After five years of being the “publisher” for the Rhino Times, I am still not exactly comfortable with the title. But I am comfortable stating that, today, news is more important than ever. Not just any news, but relevant news not available from other local publications or media outlets.

When I purchased the assets of The Rhinoceros Times, my main goal was to keep this relevant news in the hands of our readers. In order to reach my goal, I felt like the paper needed to be rebranded and updated. From day one, I wanted to take the publication to an e-paper that everyone could read online.

As of this week, we are doing just that. We are leaving the old world of print journalism behind and moving into the future with an e-paper. This will be our last print edition of the Rhino Times.

News has become a 24/7 story, and I am excited to see the continued transformation of the Rhino Times from a weekly paper into a dynamic, interactive platform for daily news updates and breaking news coverage.

Readers of the Rhino Times will be able to rely on for daily coverage and opinions of Greensboro while gaining insider access to important Guilford County work sessions and events. The new online platform lets readers connect and interact with each other. Readers will also be able to talk to Rhino journalists through tweets, comments and online forums.

Thank you, readers and subscribers of the Rhino Times, for your continued support and dedication. John Hammer, editor-in-chief, and the rest of the Rhino journalists continue to present the latest stories affecting our community. We are excited to welcome back Paul Clark to the Rhino team. Paul will be essential to providing daily coverage and community insights for the Rhino.

The Rhino team looks forward to the next chapter and we thank you again for your continued support and dedication to local news.