Rain, rain, go away – that’s the refrain people usually chant. However, Greensboro has seen so much rain dumped on it this year that now many people are pulling for just a little more rain so Greensboro can set an all-time record for rainfall.

At least that way, in return for all the lousy weather of 2018, residents can say they lived through the rainiest year ever recorded.

Eric Chilton, host and meteorologist at WFMY News 2, said that, given the rainfall totals so far this year, and the expected rain coming this week, it is going to be very, very close.  The previous record, he said, was set in 2003 with 62.32 inches.  So far this year, as of Tuesday, Dec 18, there’s been 60.7 inches – and Greensboro may get another inch or two before the year is out.

“We are 1.62 inches away from tying it,” Chilton said. “So there’s a chance.”

He said that if Greensboro doesn’t get 1.62 inches this week there’s always a possibility it could come next week just in time.  According to Chilton, there are signs there might be clouds building by then, but he added that one always has to take forecasts further than a week or so out with a grain of salt.

“I don’t put much faith in long range models,” Chilton said.

He said one thing that made 2018 such a rainy year was the tropical influence, which gave Greensboro not one but two hurricanes. He said another factor was that one storm just sat over the area for an extended period of time, dumping more and more rain, unlike most storms that hit and move on relatively quickly.

“Usually a storm will move through in a day,” he said.

According to Chilton, all the measurements used for the rain totals come from the weather station at Piedmont Triad International Airport.  He said there are other weather collection points in the area but the one at the airport is certified and there’s confidence that it’s tracking the weather accurately.  He said that’s a little misleading since sometimes one part of town can get a bunch of rain and another gets a pass – however, he added that it’s all likely to average out over time.

According to Chilton, the third rainiest year for this area was 1908, when 56.59 inches fell, and fourth was 1975, which brought 56.51 inches.

On local weathercasts, the attempt to set the record is all the rage right now.

This week on Fox 8 News, Senior Meteorologist Van Denton said that in his view it’s “likely” the record will be broken.   He said that, if this week’s downpours don’t put us over the top, then some rain possibly on December 27 and the following day might do the trick.

“I think we’ve got a good chance to do it before the year is out,” Denton said.