It Won’t Be Good

Dear Editor,

What will happen if the Democratic party regains the House?

For starters, all the current investigations involving the Department of Justices will come to a screaming halt. The committees will be disbanded and any and all evidence yet to be uncovered will be buried (read destroyed) forever, except for what can be manipulated to be used to impeach the president.

Additionally any progress towards securing the borders and controlling the flow of illegal aliens will not just stop but will be reversed. At some point there will be the beginning of a movement to not only give amnesty to those already here, there will be attempts to grant them full citizenship, to include voting rights. This will all but guarantee perpetual control of the House and eventually the Senate to the Democrats. From this will flow the eventual restructuring of the Supreme Court and control of the White House.

From there will begin the erosion of individual rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. I’ll leave it up to you to extrapolate what happens from there, but one thing I will point out – it won’t be good. Too many people who believe in the American dream will not stand by and let this happen. Too many patriots will not remain complacent.

In the midterm elections, one key is going to be turnout. Whoever can motivate most people to get out will win the day. That and whatever unique tricks the Dems can come up with to alter the playing field in their favor.  The other thing will be how the independents swing.

Another thing to keep in mind is how the pundits continue to spout the polls. Remember what happened the last time they did that? Now they are hedging their bets by revising their numbers down from a blue wave to a purple trickle.

Now is the time to take off the gloves. They will start fighting dirtier than they have. The GOP needs to do the same. The moral high ground no longer exists in politics. The left has destroyed it. They have turned “politics is a blood sport” from a saying to something literal. If you don’t believe it, look at what they do, listen to what they say. They are like the proverbial cornered animal. They will stop at nothing to win.

Get out and vote: Jon Hardister and Alan Perdue.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall


Thanks a Bundle

Dear Editor,

Utilities are monopolies and are regulated by the state. Phone, water, electricity, etc. So why are these internet/TV/phone companies not regulated? To say that they are not monopolies is naive and certainly not the case.

These providers want to bundle all three of these services and will absolutely not hear of choosing just one. They want to charge you as much or more for one service than they do for all three. That is no choice at all. Meanwhile, our federal government continues to allow consolidation in this industry. There is another provider moving into Guilford County and it can’t be soon enough.

After every two years, I have to switch services because my initial cost is almost doubled. They figure you won’t go through the trouble. I will.

So the company whose origins go back to Mr. A.G. Bell himself, show up at my home. After three to four hours, “Jason” cannot get decent internet speed so I break it off and cancel my request. Jason informs me that I have to return the equipment myself. How arrogant can that be? Finally, he says he is taking the equipment back. Now I get bill after bill for monthly service not rendered and then a collection notice. This, all despite two phone calls and three letters. Yeah, we’ll fix it, but nothing happens.

This (non) service can stick it where the sun don’t shine. I’ll sign up for DSL instead. I have an antenna and a cell phone. I don’t need any of their crud, ever. Or perhaps our benign government will fix it so I have no choice.

E.R. Harris



Security Concerns

Dear Editor,

I don’t think that there should be any security upgrades at the Old Guilford County Court House unless the people approve of them.  Requiring visitors to sign in, hiring an armed security guard, installing bulletproof panels and more security cameras seems to be going overboard.  Will the people have access to the security camera footage? Will the armed security guard be required to wear a body camera?

The county commissioners and government employees are supposed to be public servants. We pay for their salaries, bonuses and pensions.  They are supposed to work for us. It looks like the Guilford County government considers its citizens to be “people of interest.” Politicians and government employees that are scared of the people should find another line of work.

Chuck Mann



Recipe for Demonizing

Dear Editor,

Reasons for increased social polarization:

  1. Horrible trade agreements have exported middle class jobs for 20 years.  Rich became richer and poor became poorer. We now have a bimodal society were fewer individuals have to personally measure a balance between legislation losses versus gains.  More individuals gain a great deal or lose a great deal from legislation.  Politicians have fewer moderates/middle class to court.  It is more efficient to either energize the base or silence/intimidate the opposition’s base to win an election.
  2. The balance of power has shifted from the more moderate legislative branch and direct electorate to the more centralized executive and judicial branches.  Overuse of executive action to avoid inconvenient legislative checks and balances is an abuse of power.  The court system has shown that lower federal levels measure presidential action not by Constitution or precedent but by a judge’s personal political ideology.

The Constitution specifically outlined that the path to grant rights occurs via constitutional amendments not judges’ personal opinions.  The court, assuming this role, throwing out legislation passed by elected representatives and/or directly passed by voters, stole power.  Regardless of goodness of intentions, it threatens democracy.

If legislators and voters do not agree on something, so be it.  If legislators and voters reach solutions that the executive branch and/or judicial branch disagree with, so be it.  It is our right to fail to reach consensus and to disagree with the executive/judicial branches. When voters interpret the stakes of election results as higher, they fight harder with more passion.  At its extreme this dehumanizes the opposition, causing vitriol.

  1. The government has given power to divisive tactics that advance personal agendas at the expense of evidence.  With one ruling, the Supreme Court threw out rule by logic, reason and science that pulled us out of the dark ages.  It used faulty emotional reasoning.  Emotions lie to everyone. We now live in a world where feelings, real or imagined, override election results.  Yelling louder, claiming greater pain from a disagreement, is more effective than election results.  If your reasoning fails to persuade the electorate, run to the courts for an emotional appeal.  In this environment both sides will up the ante by feigning more pain/oppression to gain more political power.  What is viewed as defensive position by one ideology is seen as an attack by the opposition.  This is a recipe for demonizing opposition that reduces consensus and moderation.

Alan Burke



Anonymous for Kids

Dear Editor,

About a month ago I wrote an anonymous four-point letter regarding teachers and their demand for pay raises. I am of the belief that they are well compensated for what they do when retirement and health benefits are factored into the equation. I also believe that there is plenty of our tax dollars already in the process and that the teachers’ administrators allocate this money poorly. Raises are there within the current budget if the system did not waste the money on programs and structures that do nothing to educate our children. I have a problem with a system that has an agenda that is promulgated to the parents through our children.

But the main point of this “rejoinder” was the anonymity that I used for the first letter. I was attacked for my anonymity but not for any of the points that I clearly stated. That it was weak due to the anonymous nature. Please not that there was no discussion of my points – just the attack on me.


To use an old cliche, until you have walked a mile in my shoes, you best know what you are talking about. I see the money wasted and have personally experienced the “open mindedness” of the teaching establishment. I can handle the personal attacks on me, but not on my kids.

Anonymous once again



Anonymity Has Place

Dear Editor,

It’s nice to know there are so many brave souls who would put their name to a letter lambasting Adolf Hitler and exposing Nazi thuggery in 1930’s Germany.

Anonymous free speech has is role. It is a vital one.



Send to or 216 W. Market St., GSO 27401