Lessons From A Great Generation

Dear Editor,

Three iconic politicians passed away over the past year and a half. Senator John McCain, President George H. W. Bush, and now Representative Walter B. Jones.

I lived in Representative Jones’ district during graduate and medical school at East Carolina University.  There are two qualities I admired in him that seem to be missing in today’s divisive political climate. First, he was willing to compromise for the benefit of all of his diverse constituents.  That didn’t mean he ignored his principles. There were many times he proudly stood his ground. But, he remembered everyone has different valuable life experiences and perspectives. He listened and tried to understand all of those living in his district.  The second is that he placed his constituents first. He didn’t run for office with the sole intention of higher position. He didn’t plan on running for the next highest office as soon as he won the first. He steadfastly advocated for the benefit of Eastern North Carolinians not his own personal political power.

Honorable Walter B. Jones, we will miss you.

Alan Burke




The Wheels Have Come Off

Dear Editor,

Picture this…Representatives Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi sitting side by side on the dais, hair frizzed out, eyes wide open with a thousand yard stare, foam forming around their mouths, a white knuckled grip on the table as they rant and rave about how they must investigate until they can find something, anything, regardless of when it happened, to justify reversing the will of the American people and removing President Trump from office. He is the single greatest obstacle to what they see as their best hope of gaining the power to make the changes necessary to cement themselves as our overseers forever.

They have said, unapologetically, that they are going to begin abusing their subpoena powers to change their titles from House Representatives to political proctologists with President Trump as their exclusive patient. All of this because the Special Puppe…I mean Prosecutor may be about to announce he’s milked this thing as far as he can without putting on clown makeup and doing a song and dance because he’s got squat on the made up crime of collusion. We already know what would have happened had conservative Republicans tried all this on Dear Leader on Fast & Furious, or Benghazi.

I can only guess that the Old Guard is tired of being upstaged by the freshman whack jobs in the National Socialist wing of the Democrat party. The wheels have come off the crazy train, the bridge is out, and somehow the Ministry of Propaganda will bend over backwards (or just over, your choice) to paint this in the best light possible. I’m sure the Washington Post is channeling Heir Goebbels as we speak.

Again, I beg the Republican party to sit back and let this disaster happen. Think about how much money you’re saving not having to hire someone to write this stuff for you. Just cut and paste and add laugh tracks.

We, conservative Republicans, must not allow this insanity by the left be forgotten. Don’t allow this madness to be swept under the rug. Keep talking about it; keep bringing it up in any discussion. When their ravings are disproved constantly remind them about it. Keep them back on their heels. Give no quarter.

Go Galt and Save the Republic (not a democracy, a republic)

Alan Marshall