors who fear upsetting the left. And quite honestly, if they’re meeting force with force, acting defensively and not initiating the violence, then I say good for you. I’ve got your 6. If law enforcement won’t stop assaults on peaceful marchers, then it’s time to do it ourselves. The left needs to learn actions have consequences.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall



HB2 About Protection

Dear Editor,

I would like to offer a different perspective on NC HB2. I have read with disdain the letters to the editor from the same person two weeks in a row. I kept waiting to see a counterpoint letter, but have not seen one. So I am going to take a crack at it.

This person argues that the law should not be repealed because of financial concerns. I agree, some things are more important than money. I have read newspaper articles, listened to radio and television. Supposedly the financial impact on our state has been $500 million. However that is one-half of one percent of our $50 billion yearly GDP.

She says it is wrong, discriminatory and unjust. I’m sorry but I disagree. Just because you say something, that doesn’t make it true. As a father and a husband, I do not think it is wrong because I don’t want a biological man to be able to go into the same restroom, shower, changing room, etc., as my wife and daughter.

By the time this comes out, the NCAA deadline will have come and gone for us to repeal HB2 or risk losing more games and tournaments. I say do what you have to do. I don’t like to be threatened.

HB2 should not be repealed until a suitable compromise is hashed out that will protect everyone.

That, Mrs. Parker, is the right thing to do. And that is just one man’s opinion.

Eric Lowe            



 Distrusting Reform

Dear Editor,

Please care about the people of this country. Don’t let people die. This government wants and is willing to waste money on walls put up against Mexico but refuses to help its citizens.

The people cutting America’s health care under the banner of reform have never had to worry about care for themselves or their families. CEOs, billionaires and right-wing politicians get the best care because money isn’t a factor for them. The rest of us don’t have that luxury.

Regina Chester



Seems Contradictory

Dear Editor,

I oppose Big Brotherism so I am against the Preserving Employee Wellness Program Act, which is also known as HR1313. Congresswoman Virginia Foxx, who is conservative, has proposed legislation that would allow employers access to the private genetic information of their employees, and their relatives.

Conservatives supposedly want big government off of our backs and out of our personal lives. Apparently they don’t mind if big business has access to our genetic information. I don’t think that big government, or big business, should have the power to request, demand or examine our genetic information. If you feel the same way you should write your congressman and tell him to vote against HR1313.

Chuck Mann



God-sized Work

Dear Editor,

When God invites you to be involved with him, he is wanting to reveal himself to you and to a watching world. Therefore, he will ask you to be involved with him in a God-sized assignment. When you are confronted with such a great assignment, you will face a crisis of belief. You will have to decide what you really believe regardless of what you say. Following God will require faith and action. Without faith you will not be able to please God. When you act in faith, God is pleased.

Rev. Ernest Scoggin



Heart v. Head

Dear Editor,

The “so be it” or “amen” of successful leadership is balance.  It is a growth process that remains hidden in about all evolutionary things.  Herein, our heart-to-head balance is often overlooked.  But it is probably the most important of all and it is evident within our pleasures/pains or our virtue/vice balances.

In this regard, the Obama era showed us more heart and less head.  Now, Trump comes along with about the highest IQ ever of our presidents, but who is now considered low within heart considerations.  Heart is about feelings, and mind (head) is about pragmatic material solutions.  Thus, the pendulum has swung and the best we can hope for now is that it ultimately balances in the absolute middle.

This would be, for us in creation, our most perfect amen.  But surely, every infinite truth will rise above and beyond it, but from plants to people, it’s here in creation and it teaches us this law, the survival of the fittest, in every way.

Ray Hylton


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