Name Tower For Corp. Massey

Dear Editor,

It seems to me that it would be far more appropriate to name the tower at PTIA after Corp. Joe R Massey rather than deceased politician Kay Hagan.

I grew up in Greensboro and still remember the day Corp. Massey was shot dead.  Massey was a genuine hero who is far more reflective of the rich African-American heritage in Greensboro than rioters and looters.

Also, I do not see the purpose of naming a public building after another dead white politician who married into power, privilege and position.

Corp. Massey deserves this honor.

Gary Smith



Climate Change Causes Squirrel Revolt

Dear Editor

I never thought I’d find myself agreeing with the Wicked Witch of the West, but in this case I have to, having seen it with my own eyes.

Pelosi, during one of her many, many, MANY press conferences said all of the hurricanes and fires we are experiencing show that Mother Nature is angry.

As I said, I normally would just poo-poo her off, but my wife told me she saw a squirrel on our front porch the other day. This is very unusual because they never show up there. She also said that instead of running away he stood up and flipped her the bird. Oh, and she added he was dressed in all black.

I went out on the back deck and found bird feeders in our and our neighbors backyards being looted and burned by hordes of radical squirrels, some dressed in black, and others wearing shirts and carrying signs reading SLM and Squirrels Lives Matter. When the dog and I tried to run them off, they attacked us.

Seriously, I think Pelosi has something more than high priced ice cream in those $10,000 freezers. And she’s been sharing it with Newsom. I thought her and her toady Newsom were using science to drive their power grabs. Climate change is causing all this? Seriously? Are you sure that maybe in at least one case human stupidity had something to do with it? And maybe the fact that people in charge have been ignoring warnings about the conditions, which can and have contributed to the fires and redirected the money allocated to try to correct it to their pet social projects?

According to meteorologists we are entering a period where a weather phenomenon called El Nina. This will have effects across the United States. But as soon as things start happening the liberal environmentalist whackos will begin screaming “it’s global warming!!!”

Scientists have been saying that the Earth’s magnetic fields are shifting. I guess my question to Pelosi and Newsom is, which one is causing it, Mother Nature, global warming or climate change? And since everything, at least according to them, has a more drastic effect on minorities, somebody needs to alert BLM so they can get involved and figure how to make a buck on it.

With that, I’m going to put on my Milk Bone underwear, so bring it on ya’ll.

Alan Marshall