District 3 City Council candidate Chip Roth is withdrawing from the race according to a press release sent out on Tuesday, May 24.

Roth finished second in the primary to former District 3 City Councilmember and President of Downtown Greensboro Inc. (DGI) Zack Matheny.

In the press release Roth states, “You may have noticed that my campaign for District 3 of Greensboro City Council has not been as robust recently as you may have expected.  This is true because I have been diagnosed recently as having cancer.”

Roth adds, “This is a critical time for me to focus on my physical and mental health rather than to commit my energy to pursuing public office.  As much as I love Greensboro and want to contribute to building new opportunities for its residents, I know that my personal priorities must change now.  The wonderful people of Greensboro deserve nothing less than the full, undistracted commitment of those who seek to lead our city.  For this reason, I am instructing the Guilford County Board of Elections to remove my name from the ballot for the July 26 General Election.”

And Roth endorses Matheny for the District 3 council seat.

Roth states, “In making this decision, I endorse Zack Matheny to serve as the Council member for District 3. As a former City Council member, he has the strong experience to represent well the people of District 3.  I also believe that he shares my commitment to improving economic development and public safety across the city. I congratulate Zack on his next steps because I am advised by the Elections Board that his name now will be only one that appears on the ballot.”

Roth had announced he was running for the District 3 City Council seat in January 2021, back when the election was scheduled for October and November of 2021.  Roth sent out several mailers in the spring of 2021 indicating that he planned to run a well-funded and robust campaign.

In the May 17 primary, Roth finished with 28 percent of the vote second to Matheny, who had 61 percent. Bill Marshburn, who was eliminated in the primary, finished third with 11 percent.