Guilford County Tax Director Ben Chavis and his Tax Department have now arrived at the updated values of every house, building and piece of property in Guilford County as part of the “2022 reevaluation,” and, on Thursday, Feb. 24, Guilford County government announced that the Tax Department was sending those notices out to residential property owners. 

The note from the Tax Department will almost certainly say that your property is worth more than it was five years ago – the last time the county conducted a revaluation. 

Your property value – if in fact it is higher – will also mean a higher property tax bill this summer even if the county’s tax rate remains the same.

A February 24 press release from the county states: “The Guilford County Tax Department has mailed 2022 reappraisal notices to all residential real property owners. The valuation notices reflect the market value for residential properties as of January 1, 2022.”

The county’s reappraisal, the press release states, was completed entirely by in-house appraisal staff with knowledge of the local real estate market.

The notice went on to add that appraisers used “neighborhood comparable sales from the past two years (2020 and 2021)” to help determine the current market value of residential properties. 

That factor– known as “comps” – is one of many that the county uses to assess property values.

More information as to how your property’s market value was determined can be found at the Tax Department’s website at reappraisal. 

The notice that property owners get from the county will also include more information as to how the value was calculated. 

There will be an appeal process for those who consider the value unfair.

Commercial real property owners will receive their reappraisal notices in March.