Actually Grateful For Police

Dear Editor,

Can you be a columnist for the News & Record and not dislike white people or police? I wonder.

Now we have Robin Cheeley questioning police. She writes that she didn’t hesitate to call for help when she needed it, but then put a knife into those responders afterward, claiming once again that police have a habit of shooting black people.

I have repeatedly asked black people where I work how often policemen have drawn a gun on them. They all say never. So my reply is, “Because you weren’t doing anything wrong.” But that doesn’t seem to fit into the News & Record equation.

Robin, when I was a kid, if the school called my parents about an issue, I was automatically at fault. And usually I was. If you would use the same logic with police, then you’d be better off. If you don’t want the police around, then don’t cause problems. Not a real hard scenario. Stop blaming the people who solve problems and start blaming the people causing the problem.

And a word of advice, don’t take a BB gun to the park.

I thank police for what they do. Let’s see you try it.

Jeff Hill



Trump Wishful Thinking

Dear Editor,

Your assessment of US versus Trump is optimistic, wishful and mostly wrong. Begin with a little history: Ken Starr’s mandate was to investigate the Clinton’s involvement with Whitewater, a real estate deal in Arkansas. But Mr. Clinton’s impeachment had nothing to do with Whitewater; it arose from his untruthful answers to FBI questions regarding his relationship with Monica Lewinsky, questions it turns out were authored by soon-to-be associate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. If Mueller is overstepping his boundaries, he certainly has precedent.

Next, Paul Manafort’s conviction on only eight of 18 counts – that is what is known in prosecutorial circles as “mercy bait”; charging a defendant with crimes which don’t matter insofar as being convicted goes. Manafort is going to prison, the only question is for how long. He is going to be tried on other crimes next month and his only real option is to cooperate and get a sentence recommendation.

Finally there is Michael Cohen, who was charged by the US attorney for the Southern District of New York.  He’s already implicated Trump in a crime, and that is merely the tip of the iceberg. For the record, the Southern District is where Rudy Giuliani cut his teeth as a prosecutor, but he seems to have forgotten how prosecutors work. No matter.  Mr. Cohen’s records document a lifetime of criminal activity that Trump is going to have to answer for.

The best part of a witch hunt is when they handcuff the witches and perp-walk them down to the federal courthouse, and, yes, I’m enjoying it immensely.

Nick Dixon



Workplace Intolerance

Dear Editor,

I recently was talking with a friend who shared about an injustice that they felt had happened at work.  It inspired me to write the following.  I thought perhaps some of your other readers could relate.


All day long, while at work, I am subjected to your music whose lyrics depict sex as a lewd and vulgar act.

I am offended because I believe sex was created by God for marriage alone, for its consummation and for procreation of life

But I say nothing, I just keep working.


All day long, while at work, I am subjected to your taking my God’s name in vain.

I am offended because I believe my God’s name is holy and should be honored.

But I say nothing, I just keep working.


All day long, while at work, I am subjected to your cursing of others.

I am offended because I believe all men are created in the image of God and should be treated as such.

But I say nothing, I just keep working.


For one minute of one day, while at work, you were subjected to a prayer asking my God to bless our common meal.

You were offended because you believe those of us who participated were being intolerant of your religion of unbelief.

You said something, you stopped working to protest.

Patricia Small



Illegal Voting

Dear Editor,

More states have allowed illegal aliens to vote in local elections. At the same time the battle over Dreamers has shifted to not only giving amnesty but granting them full rights of legal residents of the country. Also, felons are given back their right to vote.

More locations begin giving out basic individual income stipends as the House starts giving grants to fund them as “experiments” to measure their feasibility. Along with increased social spending it gets to the point that to find the money to pay for Shangri-La Congress starts cutting deep into the defense budget along with other such programs. Before long, some think tank puts forth the idea that since everyone is getting a stipend, why continue the Social Security program. Use that money to fund the giveaway program. And Medicare can go away since we are also giving away medical care for all. Use that money to fund the programs.

