City Has Lost Control

Dear Editor,

Greensboro self destructs right before our own eyes!

I have run out of fingers to count the number of shootings, aggravated assaults and hit and runs with bodily injuries this week, and it is only Friday.

What’s up, city leaders?

What town do you live in? Certainly you are not too concerned about the law abiding citizens of Greensboro and should resign in the best interest of saving our soon to be lost and once fine city. If you are sick you get professional help, if your house is on fire you get professional help, if you have lost control of your city and crime, get professional help.

This lost control of law and order didn’t happen overnight. This has been a 10-year result of our city leaders interfering with law enforcement’s duty allowing them to aggressively enforce all laws! Our city leaders have every reason to declare a state of emergency and call in the National Guard or the Marines.

But they do absolutely nothing.

Such a disgrace!

Jim Donaldson