Ignoring It Doesn’t Make It So

Dear Editor,

After World War II, Dwight D. Eisenhower toured the death camps of Nazi Germany to view the Holocaust of dead bodies. He realized the world would never believe what a tragedy had occurred and insisted pictures and films be made to document this atrocity.

Iran and other countries now insist that these horrific acts never took place and denounce its place in teaching history. This week the UK debated whether the Holocaust should be deleted from school curriculums to appease Muslims.

Denying history and the happenings of the past do not change them; it only allows us to make the mistake of repeating them.  In North Carolina, we have erected monuments and named cities, streets and buildings for exceptional people who were not perfect.  Apparently, we now think by ignoring their legacies we can somehow rewrite history from the politically correct viewpoint, as if the events never happened.

Jed Norris



Ready for Change

Dear Editor,

It looks like the kid from Queens and his VP pick, an older day Marine, will win the GOP and face a favored but unrespected opponent.

As of today, it is anyone’s guess as to who will win, but for me I will gladly accept a change.  We have had enough sweet talk.  It has only encouraged the violent to become more violent.  Sadly, violence historically has never ended until a greater violence threatens it.  We must maintain law and order if we are to sustain a civilized future for our children.  We have had enough of political talking points that have been self-serving at best, and self-destructive for our nation at worst.  Believe it or not, all wars can trace their origins back to money, and Trump understands this while the liberal loonies try to convince us it is just some form of misunderstood climate change.

Ray Hylton



Fuel on the Fire

Dear Editor,

The Black Lives Matter movement is doing nothing but fueling a race war. The recent killings in Dallas, where a killer wanted to kill white cops, there was no protest or city burned down; the media is silent. The cop killings in Baton Rouge – no protest or city being burned down in protest.

The BLM movement will have you think all white people are evil but they forget that white people also were involved in the civil rights movement, white people died in the Civil War to end slavery, white people fought for voter rights along with African Americans. There is nothing wrong with protest, peaceful protest and not killing cops and burning cities down like in Baltimore and Ferguson.

The best part of all this is that most killed by law enforcement were not choir boys but felons; Baton Rouge’s Alton Sterling was no saint and not a disciple of Jesus. Alton Sterling was a deadbeat dad, career felon and child rapist; this is only a small sample of his record, so in the end he got what he gave society. God works in many ways.

The complainers of this nation don’t like it in America, where else can you get something for nothing? Free housing, food stamps, welfare, free medical care, free education, and all on the back of others. There are plenty of one-way tickets out of this country, yet all I see is people wanting to come in and jump on the gravy train.

The president of the USA has simply failed to bring this nation together because he has an agenda to destroy it from the start.

Sal Leone



Whose Lives Matter?

Dear Editor,

I have a question for the Democratic Party.  They claim to support the black population and then there’s the Black Lives Matter movement.  They also very much support abortion.  Here’s the question. How do they stand on this? Do black unborn lives matter?



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