Then there is the sudden scandal involving a Supreme Court justice that brings about the first impeachment of a judge since the term of Washington. (Yes, a Supreme Court justice can be impeached.) The replacement shifts the bench more to the left, and cases involving First and Second Amendment rights are brought up resulting in an erosion of those rights.

ICE is dissolved and its duties doled out to other agencies who tie them up in a bureaucratic morass to the point they are useless. Sanctuary locations become the rule instead of the exception. The border wall is not only defunded, existing border barriers are torn down. Shortly after this, terrorist-like attacks begin taking place and are blamed on “radical right wing groups” by the mainstream media in spite of evidence to the contrary.

Interstate commerce rules are used by Congress, with the help of a sympathetic Supreme Court, to dictate how large businesses will conduct themselves. Taxes are raised again and again until large businesses and rich individuals move their operations and their wealth out of the country, then finally, themselves, renouncing their American citizenship to get away from the legal robbers.

Suddenly you wake up and realize it was all a very bad dream. Or was it a vision of the future if and when the progressive, socialist Democratic left gain control of Congress.

Think about it.

Get out and vote: BJ Barnes and Mark Walker.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall



More to High Point Story

Dear Editor,

The gentleman that wrote in last week and mentioned the absurdity of the City of High Point’s purchase of a huge offshore boat for patrolling its two small municipal reservoirs only got half the story. There’s more.

As it happens, the city already has no less than three entirely suitable boats for patrolling its two small water supply lakes. And the High Point Fire Department has what is arguably the state’s most complete assembly of water rescue boats and vehicles, which just happen to be stationed less than three minutes from Oak Hollow Lake. So the behemoth vessel they just purchased for patrol work was not only highly expensive but completely redundant. It wasn’t needed to begin with.

Redundancy seems to be a pattern in High Point and it’s very expensive. Three city managers, as many as three departments devoted to economic development, more department heads and assistant department heads than any city in the state. And yet High Point is only the 12th largest city in the state. Nevertheless, the original letter writer got it right – it is this runaway spending that has landed High Point the title of North Carolina’s “most expensive city.” But while High Point is the state champion when it comes to redundancy and frivolous spending, this problem is not unique to that city alone. You don’t have to look too hard to see similar financial malfeasance here in Greensboro.

We need a mechanism in place to prevent municipal governments from buying things they don’t actually need simply in order to get rid of excess tax dollars. Those dollars need to stay in the pockets of the citizens so those citizens can spend those dollars in their local communities. I would propose a law that limits budget spending to a certain level per capita. Force municipal government to live within its means instead of loading its coffers with tax dollars, spending it all and then asking for more the following year. The spending madness needs to stop but without some sort of legal constraint on government spending it isn’t going to happen.

William Edwards



Where is the Concern?

Dear Editor,

No matter where you get your news – TV, internet, newspapers – there is hardly a peep about what is going on in South Africa.

The ANC and its enablers are preaching and practicing genocide against the 15 percent white minoirty. Depending on their ability to resist, the white minority is scheduled to be wiped out. Confiscation, destruction and murder are the means practiced now. The same thing happened in Nazi Germany, where the Nazis systematically terrorized and murdered the Jews, dissenters, non-Aryans, etc. Who would stop them then, or the ANC now?

I know the US can’t be the world’s policeman, but where are the human rights groups, the liberal do-gooders or, for that matter, the UN? Where are the social justice warriors and the Democratic Party – the champions of equal human rights for everyone? How would you feel about being marginalized, terrorized and murdered until you were forced to escape your home country any way you could?

Australia and Russia have offered to take in South African refugees. But why would you go to either place? You are now allowed to defend yourselves against aggression or tyranny. Australia has backed down from their offer somewhat. The Russians could hardly care less about criticism from foreigners.

We must learn to respect each other, and at least learn to get along for the good of everyone. All this acrimony between the races, political foes, sexes, etc., has got to stop. If not, the US as we know it, is doomed. The first place to begin is with our politicians. Most of them stir things up just to divide and conquer us.

Rob Fisher


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