Earlier this week, the body of a dead man was discovered in a vehicle in the parking lot of the Walgreen’s at 300 E. Cornwallis Dr. in Greensboro after the vehicle sat for days in the lot with the body inside.

One employee at the Walgreen’s said it was his understanding that the body had been in the car for “four or five days” before it was discovered and police showed up to the grisly scene.  He said that one factor that apparently kept people from seeing the body inside was that the windows were rolled up and heavily tinted.  So, even if someone had been curious enough to try and look inside by getting close to the windows, it still would have been difficult to see inside.

The Rhino Times isn’t aware of any indication that foul play was involved in the incident in which the unfortunate man apparently died in his vehicle.  Rumors and theories on social media include causes of death like a heart attack, drug overdose or heat stroke.

According to people posting on a Reddit discussion thread regarding the incident, just before the dead body was discovered, some customers informed store employees of a “trash smell” outside of the store and another customer noticed a large number of flies around the vehicle in the parking lot.

The incident was also discussed on the social media site Nextdoor.com, after several posters wanted to know why there was such a large police presence in the Walgreen’s parking lot.

One store employee said that a witness of the removal provided a very disturbing description of the body which had sat in the summer heat inside a car for days before being discovered.