On Friday, Feb. 21, the United Way of Greater Greensboro announced that three of its local partners were honored with the prestigious “Spirit of North Carolina Awards.”

Each year, the United Way of North Carolina recognizes organizations in the state that have been successful in raising funds to support their community and have also dedicated themselves to being part of a long-term solution to make their communities stronger.

This year, the awards were selected by a panel of 25 judges representing United Way organizations from all over North Carolina.

Here are the three local winners of the Spirit awards:

  • Vandalia Elementary School
  • The M.G. Newell Corporation (which makes industrial machinery and sanitary equipment)
  • Guilford County Schools

According to a Feb. 21 press release from United Way of Greensboro, the Spirit of North Carolina Award winners “created opportunities to educate employees on community needs, led by those at the top of the organizational chart; motivated campaign participants to give by exposing them to real stories of need; and provided volunteer opportunities so that donors could offer their knowledge and their hands to serve their community.”

United Way of Greater Greensboro Campaign Director Julia Thomas said the local United Way is very grateful for the contributions and success of the three groups in the outreach/fundraising campaigns.

“This year’s winners made their campaigns fun and engaging while focusing on communicating United Way’s goal of ending poverty,” she stated. “These companies and employees truly understand how their support makes an impact in our community. We are grateful for their partnership and all they do for greater Greensboro.”

One winner, Guilford County Schools, was also honored with the “Best Practice Showcase Award” and has been selected to highlight the strategies the school system used to led to greater engagement and more success in its fundraising campaign.