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Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Category: News

City Council Scoots Around Scooter Issue

The Greensboro City Council sounded like a bunch of old fuddy-duddies when discussing the electric scooter issue in Greensboro on Tuesday, Oct. 16 at the work session in the Plaza Level Conference Room.

Overall the City Council isn’t sure what to do about the electric scooters that suddenly appeared on the streets and sidewalks of Greensboro, so the council went to its default position, which is to do nothing.

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Seeking New Home for County Mental Health

Two years might seem like a long time to make plans, but when it involves constructing a new building and moving the county’s mental health services to a new location, it means starting to look for a new location right away. That’s is why Guilford County commissioners and county staff, behind the scenes, are looking at big plans for mental health services in the county two years from now.

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Commissioners Say Study Not Just For Schools

Sometimes the Guilford County commissioners get treated like VIPs, but recently some of them have clearly felt like second-class citizens when it comes to a major new school facilities study.

Several commissioners said that, even though Guilford County paid for half of the study from Tallahassee-based MGT Consulting Group, the county commissioners haven’t been granted the same access to the results as school officials.

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