Civilians Under Surveillance

Dear Editor,

Who watches the watchmen?  It was recently revealed that city police in Baltimore, Maryland, and a private corporation called Persistent Surveillance Systems, have been using aerial surveillance to spy on neighborhoods in Baltimore. Planes with cameras can see 32 square miles. The footage is recorded and archived.  The founder of the corporation says that the system is like “Google Earth with TiVo.”

I am against Big Brotherism and the militarization of police departments, so I am against the aerial surveillance of American citizens.

This technology was originally used by the military to find terrorists in the Middle East. Now it is being used to spy on Americans.  Our public servants can spy on us but we can’t spy on them.  If local police departments can do this imagine what state and federal law enforcement agencies can do.

Chuck Mann

Hate Kills

Dear Editor,

I would like to compliment Janice Wangard on her letter that the root of our problems lies in hate, not guns. She is right on target when she says most hate is homegrown and the politicians thrive on it.

I would also like to add to her list some of our civil rights leaders. They not only thrive on hate, they make their living on it. They claim to help people, but in reality they just stir the pot.

The sad part of their agenda is the influence they have on our young people. When our leaders spew hate out of their mouths every day, it has an impact on our young people, and the beat goes on.

G.L. Herbin



The Bubble

Dear Editor,

Who am I – said The Bubble – To an ocean from which it came?

You are me – exclaimed the ocean – and one I will reclaim!


But seeing yourself as The Bubble … You will play your very own game …

One separate from the ocean … yet one within the same!


Our mind is like The Bubble … It’s impressions like ocean winds …

Creating more wave and bubbles … I’m greater! – The Bubble contends!

Then The Bubble will see the ocean … And begin to contemplate;

Had I rather be The Bubble or have the ocean as my fate?


No!  I’m not The Bubble … It’s the ocean that is great!

The Bubble was but an ego … That only fools inflate!

Ray Hylton



Poverty Not Fixed Yet

Dear Editor,

As the years pass, I become more progressive and liberal because there has been far too little movement to correct and relieve the pain and ills of those among us who suffer mightily as a result of inaction and indifference at best and prejudice and hatred at worst. It’s unconceivable that in a country like ours so many are hungry, homeless, lack medical care. We are better than this.

Therefore, I uphold the remarks of North Carolina’s own Rev. William J. Barber, who spoke at the Democratic National Convention. Here are some paraphrased highlights of his speech:

When religion is used to camouflage meanness we know that we have a heart problem in America. We need to embrace our deepest moral values and push for a revival of our democracy and thereby revive its very heart. We need to have a moral revolution of values based on faith and doing what is right, fair and good.

We need to heed the voice of scripture to counter those who say so much of what God says so little, while saying so little about God says so much. The prophet Isaiah said your nation should pay people what they deserve and share food with the hungry and in so doing your nation shall be called a repairer of the breech.

Some issues aren’t left versus right or liberal versus conservative, but right versus wrong.

When I hear Hillary Clinton’s voice and positions I know she is working to embrace our deepest moral values and we should embrace her. The heart of our democracy is on line this November and beyond. We must never give up on the heart of democracy – not now, not ever.

Bob Kollar



There is Law

Dear Editor,

Democrats and Republican politicians should go back and read the McCarran-Walter Act of 1952.

This law was to prevent the influx of non-Americans who were hostile to our country, institutions and the Constitution. It was last used in 1979 when President Jimmy Carter barred entry to Iranians and deported thousands more for overstaying their visas.



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