Weapon of Disunity

Dear Editor,

As a father of three young men that are serving honorably in the US Armed Forces, I cannot tolerate the actions of NFL players on this nation’s sacred day. Sept. 11 should be a day that is a day of unity and resolve, not of dissension and protest.

ISIS, al Qaeda and Taliban terrorist organizations around the globe applaud these prima donna athletes. These terrorist organizations understand that glorified athletes promoting disunity is a valuable weapon, because a divided foe is easier to conquer.

Ironically, it is men and women in uniform that give these players the freedom to express their beliefs in such a disrespectful manner. If these players want to help the disenfranchised, maybe they should donate their millions of dollars to create economic prosperity in economically depressed areas.

Have we regressed to the age of the gladiator during the rule of Caesar, Commodus or Tiberius? Is America selling its soul to be entertained?

I am a firm believer that an individual wearing a helmet that is protecting our freedom should be compensated more than a dude wearing a helmet protecting a football.

By the way, I am an ex-football coach, but I will be boycotting games played by New England, Denver, Tennessee, San Francisco and any other team supporting this symbolic spitting into America’s face. It is my wish that others join my protest by boycotting teams that allow this injustice.

David W. Ashby



Just Soap and Water

Dear Editor,

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has done the right thing by banning the chemical triclosan from antibacterial soaps. Triclosan can still be found in toys, furniture, toothpaste, pesticides and other products. The FDA says there is no evidence that antibacterial soaps are any better than plain old soap and water.

I am all for everyone being clean and healthy but the overuse of antibacterial agents, and antibiotics, has led to the creation of “superbugs” that are very hard to kill.

Unfortunately there are no state or federal, agencies that keep track of the number of people that die from superbug infections. Thousands of people get these infections in hospitals every year, but most hospitals won’t release any statistics on how many people die in their institutions. There are bacteria in and around us when we are born, and when we die. You can’t, and shouldn’t, try to kill all bacteria.  If you get dirty, just use soap and water.

Chuck Mann



Dilemma of Trump

Dear Editor,

Good leadership is holding more dear the effort for all instead of rewarding a few with secret special interests that are more often disguised as something else.

In this context, will the real Donald Trump rise and shine, as he did in Mexico, or revert to the unnecessary fear tactics he has used for the bargain of his own separate gains?  In Mexico, we saw leadership unseen since Franklin D. Roosevelt’s leadership during and after our Great Depression and during the war years.

With our accumulated national debt, we are only a few lean earning years away from another great depression and politicians continue to ignore this probability.  We have, for way too long, ignored this certainty that came too late to the German people when they lived way beyond their means and Hitler attempted to cure their illnesses with war.

It is not a history we want to repeat, and in this regard Donald Trump may be our best hope for avoiding it or our worst choice for not repeating it.  Therein is our dilemma. But if he presents himself as presidential as he did in Mexico, he is the “pearl” of leadership this nation has forever been seeking.

Ray Hylton



Which Candidate Supports Gay Lives?

Dear Editor,

Recently, a writer at a local altweekly posted the comments on Facebook of someone who attended Greensboro Pride and was horrified to see a “Gays For Trump” table.  From the comments that followed, you could’ve imagined it was the end of the world.  They ranged from “this must be a joke” and “horrible” to “saw this and just can’t wrap my brain around this concept! What’s next?  Jews for Hitler?”

Yesterday, Obama didn’t mince words when he declared his expectation that blacks vote for Hillary Clinton or he will consider it a personal insult.

It’s clear that liberals expect gays to march rank and file to the voting booths to vote for Hillary also.  Sorry, liberals, but there are gay people who can think for themselves and do support Trump.

Organizations such as “Gays for Trump” have come under heavy condemnation and have been threatened with having their “gay card” yanked away.  This has led to intense fear of publicly supporting Trump.

While not a member of the LGBTQ community, I know exactly why they are starting to come out in increasing numbers for Trump: Trump has promised to protect the gay community, and by this I mean protect their very lives.

Gay people, like most, are afraid of being branded Islamophobic by calling out the horrendous treatment of their community in countries where gay people are thrown off the tops of buildings or hung from cranes to die.  Where is the outrage?  Where are the marches and public awareness campaigns?  Why are we willing to trade lives in exchange for not offending the “religion of peace”?

Hillary Clinton claims to be a champion of gay rights, yet she and the notorious Clinton Foundation have taken millions and millions of dollars from gay-hating countries.  She is more than willing to turn a blind eye to human rights violations in this “pay for access” Washington environment.

Hillary Clinton wants to bring in many thousands more refugees from countries who believe that gays must be killed wherever they are found.  Trump is the only candidate willing to stop that flow.  This is the single biggest reason why more people in the LGBTQ community need to stand up for Trump.  Their very lives may depend on it.



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