To paraphrase Jack Nicholson’s character the Joker from the Batman movie, “This country needs an enema,” and I know where to stick the nozzle.

Colleges are becoming progressive indoctrination camps run by a minority of the inmates with the help of spineless administrations, and in the case of publicly funded universities, done so on our dime.

The federal government is proving the definition of insanity by doing the same thing repeatedly expecting a different outcome, again doing it on our dime.

American society is being destroyed by state and local bureaucrats enforcing ordinances and rules (not laws) designed to appease a fraction of 1 percent of the populations by denying citizens their God-given rights under the Constitution.

But the part that should be really scaring people is the obvious lack guts on the part of law enforcement officials to enforce peace and order. I’m not talking about the street level officers; I’m referring to the gutless wonders over them.

I will not buy into the idea that the beat cop on the line is choosing to ignore the chaos occurring in front of them. They are acting on orders, or a lack thereof, from their superiors who in turn are kowtowing to the politicians too afraid to act for fear of making someone mad and thus losing their cushy position.

A statue was pulled down by a mob, not a group of demonstrators, a lawless mob, while Durham police stood around and watched. The spineless mayor claims they took no action because it was “outside our jurisdiction.” The progressives, of which this mayor is one, screamed when President Donald Trump didn’t call out by name white supremacists and neo-Nazis – claiming he was emboldening them – then turned around and ignored this. There’s a word for this … what is that word? Oh yeah, hypocritical.

Everybody bears blame for Charlottesville, the radical left, radical right and government officials. I cannot believe I’m saying this, but Seattle did it right by keeping the antifas and social justice whiners away from a rally being held by the right.

The lack of action on the part of the mayor and law enforcement officials in Durham is going to come back and bite all of us in the backside. Standing by (or worse, walking away) while acts of violence are being committed is the first step toward complete anarchy.

God help us.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall



In observance of the “Watch For Me” program, promoted for bicycle and pedestrian safety, I decided to do just that. The following are some of my observations.

I saw cyclists ride the wrong way on bicycle lanes, a hazard for bicycles, pedestrians and motorist not expecting traffic from the right. I have seen some that quietly fly down paths in the Arboretum like an owl taking on their prey, only to be enraged when a pedestrian stepped into their path. I have seen a cyclist blow through a four way stop while other vehicles were there first, and the cyclist had his hands down by his side oblivious to his near death experience. I saw a cyclist circumvent intersections and lights, cutting through parking lots and turning right and then performing a U-turn followed by another right on the sidewalk.

I am somewhat confused that some cyclists at one time identify as a motorist, another time identify as a pedestrian, and yet another time identify as a squirrel.

Of the 23 cyclists I observed, four seemed to know the rules of the road and follow them appropriately. The remaining cyclists did nothing to promote awareness of bicycle safety. Their behavior, in fact, does much to damage my interest in establishing a dialogue.

I did attempt once to discuss bicycle safety with an enthusiast, evident by the multicolored Lycra outfit he wore that was adorned with more ads than a NASCAR driver. That conversation quickly went from me “watching for others” to the fact I should mind my own business. Interesting paradox to think about. Maybe when Spring Garden Street is reduced to one lane for motorists and wider lanes for cyclists, we can have that conversation again.

I also noted pedestrian activity around UNCG where some of the most dangerous intersections can be found. The walk/don’t walk signs are frequently ignored by pedestrians that are so attached to their “smart” phones, they would not even see, or hear, a train coming; not to mention a car.

In my younger days, I remember being taught to look both ways before crossing the road to make sure it was safe to cross, even at a crosswalk with signals. Nowadays, pedestrians need to watch for drivers that may similarly be distracted.

It seems a Watch for Me program should be directed at pedestrians, cyclist and motorists alike.


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