Agents of the US

Dear Editor,

I worked for the government for four years as an active duty Air Force officer.  Just like the military, the FBI is dependent on perceptions of impartiality.  We had government issued computers and cell phones.  These are not private communications devices.  Everything placed in these devices is property of the government.  It can be searched without notice any time.

The military receives training about communicating political ideology.  Every individual has the right to their own personal ideology. This is why it is important for leadership to be aware of how they are communicating.  For example, in a formal rank structure like the military, expressing political opinions could intimidate subordinates.  So, personal political exchanges were relegated to individual one-on-one face-to-face discussions at same authority level.  This prevents individuals from being pressured.  It reduces the culture from appearing to choose sides.

The military reminded everyone that at work, in uniform, over government communications devices, they represent the military.  Individuals were banned from wearing uniform while passing out political literature. You could volunteer for political campaigns but were not allowed to advertise military background.  They did this to ensure the military was not being portrayed as endorsing anything.  We were all agents of the military.

At the very least, Mr. Strzok showed poor judgment using a government cell phone for extremely personal communications accessible to the public.  All communications in this forum can be viewed by anyone at any time via Freedom of Information Act requests.  The political nature of the exchanges bring into question the agencies cultural beliefs regarding impartiality.

This has caused legitimate public concern over the culture of the FBI.  This isn’t a new hire.  He is highly placed.  He should be held to an even higher standard.  His lack of insight into the public’s/politicians concerns regarding the implications is concerning that he either did not receive the above training or was not held accountable for it.  Either way, it is raises legitimate concern that this is a cultural issue that the agency must address.

Liberal media, please stop blaming outraged citizens.  If this can happen to conservatives, it can happen to liberals 10 years from now.  This shouldn’t have happened.  The lack of accountability/acceptance of this problem is the most concerning issue.

Alan Burke



Truth is stranger…

Dear Editor,

In the “you just can’t make this up” department, last week liberals and Democrats, but I repeat myself, were protesting with their hair on fire about the babies and children snatched from their mothers arms and separated from them temporarily when entering the US illegally. Now, just like that, they are having an unhinged freak-out protesting they will be denied the right to kill their babies by Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, a rather permanent separation.

It should be an interesting summer as they run mad. In a funny meme I saw last week, Gloria Allred was saying, I have a woman in Chicago who will swear the nominee sexually harassed her no matter who it is. But stay tuned, it’s early days yet.

In breaking news, Felonia von Pantsuit (per Kurt Schlichter) and her “Times have changed; you can’t do things to people against their will anymore” and #MeToo alum husband, in an effort to show they are just plain folks, flew on a regularly scheduled Delta flight the other day. They were even without their Secret Service agents to keep the peasants at bay. However, they did fly first class in an effort to save themselves from being contaminated by the deplorables in steerage. I mean, let’s not go whole hog here. Enough is enough.

Some feel this is an effort to “humanize” herself as she runs for president for the third time. She has returned from her whine and accident prone tour of the world. Since she has blamed 523 different groups and people whose fault it was she was denied her rightful position, one can only wonder who will be left to vote for her since she has slandered almost everyone.

It all looks to develop into an interesting summer and fall. Let’s have the popcorn ready.

Phyllis Picklesimer



Let’s Not Make a Deal

Dear Editor,

Another Chamberlain? History students may remember that in 1938 Neville Chamberlain, the British prime minister at the time, signed a pact with Adolf Hitler agreeing to discuss Hitler’s seizure of part of Czechoslovakia. Shortly before the meeting with Hitler, Chamberlain had uttered, “Peace for our time,” hoping that he could make a deal with Hitler and prevent another world war. That piece of history has taught most of us that making a deal with a tyrant will not work. Hitler immediately took all of Czechoslovakia and two days later invaded Poland, then on to the rest of Europe and World War II. Does anyone else see a parallel with Russia taking the Crimea?

