Anyone who’s tried to hire workers for any job recently knows how hard it is to get good help.

However, Guilford County announced on Friday, Oct. 29 that it’s seeking a qualified, reliable company to fix the pavement and make other improvements around the county’s Bishop Road Waste Facility at 2138 Bishop Road. 

That waste center handles much of the county’s scrap tire and home appliance recycling and disposal.

Guilford County put out the invitation for bids for the project that includes cleaning pavement of loose debris and vegetation, repaving about 4,600 square yards of existing pavement with an overlay, and marking the pavement with spaces, lines, arrows, etc. as needed.

To help prospective bidders get a better idea of the scope and nature of the job, Guilford county is holding a “non-mandatory” site walk-through on Tuesday, Nov. 2.

The county is conducting what’s known as an “informal” bid process – so, in this case, there won’t be a public bid opening before the county makes its decision. 

Bids will be accepted by the Guilford County Purchasing Department at the county-owned BB&T Building at 201 W. Market St,, Suite 304 in Greensboro, until 2 p.m.. on Thursday, Nov. 18. 

Bidding documents, drawing, and specifications are available for viewing on Guilford County’s Vendor Self Service automated bidding system at:

 Anyone with questions can call John Hemrick at 336-641-9431.

The county notes that, if the work requires a licensed contractor, it will be the responsibility of that contractor to secure all the permits and call for inspections, as well as handle other tasks necessary to make the work confirm to North Carolina building codes.

On every project these days – this one being no exception – Guilford County highly encourages the participation of minority-owned and women-owned businesses.  The county has been trying for years to get its MWBE numbers up for construction work but has not had much success in that attempt.

Respondents or their sub-contractors handling this job have to be licensed in the state to perform the work. A bid deposit isn’t required for this project.

Also, “Guilford County reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive informalities.”