Rest of Khan Story

Dear Editor,

The following information was discovered by Paul Sperry, a reporter for the New York Post. He stated it was readily available on the internet.

Donald Trump has never called Khizr Khan’s son, Humayum, anything but a hero and patriot. Yet Khan continues to berate and insult Trump on TV. Why?

When the Khans immigrated to the US, Khan, a lawyer, worked at Hogan Lovells, a law firm with many ties to the Clintons as well as the government of Saudi Arabia. The firm even did Hillary’s tax returns. Information on Khan’s present website (until it was taken down several days after he spoke at the Democratic National Convention) said he was involved in all aspects of the firm.

His website (before it was removed) states he can secure EB5 visas for foreigners. This type of visa allows whole families, mainly wealthy people from the Middle East, to come to the US and have green cards and a quick path to citizenship. It often costs around $500,000.

Sen. Chuck Grassley has called out this program for its abuses. He said, this “is a serious problem with serious vulnerabilities.”

Trump has suggested slowing immigration from countries with terrorism problems until they can be properly vetted. This could possibly affect Khan’s law firm.

Khan also held up a copy of the Constitution and asked if Trump had read it, implying that the Constitution does not allow Trump to do this. The Immigration and Nationally Act of 1952 gives the president the right to deny entrance to the US to any person or group that could be a danger to the country. Also the Constitution protects the rights of citizens, not foreigners.

Sperry stated, “Khan has also published papers supporting the supremacy of Islamic law over ‘man-made’ Western law – including the Constitution.”

On Anderson Coopers’ program, Khan said, “I do not stand for any Sharia law, because there’s no such thing.” Yet Sperry says Khan wrote a paper, “Defending Sharia Law” and cites the Muslim Brotherhood. He has also written a booklet, The Sharia Experience, which upholds Sharia and denounces any others, including moderate reforms to Islam. Khan stated that Muslims worldwide must be “subordinated to the Shariah.” And that no “new source of legislation should ever replace Shariah.”

Yet Khan continues to enjoy his more than 15 minutes of fame, aided by the media in the tank for Hillary, to continue to slander Trump. While Hillary, who voted for the Iraq War, bears more responsibility for their son’s death.

Phyllis Picklesimer



What’s in Your Closet?

Dear Editor,

There has been yet another dress code controversy. This time it involves Northern Guilford High School.

I am a supporter of individual rights, and freedom of expression, so I am against dress codes. I personally think that students should decide what clothes they should wear. Otherwise their parents should decide.   If a student’s clothes are legal outside of school, they should be considered legal inside of school.

I think that principals, teachers, and school board members should be more concerned about student’s minds, instead of their bodies. Dress codes belong in cults and authoritarian countries, not the USA.

Chuck Mann




Dear Editor,

I’m a black US veteran, a homeowner with a VA loan and a member of the triad community. The City Council and Mayor Nancy Vaughan will try to have land (that is less than 25 feet from the Trinity Lake residential community) rezoned from agriculture to commercial. The intent is to install a 24-hour gas station.

There are 200 acres of land for sale on the opposite side of I-85, well away from the 250-plus homes of the Trinity Lake community, Glen Laurel community, and two very active waterways.

We are in a moral and legal fight for our homes, investments and community against the divisive elements that still lingers on the Greensboro City Council with Mayor Vaughan, on the grounds of environmental racism. We must give thanks to the strong voices of residential support on the City Council in one Sharon Hightower and Jamal Fox.

This letter is to inform the citizens of Greensboro and the surrounding areas of the actions from the City Council and Mayor Vaughan. We are preparing for a very visible and costly legal struggle. For more details and pictures

Douglas Lewis



Six of One …

Dear Editor,

Great. We have Benito Mussolini vs. Dilma Rousseff in this fall’s US presidential election. That’s right, Mr. bluster faces off against Brazil-all-over-again. Who do you want, Mr. know-it-all or the princess of prevarication?

Aren’t there lots of people who could do a much better job? Why aren’t they our nominees? Could be that few would actually want the job? Could it be that you need a zillion dollars to run a campaign? Or could it be that we nominated them ourselves?

It is we who have nominated and elected our leaders. So whining about our representatives is a cop-out. It is an uninformed and apathetic electorate who are responsible. That would be us.

E.R. Harris



Rich Fork Preserve

Dear Editor,

Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Jeff Phillips wrote this for the News & Record but they didn’t want to run it without making substantial changes. So Phillips sent it to the Rhino Times.

The infamous liberal media blues have struck Guilford County once again. Of course, most citizens are well aware of bias, and choose their news sources accordingly. That said, there’s one particular fiction writer in town (to refer to her as a “journalist” would defile the term) who has made it her mission to provoke divisiveness by showcasing, with mind-numbing regularity, her personal political agenda.

Susan Ladd is a dangerous roadblock to citizens who seek the truth. She ignores inconvenient facts, disregards accuracy and opines based on conjecture and speculation. She spins webs of deceit with few facts, while suggesting she knows them all.

Case in point: The Rich Fork Preserve debate over whether to include bike trails on the property. With the recent approval of the Board of Commissioners, bike trails could be constructed and maintained by one of the world’s foremost biking organizations on about 30 of the 1,700 acres owned by Guilford County. Despite the hysteria and spin, it all boils down to this simple question: bikes or no bikes?

One could argue that citizens should have had more input (nine times to date), or that this one preserve should have been discussed more frequently than the dozens of occasions on which it has been publicly deliberated by our board, the Parks and Rec Commission and the former Open Space sub-Committee.

One could argue that the Parks and Rec Commission should have made a recommendation to the board before we moved forward with our decision to allow bike trails. However, with the discord swirling around this question, and the commission’s tabling of the issue, we were left with no alternative other than to do what elected leadership is supposed to do: make a decision.

One could even argue that the board should have dropped everything to make this issue – rather than deliberating a $600 million budget on behalf of our citizens – our top priority. But our preserves will never take precedence over our schools, public safety, human services and public health. Not on my watch.

Misleading the public should be grounds for termination for any so-called media writer, but we live in a new era, in which editorializing is considered the same as real journalism when decisions don’t go one’s way. Deceptively suggesting, as Ladd did, that bike trails are not the real issue is political hogwash perpetrated by a misguided hack who, frankly, should be run out of Dodge – or, in this case, Guilford County.

Quotes stolen from other reporter’s articles, completely taken out of context, and subsequently spun as factual is tantamount to plagiarism and fabrication. That kind of spin is propaganda of the highest order, clearly motivated by the political agenda of Susan Ladd.

There comes a time when all relevant information has been conveyed to an elected body. This was one of those times. Lying to the public and suggesting that some of our current board members (all Republicans, of course) broke promises is utterly ridiculous. No promises have been broken.

If you subscribe to the News & Record, which allows said fiction writer to publicize her musings, you have probably been confused about why you have seen more words printed on this one question over the past year than were included in all of Hillary’s deleted emails. Even an election year can’t fully explain this head-spinning phenomenon.

As for the infamous fiction writer, she needs our prayers. Sitting in a cubicle and spewing vitriolic, misleading, often outright false information suggests a complete lack of respect for those with whom she disagrees. Her grossly partisan diatribes disgrace and discourage responsible conversation about the real issues in Guilford County.

Jeff Phillips

Guilford County Commissioner