Dear Christian

Dear Editor,

Off and on around election time I’ve heard stories of evangelical Christians not voting or refusing to vote.  Sometimes the decision for a candidate is tough, but I always vote and I’m an evangelical Christian.  I just wanted to encourage those in this category to be responsible citizens in voting and being politically involved.

I’ve walked over the battlefield at our local Guilford Courthouse site and actually been moved to tears because of the soldiers’ sacrifice for our freedom as opposed to our government of today trying to chip off bits and pieces of what they earned.  It’s as if our soldiers who fought there are being insulted.  I’ve felt that the Lord has impressed on me that to maintain freedom we have to do something, we have to be involved, we have to vote.

So, do it.  Don’t make excuses and don’t be lazy.  What if at the Judgement the Lord asked you, “Why didn’t you vote?” and you said “I didn’t think you wanted me to.”  It would probably be the wrong answer.

Sometimes we have to vote for whoever will do the least amount of damage.  I believe, though, that we should be wary of a particular political party that typically places man’s laws above God’s laws.

Mike Small



What’s Really Obscene

Dear Editor,

What a tempest in a teapot. Donald Trump makes a sophomoric, lewd, sexist remark in 2005, the type that can probably be heard in any locker room across the country. He has never said he was a perfect man and apologized, while Hillary has never apologized for calling millions of Americans “deplorables.”

The press is giddy – a gotcha moment. They continue to ignore Bill Clinton’s multiple affairs and accusations of rape through the years. Have we ever heard of any woman in fear of Trump as Kathleen Willey, who said she was sexually assaulted by Bill, is of Hillary?

Trump grew up on construction sites where I’m sure language is politically correct and there are no sexist remarks. Ask any young woman who has ever walked by one.

What is really obscene is what Hillary’s policies will do to this country, supposedly Obama’s third term, doubling down on his terrible economic policies by raising taxes and adding more regulations to stifle business. There are 94-plus million people no longer looking for work. She is for open borders, open market places and unlimited immigration. She wants to increase by 550 percent Islamic immigration in her first year in office. She will fill up the Supreme Court with justices that will destroy what little Obama has left us of the Constitution.

I find interesting the feigned outrage of the Republican and Democratic elites – who are scared to death a Trump presidency will interrupt their gravy train – over his decade-old remark. Of course none of them has ever made a sexist remark.

Ever since Hillary has been involved in government, from governor’s wife to the present, she has been followed by scandals. Whitewater, cattle futures, Travelgate, Hillarycare, missing files and using a private email server as secretary of state, leaving secret documents available to our enemies and then lying about it. It has recently been shown that she was saved from jail for this scandal by collusion between the White House and the FBI.

Hillary keeps trying to impugn Trump’s reputation while she is totally protected by the mainstream media. Year after election year we have found the media’s intent to destroy any Republican who runs for president. It is especially bad this year with items taken out of context, i.e. people who suffer from PTSD are weak when Trump actually told how he planned to help them. The media are essentially telling us that they, not us, should select the president and don’t care how underhandedly they go about it. Are we going to let them get away with it?

Phyllis Picklesimer



State We Deserve

Dear Editor,

We’ve effectively lost our original form of government, a representative republic, and are now a democratic bureaucracy. We the people no longer have any say in how our country is managed. For the most part our “elected representatives” don’t represent, they rule. They lament about unelected bureaucrats making rules that bypass Congress.

Here’s a news flash: You are often referred to as “lawmakers.” Show some intestinal fortitude. Make laws telling these federal parasites any “rule” or “regulation” must go through Congress before it’s enforced. How hard is that? Oh, wait. What am I saying? This is the federal government I’m talking about.

Add to this the federal government, on all levels, is doing pretty much what it wants to, when it wants to, how it wants to and, contrary to what they say, don’t give a happy rat’s hindquarters what we the people want or say. A blind person can see we are being ruled over by the lords and ladies that are supposed to be working for us. We are no longer the people. We are the peons, the unwashed masses, the deplorables, the source of labor and income for our betters. God forbid we should think and act for ourselves. If we do we’re labeled malcontents, radicals or, even worse, domestic terrorists.

But the real root of the problem is the majority of American people that have allowed this to happen either through intentional action or apathy. You have gotten the nanny state you wanted or deserve. In doing so you have destroyed the most successful exercise in self-governance ever tried.

We are becoming the European Union West on our way to third world nation status. Dear Leader and his ilk have turned the Constitution into toilet paper and are happily using it as such.  Public funded colleges are being run unchallenged by liberal snowflakes. The Fourth Amendment has become a joke, thanks to a Supreme Court that makes laws instead of interpreting what’s left of the Constitution. The FBI has no credibility as an independent domestic law enforcement agency. The director kowtowed to dear leader’s desires to protect the hildabeast. Laws apply to us peasants but not our rulers.

The bread and circuses jokingly called an election is almost over. Time for the sheeple to line up to get sheared (or worse) … again.

Wake up and act, or else.

Go Galt and go vote

Alan Marshall



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