In Praise of Gratitude

Dear Editor,

I enjoyed very much reading Doug Copeland’s column, “D-Day and 17 Years in Normandy.”

He’s right, we need to thank those who have fought for our freedom and to keep on thanking them because freedom often comes with a high price.  I appreciate Doug going over to Normandy all these times to say thank you and to be a part of the remembrance.

Like Doug, I was also was born at St. Leo’s.  My father said that it was very hard to find a hospital room at the time (this may have been because of the baby boom) and my parents wound up there.  He also said that the nuns were super nice to the patients.

Mike Small



US Economy Healthy

Dear Editor,

Under President Obama’s leadership, our country gained 287,000 jobs in June, which is the most since October 2015.  This type of positive economic movement is an indicator that our economy is healthy and will likely continue to grow steadily.

According to one economist, the US still ranks among the best of all global economies and we are about the only one doing well right now.

Bob Kollar



Acting Responsibly Avoids Problems

Dear Editor,

These comments do not include discussion on rape or a woman’s life; they are not the major reasons given for abortion.

Liberals, Planned Parenthood, the uninformed, Clinton, etc., are correct in that a woman has the right to do what she wants with her body.  However, an unborn baby is its own body, not the woman’s.  If a murderer kills a baby in the mother’s womb, he or she can be convicted of murder.  Why is a woman who intentionally kills an unborn baby not a murderer?

If the thinking of a woman is that the timing for a baby is not convenient, she is not financially ready, doesn’t want the responsibility at that time, why does she get pregnant?  Doesn’t she know how babies are made?  If she still wants to have the pleasures or money made possible by sex, why not prevent getting pregnant in the first place?

These women need assistance in knowing about birth control (not even mentioning the moral aspect); low income women may need the services Planned Parenthood offers (excluding abortion), being somewhat funded by our tax dollars.  There are many nonprofit organizations that offer the same services for free and without tax dollars.  Several areas, including Greensboro, have an organization that offers a mobile unit to reach those unable to visit their facility.

Be personally responsible for your situations. If you are overweight, in most cases, change your diet; if you are prone to tobacco-caused cancer, stop smoking; to prevent tooth decay, brush your teeth – but don’t make our tax dollars support your poor behavior.  No one wants others to suffer because of ignorance or pain, but let’s practice responsibility or seek guidance.

Nancy J. R. Wells



Was There Method in that Madness?

Dear Editor,

Like everyone else I was extremely upset when FBI Director Jim Comey laid out the finding on the Hildabeast proving her home brewed server was used to store and transfer highly classified emails and that she lied repeatedly about the affair, basically stoking the fire and having the coals ready, then turns around and refuses to tie her to the spit.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch, after a meeting with Slick Willy on board her jet, where they were 99.9 percent sure there would be no prying eyes or ears, came out just prior to Comey’s announcement, saying she would act on whatever recommendation he made. Like she somehow knew ahead of time what was coming.

The public was floored at Comey’s decision not to recommend prosecution. He made the case. It was so obvious even a non-lawyer could have done it.

But wait. We are talking about a prosecutor that would have been chosen by President Barack Obama thru his puppet Lynch, a prosecutor who could have been hobbled at every turn and maybe even told to blow the case. Hitlery would have gotten off and walked free, never to be concerned about being tried on this again.

With that in mind, consider this: Comey decides to roll the dice. He considers the scenario I laid out above and sees that, no matter what, he loses. But what if Trump wins the election? If she was prosecuted and found not guilty she could not be retried due to double jeopardy. But if Trump wins, a new attorney general is put into place and he (Trey Gowdy would be my choice) would be free to reopen and prosecute the case.

Instead of just announcing, “I’m not recommending prosecution” and leaving it at that, Comey laid out all the evidence the FBI had so the people could see it for what it was for themselves.  And the congressional investigations Comey had to endure only helped get it out more. We got it straight and without having it stonewalled until after the election, which the Democrats would have done.

This is just a theory, but when you sit down and think it through, it has some very strong points. The facts are now out here and can’t be refuted.

Remember, the next president will shape the Supreme Court for years to come. Your constitutional rights are at stake.

Hillary Rule #1: Hillary giveth and Hillary taketh away.

Go Galt and go vote.

Alan Marshall



Keep Church Out Of It

Dear Editor,

Millionaire evangelist Jerry Falwell Jr. wants to see the repeal of a law that bans churches and nonprofit corporations from expressing political speech.

As a supporter of the separation of church and state, I don’t think that ministers and priests should be allowed to support political parties and candidates from the pulpit.

What politician would Jesus support? Would he support Caesar, or Pharaoh?

Chuck Mann



Don’t Post Angry

Dear Editor,

The principal of Shadybrook Elementary School appears to be a little “shady.”  When Jonita Dunn Taylor posted this message on Facebook, her true identity came out: “If you have the ‘privilege’ to be able to say ‘Hahh, I don’t want to deal with the bad stuff today’ then this is for you! You piss me off with not just having that privilege but then flaunting in my face because I don’t have that privilege.  I HAVE to be concerned with what is happening to Black men because I love them and would be willing to kill for them.  I am BLACK and any of this could have knocked at my door. How dare you turn your back and not see what is happening to MY family!!! #whiteprivilege #middleclassprivilege #itwasntme #butitcouldvebeen.”

This principal teaches children of all races and, based on this post, is apparently racist towards white people.  Read the hash tags.   A white principal would be fired on the spot.  She clearly violated the Guilford County Schools’ discrimination and social media policy.  Maybe if she spent more time trying to be a good educator, her school scores would be higher than a “C,” with over 50 percent of her students failing the EOG’s.  I understand she is being removed from Shadybrook but will be moved to another school.

Ms. Taylor, you forgot a couple of hash tags, #Iamracistandnotwhite #teachingmykidstohate #makingmyparentsproud.  It’s time for Guilford County to send her packing.



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