Conservatives Don’t Create New Taxes

Dear Editor,

Mark McDaniel is right; conservatives don’t impose new taxes on consumers. Sales tax killed my small business in England and led me to emigrate.

The bathroom renovation business I had started was doing well and would have done better if the Thatcher government had not decided to impose Value Added Tax on previously exempt home improvements, at the rate of 15 percent. Much like our current GOP legislature in Raleigh, Maggie had embraced the wrong-headed notion that the tax burden should shift from direct to indirect taxation. So her government broadened the base of VAT by imposing it on new goods and services.

By skimming off the top 15 percent of every pound I took, she was reducing my gross income by 40 percent at a stroke – before all the other taxes. I left for America. VAT has since risen to 20 percent in the UK.

Can you imagine the outcry if a 40 percent wage cut for public sector workers like teachers or police officers were announced?

Liberals never do the work of conservatives when in power; we should not do theirs by imposing new taxes.

If conservatives would think strategically, they would affect changes which liberals would find politically impossible to reverse – such as a repeal of the food tax. That would reduce the tax burden for us all, particularly young working families, and Democrats would find it very difficult to oppose such a “progressive” measure. They’d never be able to reimpose such a regressive tax.

Mark McDaniel is right. Real conservatives never impose new taxes on people and businesses.

He has my vote.

Christopher Rees

Hardister Cut Taxes

Dear Editor,

I am asking District 59 voters to support Jon Hardister in the upcoming primary election.  I have known Jon since he first ran in the 2012 election.  Jon is an honest and upstanding individual who serves District 59 well.

Jon is slashing regulations and fighting to cut red table to provide more healthcare options for families.  In addition, Jon’s leadership has enabled every family to erase taxes on the first $20,000 they bring home each year.  And, most importantly, he listens to citizens and finds solutions to their concerns.

Rep. Jon Hardister will be on the ballot in the upcoming election.  Jon Hardister has done an outstanding job representing District 59 in the state legislature. Please join me to keep him in Raleigh.

Carla Strickland,

Pleasant Garden Mayor


What, Me Worry?

Dear Editor,

Oh-my-God. The Democrat Party has officially and completely lost their collective minds. They’ve filed a federal lawsuit suing Trump campaign, WikiLeaks, and the entire Russian government for conspiring to disrupt the 2016 presidential campaign. This is the Hlidabeast’s vast right-wing conspiracy on steroids. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was one of her ideas.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you the new Democrat Party. They are changing their mascot from a jackass to Bozo the Clown and are probably going to run Alfred E. Neuman from MAD magazine fame as their 2020 presidential candidate. As the old saying goes, you can’t make this up.

You have to wonder if they know something about the other witch hunt they started with the Mueller investigation. Do they have inside information that it’s on the fast track to nowhere and have run out of options? The air must reek of desperation at the DNC headquarters right now. And the few Democrats that have common sense must be seriously considering changing their affiliation to Independent just to avoid being painted with this broad brush of lunacy being wielded by their leadership.

The timing couldn’t have been better for conservatives and the Republican Party. They just handed them enough campaign material to ensure retention of control of the House, albeit with a smaller margin then now.

The other aspect of this is the financial side. A lawsuit of this magnitude cannot be cheap, and even with in-house lawyers this is going to take a bite out of the DNC coffers. And I seem to remember hearing that the DNC was hurting for cash. Wonder how many campaigns are going to be shorted in order to finance this boondoggle?

As I said earlier, this is an act of desperation. Their puppets in the FBI are being dragged out for all to see; the Stormy Daniels thing is a debacle and an embarrassment (don’t try to convince me they weren’t involved); and the Mueller investigation has gone so far afield the American people and even some in the mainstream media are starting to question it for what it is. People are beginning to realize collusion is not illegal – immoral and unethical maybe, but not a crime. The obstruction argument has been shown to be a non-starter as well.

The DNC is imploding. Pass the popcorn and drinks.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall


How Is This So?

Dear Editor,

We all have the expectation that elected officials will have the best interest of the citizens at heart and consider themselves as public servants.  Let’s see …

In spite of earning $3 billion in profits in 2017, receiving a corporate tax cut of $100 million from Congress and the president and their CEO getting a huge raise to lift his salary to over $21 million a year, Duke Energy looks to extract over $500 million from customers through rate hikes on our power bills to pay for their coal ash clean-up.

How could this be so?  The Republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly blocked an amendment to a bill that would have prevented Duke Energy from passing along the cost of coal clean-up to its customers.

The poor and struggling will suffer most as they strive to find ways to pay for necessities like power to their homes.

When will we ever learn?  When will we ever learn?

Bob Kollar

UNCG Men’s Golf Southern Champs

Dear Editor,

Congratulations to the UNCG men’s golf team for its first ever win of the Southern Conference.

Nick Lylerly was medalist and Bryce Hendrix and Josh  Stockwell provided much ammunition for it to happen.  Jonathan Brightwell and Grant Powell will be looking for their day to shine in future events.

We have some excellent Division 3 teams in Greensboro in Guilford College and Greensboro College but this UNCG Division I Team runs deeper in talent and deserves watching.

Ray Hylton


Proud of Hardister

Dear Editor,

My wife and I had the pleasure of being neighbors of the Hardister family when Jon was a youth.

A number of times Jon sat down with me and expressed his desire to enter politics after college. I encouraged him with the advice that whatever party he enter, he would always remain honest and always serve his community regardless of political influence. We are both proud to say he has done this throughout his years of service.

We find Mark McDaniel an opportunist and untruthful, the type of individual who has no place in our state leadership.

P.S. We are extra proud that Jon chose the Republican Party.

George Burfeind