Sowing Disharmony, Reaping Whirlwind

Dear Editor,

As Charlotte burns, NPR’s Morning Edition decides to air a 10-minute segment about a novel set in Atlanta in 1948 which outlines the injustices black people suffered in that time and place (Darktown: A Novel). Any black person listening would be outraged, regardless that this is fiction.

This is how NPR and the left pours gasoline on the fire of racial discord, because it helps them politically. How cynical. How deplorable. How evil.

The left has been teaching non-whites to resent whites for decades, in public schools and in the mass media. It is the incitement of racial hatred, pure and simple, and it would bring hate crime charges if committed by conservatives if the positions were reversed.

The result is developments like Charlotte, where a black cop under a black police chief shoots a black citizen, and his brother screams, “all whites are (expletive deleted) devils.”

The left has sown racial animosity for decades. Now they have it.

Just sign me off as an independent thinker.

Christopher Rees



Independent and Against Trump

Dear Editor,

I am a born again Independent. I am not a huge Clinton fan, although her husband was the only president in the last 35 plus years to end his terms with a surplus.

Both Republican tenures during that period ended in financial market meltdowns and huge government debt increases. George W. Bush, who you supported, took Clinton’s surplus and squandered it on the already wealthy, then turned the Mideast into a world-class mess, adding several trillion to our national debt. By the end of his reign of error, all markets collapsed.

Your assessments of Mrs. Clinton have a grain of truth (why I am not a fan), but the alternative that you seem to be promoting is the scariest (non)”political” figure I have yet witnessed in my 45 plus years of voting.

Trump was born with a silver spoon in his orifice and pretends he is self-made. The American dream come true. He lies about his wealth. He has a history of racist tactics in his real estate dealings. He is notorious for not paying contractors and threatening them with a team of lawyers. He is a megalomaniac, a misogynist, is unstable when “provoked,” no matter how slightly, his foreign policy is shoot first ask questions later (he knows more than the generals).

Basically he is a crude, dangerous, self-centered man who represents all that has brought the USA down – a billionaire who doesn’t pay taxes, cozies up to America’s enemies for profit and, frankly my dear, does not give one poop about anybody but himself. I would not call his supporters a “basket of deplorables,” I would call them a basket of what P.T. Barnum called the people that visited his circuses and believed his sideshows were real – there is one born every five minutes.

Anyone who thinks Trump is the answer to America’s growing problems should think long and hard about what he will do for this country over his own ego and interests – in my humble opinion, nada.

Michael Northuis



Which Way Lies Less Chaos?

Dear Editor,

Somewhere between the Trump “sniffles” and Clinton “smiles,” the big debate produced nothing new to speak of.

Hillary doesn’t explain how she was “broke” a few years ago and is now a millionaire.  Donald does not explain his ability to pay no to low taxes.

The truth, as we all know, is this: the powerful or wealthy donate to a particular party to place their own “politically” acceptable people in Congress.  Both parties feed their own coffers in more ways than one.

Our current system is little more than a dishonorable joke and the greater the hypocrisy, the more we seem to buy it.  We place more importance on their talking points than on common sense.

The most important consideration should be which candidate offers all of us a chance for a better civilization and a lesser chance for chaos.

Ray Hylton



There Ought To Be A Law Against Killing

Dear Editor,

I have an idea that might decrease the number of civilians that are killed by police officers, and prevent some riots.

We need a national law and/or constitutional amendment that states that any police officer that kills someone can no longer work in law enforcement. It wouldn’t matter if the killing was accidental, justified, self defense or murder. It would also be nice if police unions would adopt such a rule.

Police officers are supposed to serve and protect the people, but police unions serve and protect their members. No police officer should have a “license to kill.”

Chuck Mann



Honesty Matters

Dear Editor,

The late William Safire, a famous New York Times columnist, a journalist and author, in 1996 wrote of Hillary Clinton: “Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that our First Lady – a woman of undoubted talents who was a role model for many in her generation – is a congenital liar. ” What good is talent if she’s dishonest? She is such a good liar that many will vote for her only because she is a woman and/or for the promises she is making.

Our economy depends on honesty. But she will continue the policies of the Obama administration of handouts without any conservative logic, which will be disastrous for our economy. Hillary cannot and will not suddenly turn honest if she is elected. Trump became wealthy because he understands our economy – Hillary does not. She became wealthy from our tax dollars.

Neither candidate will deliver all they’re promising right away, but if Trump does not work well with Congress he will be easier to impeach than Hillary because she has so many allies that believe her.



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