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Thursday, November 15th, 2018

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County Commissioners Race Maintains Status Quo

The Guilford County Board of Commissioners is going to remain exactly like it is now – with five Republicans and four Democrats. However, for much of election night, it sure didn’t look that way. When the early voting totals were released on Tuesday, Nov. 6, the two Republican commissioners up for reelection to the board – Justin Conrad and Alan Perdue – both found themselves in real jeopardy.

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Letter from the Publisher

After five years of being the “publisher” for the Rhino Times, I am still not exactly comfortable with the title. But I am comfortable stating that, today, news is more important than ever. Not just any news, but relevant news not available from other local publications or media outlets.

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Rhino Moving to the Web

Back in May of 2013, after the last issue of The Rhinoceros Times had been produced and delivered, I received a call from Roy Carroll. I was getting a lot of calls from conservatives in the area, so I didn’t think much about this one and have to admit that I didn’t return it promptly.

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Taking a Deeper Look at the 2018 Elections

People, me included, were shocked that Republican Sheriff BJ Barnes lost his reelection bid last week to Democrat Danny Rogers. It was also surprising that District 27 Republican state Sen. Trudy Wade lost to Democrat Michael Garrett. Democratic 13th District congressional candidate Kathy Manning lost her own race to Congressman Ted Budd, but she played in major role in the loss of both Barnes and Wade.

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