Anonymous is Weak

Dear Editor,

People who submit letters to the editor at the Rhino Times, stating they are angry or upset with a certain person or group (July 12 edition it was teachers), make all sorts of ridiculous assumptions and statements of “fact,” and then sign the letter “Anonymous,” are just plain cowards. That was a run on sentence for sure. But it isn’t the fault of the wonderful and underpaid teachers I had growing up.

Become educated, folks. Make valid points. And then have the guts to identify yourself.   Anonymous letters are weak and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

I’m not a teacher and have no other vested interest in it other than accountability.  Especially when people are able to submit nonsense.  Heck, identify yourselves as a writer not that interested in fact.  The lame stream media is hiring.

Douglas Larsen


That’s Not Treason

Dear Editor,

Article 3, Section 3 of the US Constitution: Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.

So many leftwing bomb throwers are now screaming treason. The popular Democrat talking point is now how President Trump committed treason in his dealings with Russia. And they are relying on the ignorance of the average citizen as to what treason is as defined by the Constitution

Yes, treason is actually defined in the US Constitution, as well as the punishment, but most don’t know that due to a lack of proper teaching in the taxpayer funded indoctrination centers.

Trump is accused of treason for talking to Russia in the manner that he did, which by the way could have gone in a much better manner in my opinion, but someone like Jane Fonda can take propaganda photos sitting in a Russian made anti-aircraft gun used by the NVA to shoot down American airman and Obama can tell a Russian diplomat to tell Putin after he gets re-elected he will have more latitude to deal, but not a word gets said. In fact, it’s treated as a non-event by the mainstream media. We won’t talk about the Iran deal.

The left (which consists of the socialists, the majority of the Democrat Party, the mainstream media and the social justice warriors) has gone deeper into rabid madness. And I thought they couldn’t go any lower. You even see them eating their own when one dares to fail to parrot the party line or, horror of horrors, actual disagree with it.

This paper is local but anyone who reads it has plenty of friends across the country. Those readers need to not only call each of those friends and encourage them to get out and vote for the conservative candidates, they need to encourage them to call their friends to do the same. If the left gets one or both houses of Congress, the progress made to this point in the last two years will stop and we will start regressing at a dangerous rate, starting with the attempted impeachment and conviction of President Trump. We can’t afford that.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall



Missing the Circus

Dear Editor,

I see the circus is coming to Greensboro next month. To tell the truth, I may miss it.

You see, last year we purchased six tickets to see them here – two for us and four for our grandchildren. None of us cared what sex they were, what color they were, where they were from, what their political or religious preferences were or anything else about them personally. We just wanted to be entertained and have fun.

However, in their do-gooding self-righteousness, they decided to “make a statement” and cancel their show. After dealing with our disappointed grandchildren, I made yet another trip to the box office to get a refund of the interest-free loan they enjoyed for all those months. I was also subject to interest on my credit card.

So, when they see six empty seats for any of their performances, they will be reminded of just where they can stick their show.

Join me, will you?

E.R. Harris



In Support of Free Speech

Dear Editor,

Political correctness crossed the line to threatening free speech, due process and free press.  Two famous individuals have recently been caught in the struggle.  Both issues are worth dissecting to illustrate the threat.

John Schnatter was asked to step down as CEO of his company because he criticized the NFL’s mishandling of kneeling protests.  He was labeled a racist for expressing concern.  He did not take a position.  His company spent millions of dollars marketing his company as sponsor of the NFL.  Millions of Americans criticize the NFL and Papa Johns by association.  He simply stated, on behalf of shareholders, that his sales were affected.  That’s it.

He communicated a logical concern.  He made no racist comment.  He shouldn’t have been asked to step down.  In the latest issue, Mr. Schnatter honestly interacted during an education session on marketing strategy during difficult times.  The same news organizations that treated his previous comments as racist reported he “used a racial slur.”  He simply stated the fact that the word has historically been used.  He didn’t “use” the word. He didn’t call anybody that word.  Owning a shovel doesn’t mean you use it until you actually dig.  Saying a word doesn’t mean he “used” it.  Somehow the marketing company leaked that he used the word.  Don’t have a role playing session about words/things to avoid and not allow people to say the words, then leak it to the media.  If simply saying a word results in firing someone when it is relevant to a discussion then what should we do with all the dictionaries that have the word?  Time to burn dictionaries?

Mark Zuckerberg is in trouble for stating difficulty determining fake news.  He used Holocaust deniers as an example.  He did not condone deniers. He simply made the logical point that determining this is fraught with abuse.  It is.  Facebook encouraged this by caving to the PC culture by banning “hate speech.”  As we saw with Papa Johns’ acknowledging truth inconvenient to liberal political agenda is labeled “hate speech.”  If you want people to know how hateful someone is, allow them to speak freely. Other than a few idiots, idiotic no matter what, society is smart enough to make the distinction.  Blocking them only makes their stupid points more believable.  After all, you blocked them.  What other ideas, facts, or perspectives have been blocked from being communicated?

Alan Burke



Make It The Last Straw

Dear Editor,

I am a big fan of environmentalism. Last month I decided to quit using plastic straws. I was watching a news program that talked about how the first plastic straw ever created could be floating around in the ocean somewhere. I would like to encourage everyone to stop using plastic straws and any product that contains plastic microbeads.

Chuck Mann



What You Must

Dear Editor,

Are you listening, America?

Are you watching, America?

Are you carefully processing the words and actions of Donald Trump?

If so, you understand the president of the United States is engaged in diplomatic malpractice and is putting our national security at risk by verbally attacking and denigrating our NATO allies, the very group of nations which have kept the world safe since the inception of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in 1949.

Further, Donald Trump stood on the national stage with the free world’s arch enemy, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and discredited our intelligence agencies while praising Putin and Russia.

President Trump took the oath of office and affirmed before the American people and the world to uphold our Constitution and laws, which he now ignores to further is own personal agenda.

His actions are treasonous and warrant removal from office.  However, the Republican controlled Congress refuses to do their duty to protect our country and its people by holding the president accountable; therefore, there is but one viable option remaining: elect enough Democrats in November to blunt and turn aside this undermining of our democracy and save the country from its current irresponsible and dangerous leaders.

Arise Americans and do what you must.

Bob Kollar



Not So Great

Dear Editor,

The situation at the US-Mexican border in which children have been separated from their parents has left me wondering how far down the slippery slope we have to go before we cease to be “great.”  Great people do not snatch babies.  Great people have consciences.

Maureen Parker



Making Poor Poorer

Dear Editor,

For the past 50 years, “liberal” persuasions have guided our nation under the pretense of keeping the rich from growing richer and the poor from growing poorer.  The exact opposite has occurred and their policies of supposedly caring for the poor were far more designed for helping themselves politically than for these noble concerns.

These words come from the director of The Foundation of Economic Education when asked, “if you intentionally wanted to keep the poor poor and the rich rich, what policies would you implement?”

Answer:  One, create an ever increasing minimum wage. Two, provide more tax loopholes for the already rich. Three, stifle small businesses with more regulations. Four, pay people not to work so they stay in poverty. And five, Implement inflationary policies. And you know the rest of the story.

So, who is to blame?  Well, certainly not the brainwashed poor because who can blame them for being concerned for their own self-interests?  I would first fault the educational system for not teaching simple economic facts in regard to supply and demand and common stock ownership.  But the greater blame falls on the inherent liability of hypocritical talk points that become political.

Ray Hylton



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