Still time to donate

Dear Editor,

The tragedy that occurred in Houston and southern Louisiana two-and-a-half weeks ago caused massive damage to that region of the country. I believe Texans when they say that they will come back stronger than ever. Nevertheless, it might be prudent to help them in any way possible.

The secular elites on both coasts (think New York and California) who look down their noses at religious people and organizations will probably donate to the Red Cross, Americares, the United Way and other local secular aid organizations. They will almost certainly not donate to the Salvation Army, Samaritan’s Purse or Catholic Charities because those organizations are built on religious foundations. That is sad. These religion-based groups need funds and volunteers.

So, if you still intend to donate to disaster relief, please consider donating to the Salvation Army, Samaritan’s Purse or Catholic Charities, even if you are not Catholic. If you would like to donate to help out displaced pets, consider donating to “Austin Pets Alive” (1156 W. Cesar Chavez, Austin, TX 78703). Google “Austin Pets Alive” to see examples of the good work they do rescuing and saving lost and displaced animals.

All of these organizations may be looked up on Facebook or Google. Be aware of scams. The organizations’ websites should end in “.org.” If you do not recognize a name, the group may not be legitimate.

Bob Fullerton

Seeking harmony

Dear Editor,

It’s been over 90 years now, but if all religions are ever to unite, it’s time to look back in history and see the major divisions we’ve witnessed within human understandings of two different religious concepts – evolution versus divine creation.

Herein the separation between the two should have never been the issue because both can be seen as one and the same.  In this case, divine creation won out but spiritual evolution is far more the fact than what human understandings of divine creation will ever be.  They should have never been divided in two when they are far better understood as “one” in which case this one is infinite and creation is its finite shadow and egotistical opposite.  In this regard, we can never know the real until we experience its shadow.  Our infinite soul experiences its finite shadow before it understands it is not its shadow but is the reality of one everlasting truth.

If all religions took this approach, they could adapt their current understandings into a more harmonious balance between the physical and spiritual.  Otherwise, we may just take the road to something far more akin to Texas size floods before we are able to learn who we ultimately are to be.

Ray Hylton



Be Good

Dear Editor,

Long ago, I thought I knew what it meant to be an American. It meant we were the good guys.

Lately I’m not so sure.  We’re doing too many things I don’t approve of.

I want us to be the good guys again.

Maureen Parker



Focusing on the City

Dear Editor,

The true colors of some come out when one speaks logic and truth. I recently wrote a letter to the editor in the News and Record on how liberals are out of control in regards to tearing down statues. I had some mock me and have even gotten some calls to harm my person. I will add that one that mocked and cursed me was a teacher, yes a teacher who is trusted with children who more than likely is pushing her agenda on children to be like her. I have no problem with statues coming down if it is done at the will of the people and not the few. The public needs to be reminded of war so we don’t have to repeat it but that has failed since 1865. I will say that I don’t like to type or write reports but where I lack in skill I make up for in common sense, logic, fairness, and fiduciary responsibilities. The city is not doing what it can for all but doing well for some and that can be seen downtown and only requires you to think. The city seems to cry poverty when it is called upon to help people but when an art center came into play, there was no cost too high. I wonder if the homeless can use an arts center, or if those in food shortage, or those in crisis with metal illness, or those working two jobs, who can afford a $300 dollar night at the TPAC watching a dance. The council and Mr. Wilkins have lost focus with the social issues and if you not an art center or parking deck, well you come in second. The crime rate is high but yet no answers and I have a plan, where is Tony’s plan, wait he wants a raise and free healthcare. I can get it done and I am no desk person, you will see that if elected or I will not seek re-election. The truth is I want all at my table, republican, democrat, liberal, conservative, even those not in a party, all people matter and I want to know what you are thinking and what you need and not what some want. So go ahead and mock me, vote for others, either way God Bless.

Sal Leone


Editor’s Note: Sal Leone is a candidate in the District 5 City Council race. His letter is being run unedited.


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