In America, there hasn’t been much debate recently on the issue of immigration but one local venue is about to fill that void.

OK, so the truth is that the immigration issue has been debated non-stop for months and months – however, the International Civil Rights Center and Museum is hoping to inject some important content and insight into that debate: On Saturday, Aug. 10 at 2 p.m., the museum will hold a film screening of “Stories Beyond Borders,” as well as a panel discussion on the topic, in the museum’s auditorium at 134 S. Elm St.  The film chronicles real stories of immigrants.

The museum is holding the event in partnership with Faith Action International House and WorkingFilms, a motion picture company based out of Wilmington.

Museum officials and others putting on the presentation are encouraging everyone to come out and watch the film and take part in the discussion.  Both are free of charge and open to everybody.

“At a time when immigrant communities are being disparaged, the voices of those affected often go unheard,” according to a press release from the museum announcing the Aug. 10 presentation.

The panel will include legal experts, advocates and community members affected by the issue.

Attendees will hear from those who have knowledge of the policies of immigration enforcement including those regarding the separation of families and the treatment of immigrants at detention centers.

The event sponsors state that it will be an “enlightening and educational discussion” on the issues that affect America and other countries across the globe.