Eating pasta is not fattening and actually decreases the chances of becoming obese, a new Italian study has found.

– London Telegraph article, “Eating pasta helps you lose weight, says Italian study.”   July 4, 2016



The Bahamas just reached 128 murders for the year, a new record for the country. By way of comparison, in 2014, there were 328 murders in New York City with a population of 8,500,000 or roughly 3.85 per 100,000 population. The Bahamas is on the way to 150 murders in 2015, which with a population of 360,000 population, is about 42 per 100,000.

– Cruise Law News, Nov. 9, 2015



Well, I hope everyone by now has recovered from all the Fourth of July celebrations and has started to diligently work off some of that extra weight from all those hot dogs with extra chili.

I had a really good time over the Fourth this year, but, more importantly, I got a really great idea that the City of Greensboro can use in regard to the fireworks show in coming years. This is what I realized: Greensboro always starts its fireworks about 9:40 every year, which means they always end after 10 o’clock. And by the time most families pack up the car, fight the traffic and get home, it’s probably at least 11 o’clock.

That’s no problem at all for adults like you and me, but it hit me this year that that’s very late for little kids, and I’ll bet that a lot of families with really small children don’t even take the kids out to see their fireworks show because it would mean having them out so late and getting them off of their schedule. That’s sad because I think little kids would probably enjoy a fireworks show more than anyone.

And as you know, old people have trouble staying up that late too.

So here was my idea: Simply move the fireworks to the middle of the afternoon when everyone could enjoy them. It would be great if you held them about 4 in the afternoon when everyone old and young alikecould come out and, that way, no one would have to worry about rushing home and getting their children or their grandparents in bed right away afterward.

Maybe I’m missing something, but to me it seems like a win-win for everyone.


In yet another sign of My How the Mighty United States of America has Fallen, this week the Bahamas, of all places, issued a travel warning for the US.

You read that right; it’s not the other way around. It’s not that the US has issued a travel warning for Americans traveling to the Bahamas, but that the Bahamas – which recently made a travel guides top 10 list as one of the most dangerous cruise ship destinations in the world – has issued a travel warning for the United States.

So, just to be clear, as of July 2016, the land of witchcraft, voodoo and illicit black-market organ robbery and trade has warned its citizens that the US is not a safe place to travel.


Last week an Italian study of the effects of eating pasta found that not only does eating pasta not make you gain weight, as many have believed, but in fact eating pasta helps you lose weight and keep the pounds off. In a related story, a study by chocolate pie makers found that eating chocolate pie reduces heart attacks and greatly increases sexual prowess in both men and woman.


I love shopping at Earth Fare. Just take a look at this fantastic red tag deal on eggs that I got. I paid $4.49 for a dozen large organic eggs on a special. As you can see, normally you would have to pay $4.49 for a dozen eggs like that, which is a little steep for my blood. On the other hand, I can well afford $4.49 for a dozen, so I’m very glad Earth Fare happened to be offering that special.


Speaking of shopping, my brother and his family went to Costco on Wendover recently, and when my nephew Parker Yost went to get a shopping cart, this is what was in it: a giant snake. Parker isn’t afraid of snakes and he said calmly not to worry because it’s not a poisonous one, and he grabbed it and held it for a picture – something I wouldn’t dare do, poisonous or not.

I have no idea why the snake was hanging out in the Costco shopping carts. My guess is that he (or she? Or something in between?) was protesting Costco’s sale of snakeskin belts, but I have no way of knowing for sure.

So, anyway, if you’re wondering how they give you those fabulous prices at Costco, it may be because of all the money they are saving on snake control.

I’ve been thinking about joining Costco and shopping there, but now I think I’ll stick with Harris Teeter where the only thing on the shopping carts you have to worry about are the nasty germs on the handle from the walking epidemics that used the cart all day before you did.

At least Harris Teeter has the sanitary towels to wipe those down with. As far as I know, Costco does not offer free anti-venom, though I feel certain they’ll give you a great deal on it if you buy it in 10-gallon barrels.