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April 5, 2018 Sound of the Beep

Good morning, Beep. I hear where there’s some school administrator wanting to fit everybody with a box of rocks. What kind of leadership is that? They’re taking us back to the Stone Age. Don’t they know that people have already invented gunpowder? % % % The publicly funded left-wing media outlet known as NPR, national progressive radio, is hilarious to listen to, if you pay close attention. On Saturday’s 8 a.m. Morning Edition, Scott Simon declared that a Russian spy and his daughter had been poisoned in London, and another story described a liberal African-American Philadelphia public prosecutor as “progressive.” Two hours later in the same show, Simon quietly corrected his error and asserted that the Russian spy was poisoned in Salisbury, and the liberal prosecutor who wanted lighter sentences for criminals was now  “reform minded” rather than progressive. Well, we wouldn’t want people thinking that liberals are soft on crime, would we? % % % And Sunday must have been managed by the B-team at NPR, because immediately after a softball interview with a Black Lives Matter woman bemoaning Trump’s racist and evil America, they aired a piece about how immigrant Liberians are screaming and whining at being deported to their blissful native Africa. NPR would normally see the irony and reconfigure the show, but I guess someone was hung over on Sunday morning. NPR is always good...

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Letters to the Editor: August 4, 2016

Do Job or Resign Dear Editor, My question and comment is in regards to a statement quoted in the Saturday paper, July 16, 2016, by North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper.  Mr. Cooper states, “I’m not going to defend a law that’s unconstitutional and is hurting the state’s economy.” I believe, Mr. Cooper, that when you were sworn in as attorney general for the State of North Carolina, you put your hand on the Bible and stated the following: “I will endeavor to support, maintain and defend the Constitution of said state, not inconsistent with the Constitution of the United States, to the best of my knowledge and ability; so help me God.” Regardless if you agree or disagree with HB2, I suggest that if you cannot abide by your sworn oath to the state, you resign and stop taking taxpayer money for a job you cannot or will not perform. Carla Strickland     Something We Can All Complain About Dear Editor, Some people wonder why I complain so much about police brutality and corruption. Here is a good example that was first reported by the Hudson Star-Observer in Wisconsin. It was revealed that over an eight-month period, a police officer named John Worden had sex on the job about 98 times. He also fabricated his worklog 146 times, spent four to six hours a day making personal phone...

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