Concerns About Mail-In Ballots Legitimate


Dear Editor,

In 2018, the Supreme Court ruled that forcing a healthcare clinic to post signs supporting abortion was denying free speech. California was essentially forcing clinics to advocate abortion. In 2020, Twitter has essentially done the same. Twitter falsely labeled a comment by President Trump as “fake” and it inserted a link to what it biasedly believes is “factual” information. The company placed a digital sign in Trump’s digital room.

Trump is correct. Mail-in-ballots have great risk of being falsified. State voters and legislators have the right to judge the risks versus the rewards. They have a right to ensure proper security is in place. All stakeholders have a right to evaluate the process for threats to voter security. COVID-19 does not excuse hasty, haphazardly written mail-in-ballot policies. The president supports a legitimate, logical concern that must be addressed to ensure voter integrity.

Many groups have suggested mail-in-ballots to increase voter participation. The inability to match security advantages of voting booths doomed most efforts. Many that support mail-in-ballots are so frustrated they label those who raise security concerns as hateful liars to stop discussion. Twitter is demonstrating this confirmation bias. Information that supports management’s beliefs is true no matter how weak. Information that is against it is “fake” no matter how strong. The messenger, the president, is labeled a hateful liar. If Twitter is unbiased, it should do the same to those supporting mail-in-ballots. Of course, they won’t.

No politician, regardless of party, has the right to use a pandemic to avoid voting security concerns. If you believe Russian election interference from horribly written advertisements, only a tiny fraction of space purchased by any single campaign, decided the 2016 election, the possibility of Russia manipulating mail-in-balloting should cause greater concern. It is the perfect vehicle for a Russian disinformation campaign. All they have to do is look up resident names and information on the internet, print fake ballots and have local operatives submit fake votes, many times. The more the better. By the time we realize what happened the distrust would already be disastrous. Animosity and division is so high, they wouldn’t even have to do a good job to incite anger. In the end, ignoring the possibility of falsification is at best failure of imagination. In the end, Twitter views liberal voter security concerns as legitimate and conservative as illegitimate.

Alan Burke



Country Needs An Enema


Dear Editor,

In the 1989 Batman movie, Jack Nicholson’s character the Joker had a line that has stuck with me: “What this town needs is an enema.” Substitute the word “country” for “town” and you have the current situation.

You have hundreds of health officials across the country giving a pass to protestors and rioters over social distancing because they believe white supremacy is a bigger threat then the virus. A DA, who was elected after receiving heavy support from George Soros-backed groups, decides to release looters and rioters that were arrested in the act. Mayors (Uncle Roy) go out and walk and physically interact with protestors without a mask and ignore social distancing while telling small businesses they can’t open and try to salvage their livelihoods. A Mayor will overwork the LEOs trying to control the animals running their city and allow those same LEOs to be physically attacked by these same animals while letting his ego keep him from calling in the Guard to give them assistance and relief – while ordering people to adhere to the curfews claim – and he’s proud of his daughter getting arrested for violating the curfew.

In defense of Uncle Roy, I believe he is using science to drive his bizarre decisions. Granted, it’s science from the Middle Ages. (You know, balancing the humors, bleeding by leeches, etc.) But to say he’s not using science may not be true.

You have a few hundred white people in a cult-like gathering, reciting some sort of oath acknowledging and renouncing their “white privilege.” It was eerie to watch these brain dead sheeple sitting there with their hands raised being lead in this “ceremony.”

Meanwhile, true, loyal Americans, people with common sense, people that just want their lives back to as close to normal as possible, have to hide behind locked doors and watch their legacy left to them by their ancestors being looted, burned and destroyed. And in some places being told, “you don’t have the right to defend yourself, your family and your property. Display a firearm and you will be arrested.”

“…or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” Protestors have the right to “peaceably” assemble. Peaceably! Not block streets and highways, not attack people just trying to go about their business because you feel they’re “disrespecting” your protest.

Alan Marshall