The US intelligence agencies all agree that Russia attacked the United States by interfering in our electoral process. Putin obviously seized the Crimea on the pretext that a lot of Russians live there.  The president apparently believes he can make a deal with Putin, ignoring his own appointed chiefs of intelligence, trying to make friends with Putin. He should watch the History Channel to see what happened when Chamberlain tried to make a deal.

James Bennett



Don’t Back Down

Dear Editor,

Have you noticed how it seems more and more ultra-liberals are winning the Democrat primaries or are getting the endorsement of various levels of the party as we approach the midterm’s elections? This should be another red flag to anyone who loves this country and our way of life.

These people are the first wave of the liberal, leftist progressive movement that wants to be responsible for  “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Sound familiar? What other liberal, leftist progressive have we heard say that? And is it possible this is a continuation of those words and his mission?

There are going to be lots of elections this year that are pretty much a foregone conclusion. These are liberal enclaves that, like their conservative counterparts, will go that way. But keep in mind that the majority of voters are the unaffiliated voter. This is the voter that got President Trump in office, and the liberal left cannot seem to understand that. And they’ve created an environment that has caused their “big blue wave” to hit a tidal wall by calling anyone who voted for Trump a racist, a Nazi, a homophobe and all their other favorite derogatory terms. And I hope they keep it up all the way to the elections.

But we conservatives cannot sit back and expect this to carry the day for us. We need to continue to getting our message out there. We need to keep pointing out how they are trying to tear this country apart with their hate, venom and intolerance.

Drive home their hypocritical words and actions. Point out how they talk out of both sides of their mouth. When they spout their lies, challenge them to provide facts and/or sources. And when they can’t, make sure you shout that out loud, clear and often.

Don’t get frustrated with all these polls and “experts.” Remember, these are the same ones that said Trump didn’t have a snowball’s chance. If you go to counter-protest them, stand away, don’t approach them. But don’t back down if they approach you. The same applies to a rally you may hold. Don’t engage but don’t roll over either.

It’s a shame that the election process has devolved to this. But we need to protect it. We need to protect the integrity and security of it.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall



Past Foolishness

Dear Editor,

In Helsinki, as President Trump coins the word, “foolishness,” for our past leadership in Europe and Russia, we might look into its seedlings – our own political talking points, half-truths and lies.

Our two parties are not what they were.  Today, it’s more like the “Dreamicrats” vs. the “Trumpublican” or whatever, but the old ways of each party have long ago hit the road and we may finally be taking another look at plain old common sense.

Herein, I don’t even need a crystal ball to predict – if unchecked by common sense, I think I’m seeing a new country emerge that has no respect for purified traditions and holding a banner that reads, “My way or the highway.”  Everyone pursuing their own special interests and forgetting about so many freedoms won that will now surely be lost.

Perhaps we’ve had it too good for too long to know the realities of what we really had, but all things tend to flip-flop from one opposite to another.  Herein, we can ultimately learn that only so many lawless freedoms can be tolerated within our democracy before it becomes a mobocracy.  On the other hand, with common sense, the words of Thomas Jefferson suffice: “if we can but prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people, under the pretense of taking care of them, they must become happy,” it will not matter what we call ourselves because we will have regained freedoms greatest “seedling” – common sense.

Ray Hylton




Dear Editor,

You say you take responsibility for all the errors in your paper, so …

In your July 5 edition, you published a call I made to the Beep. In it you said “Not only Trump left Washington for a trip to Texas to supposedly show concern and compassion for children who were separated from their parents, but she wore a jacket in blazing, quote, I really don’t care, do you, end quote.”

I said “Melania Trump left Washington.”

I said, “she wore a jacket emblazoned I don’t care.”

I also said, “The president tweeted that the message was for something else but you can’t explain away stupid.” You omitted, “you can’t explain away stupid.”

Three errors in one less than 60 seconds call.



Editor’s Note: I recommend you speak more clearly. We have no way of knowing what you meant to say.



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